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LIVE From Miami: Girls' Night Out Party

karlazm59Just received the bracelet today! It is as beautiful as pictured. Thank you very much for the extra touch:)...hope to visit your closet again.
hummingbird@karlazm59 ohhhh you very welcome!!! Thank you too.. I'm glad u liked it😊
just4posh@courtneyea So sorry for the delay!! I just saw this! 😁 It's ~ 19" long. Hope this helps!
jstone1507Would please post a picture of you wearing the item
uniq@sfitch772 @smith_n_erica Hello ladies lmk if you're interested. Email me if you like to negotiate a better price w/pp ms.bernadette1@gmail.com
uniq@agniin hi Hun I see your package was delivered. 
marielh1989@mandalynn hey you should check out my closet & have one alike for $5 😉
annabellev@prettybrat93 hi, this package was delivered some time ago, but it hasn't been marked as received. Is everything ok w. the order?
just4posh@maeandrade I was swamped at work today n couldn't make it to the post office before 5pm. I promise to ship out tmrw. So sorry!!!
maeandradeThat's alright (thanks)
sheelagohTruth be told @just4posh I'm hoping someone snatches this up and removes it as my temptation :)
just4posh@sheelagoh Hahaha...I've done the same thing, so I know exactly what u mean 😉
rachel05@joyp thanks for the like! Let me know if you're interested!
rachel05@yokatiee thanks for all the shares!! Are you interested in this?
melbugWould you be interested in a trade? 😊
rachel05@melbug sorry, im not currently trading 😔
qt4less@andreahd awesome!! I brought urs to wrk and ill get em out this afternoon. Has been a pleasure! Question: I have a pending trade right now and they are wanting to ship ourselves and cut out PM. I have a bad feeling about it and don't want to do if. Jus curious if you've ever heard of people doing this? Is it common? Thoughts? Let me know. I appreciate it!!
andreahd@qt4less That would concern me as we'll. I honestly try to do everything through Poshmark so if something does go wrong I know I have someone who will fix it! If you haven't sent it out yet I would request to do it through PM.
mobaypeach@rachel05 not right now. Just thought its cute
rachel05@sstelter thanks for the like! Let me know If you're interested!
scbryant@tasu2008, thank you for the purchase, my ink is running low on my printer, I'm going to try to mail it off 2moro with the label that I have, if the post office can't accept it, then ill mail it out on Tuesday.
tasu2008Thx, take u time.
gabby123@ssaucier hi I just added more items if you want check them out btw I have a deal BOGO half off
meganbruceTake a look at my closet, let me know if you'd like to trade. 😻
lhupohio@chynadawl826 9405510200881583614824 is the tracking number. However it was never scanned into the postal system. (Info was from pm). Pm recommended I contact the post office. Would you like me to send you the shirt back? I never wore it. :( I'm so sorry.
chynadawl826@lhupohio Keep the shirt, I wasn't wearing it anyways. Tiz not your fault about the clutch, I can only imagine all of the packages that were going thru the system when that shipped. Thanks for keeping me posted.
marithel@stewarthebe do u have an email. I'll send you a pic what it looks like at the back.
marithel@stewarthebe nvm, I just posted the pic here.
gabby123@erykahink and thank you so much for being so patience I hope you enjoy the sandals
erykahinkAwesome, sounds good hun! I will definitely enjoy them! :D
rachel05@candyaddict thanks for the like! 😊 let me know if you are interested
miabella037Love but hate to pay 7 shipping on it. Give me min I'll look at closet. U have any campus vs sweats?
lmb25Is this available, and in good shape
black_bambooAloha and thanks for following! I would like to invite you to view my boutique online through Facebook at www.facebook.com/blackbamboo2012. You can also follow us on Instagram @black_bamboo_boutique or Twitter @BlackBamboo2012. We are a women's fashion boutique carrying sizes small through 3XL. Mahalo. 😊
dollpartssd@jazzrn08 I will send it out tomorrow sorry I work nights and its hard to wake up early but I will for sure tomorrow thanks
jazzrn08@dollpartssd I understand girl! I worked nights for 3 years! Thnx!
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