What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a simple and fun way to buy and sell fashion.
Shop the closets of women across America – and sell yours too!

Ever wish you had a style-mate and could shop their closet? Now you can. Poshmark connects you to people whose style you adore, allowing you to shop Closets and Boutiques, anytime you'd like.

Have items in your closet that you love, but just don't wear anymore? List items for sale on Poshmark in less than 60 seconds. Sell what you have in your closet so you can shop for what you really love today. With Poshmark, the possibilities are endless!

How does Poshmark work?


Create a Covershot

With just a few clicks
Poshmark makes listing an item for sale easy and fun! Snap a photo of the item you want to sell with your iPhone or Android device, filter it with one of our unique filters, and…voila! You've created a magazine-esque photo for your listing – we call this a Covershot. This photo will draw in attention from just about everyone.

Attend a Posh Party

Virtual shopping parties
Posh Parties are virtual buying and selling parties that happen in the Poshmark app. You can browse, buy, and even list together with your friends. Popular listing and shopping themes include, Designer Handbags & Shoes and Cocktail Dresses. Poshmark also holds designer parties featuring brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Michael Kors.

Sell with PoshPost

No stamps, no hassle
When you make a sale on Poshmark, we provide you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed label, all ready to be put on the box. Once your sale has been packaged, you can drop it off at one of those blue USPS mailboxes (If it fits) or even have it picked up for free from your home. Shipping has never been so easy!

Introducing Posh Protect

Buy with confidence
We understand that safety and trust are important to you. You are protected every time you place an order on Poshmark. If your order never arrives, we'll refund your payment. If your order does not match the description, notify us within 3 days of delivery. After we verify your claim, we'll refund your payment. We have policies in place to protect you on Poshmark. This is Posh Protect.

Enjoy One-Stop Shopping

New and pre-loved fashion
Poshmark is a great place to shop for a classic pencil skirt, discover unique vintage finds, or score major deals on the latest season's trends. Choose from a diverse collection of styles, brands, sizes, and price points. Whether you are shopping for something brand-spankin' new or pre-loved, you'll definitely score a deal on Poshmark.

Discover the Poshmark Community

Connect and share
Poshmark is more than just another shopping destination. We are focused on offering a one-of-a-kind unique experience in connecting people and their closets. Join us and be part of this awesome community where we thrive on trust, respect, and of course, a shared affinity for new discoveries in fashion.