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Simonett's Closet


lamoraCongratulations on your Iconic Host Pick!
ajceraso🎉🎉🎉 congrats on your 😎💃👠💄 ICONIC 😎 STYLE 😎💃👠💄 ‼️ 🎉🎉🎉
kg1126@_simonett hi so if I was to purchase 1. these pants in size m as suggested.. 2. Matching too size Lg(depending in how run but in a 34 D bra 3. Black caged wedge shoes size 7.5 4. Boat neck crop top What is the best possible price can offer? Also possibly add knee high gladiator sandal size 7.5 Thanks
_simonett@kg1126 hello there! ok the shoes we don't have anymore in size 7.5 I only have 1 pair left of the black caged and they are 8.5 the boat neck crop top I just listed the one we have left, I will make a deal including the black and white stripes ($39.00) top 3 pieces 2 tops and the pants for $110
rnreid@_simonett THANKS. Think I might have too much boobs for this one. Its my favorite thou.
_simonett@rnreid not a prob. xx
_simonett@maloos2002 the picture posted on your listing is a picture of me wearing the dress in my showroom taken with my iphone on a mirror. You can clearly see my phone in it since it's basically a mirror selfie! If an iphone selfie, a picture of a model in my showroom and professional front/side/back/detail shots are not enough to give the customer an idea of what they are getting then I don't know what is. Interested buyers, go right ahead and have this user send you her photos if mine do not give you the confidence to purchase. Also, please check my reviews on the 600+ items I have sold on Poshmark and my guide on the official Poshmark blog in relation to listing presentation.
maloos2002When I purchased the dress, there were only 2 pictures. Users can judge by themselves upon request the difference between the detailed pictures that I have of the dress vs the embellished pictures displayed. Also I hope this whole dialogue exchange will demonstrate what they should expect of seller should you not satisfied with your purchase. We live in a business world founded in good customer service and no one should be stuck with a merchandise that they are not satisfied with, and all good businesses have a return policy.
bjuzwaCan I purchase the top? How much is it? I need a medium or a large depending on the fit
_simonett@bjuzwa it's sold out
missmonipIs it possible to just purchase the skirt? Or do you have a similar skirt available for purchase?
_simonett@missmonip yes I can sell you the skirt only for $109.00 let me know thanks!
whip_xo@blakevond i've been begging Redgi for a similar piece. i want the neck to be a little higher.
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