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Kristin's Closet


kristinclark88@childofgod777 That's my lowest - edited for purchase! :)
kristinclark88@childofgod777 Hi doll! I've updated for purchase based on your offer - will you be buying soon?
sakshi9984🎉🎉Congrats on your Beautiful Host Pick🎉🎉
macynicolexoCheck out my new jacket posted!
kristinclark88@cindybarbie The top is not for sale, sorry! Price on this item is firm, I've already reduced it from $55. It's a very high quality/designer skirt (and so comfy/flattering!). I'd rather hold on to it then sell for any less. I promise you'll love it though, it's do stunning on!
stephaniecs1982@kristinclark88 great closet! New to pm would love to make some more sales! Can ya help a sista out and share my closet? Thanks!
megsbs@kristinclark88 Hi love- does the denim have stretch to it? Could you measure the waist, just front side, laying flat from left to right please? 😊also measurement from waist to bottom hem of shorts? Can I please see photos of actual air you have? I don't purchase off of internet photos anymore bc I got completely different product before. Thanks!
sexxymammaIs this place safe to shop ?
kristinclark88@sexxymamma Hi there! Yes, I pride myself on prompt shipment & communication on all sales - feel free to check out 'sold' items for reference & reviews :)
jl21How much with the dress?
kristinclark88@jl21 I could do $90 for both, let me know if you'd like me to bundle for purchase :)
bichslapHi. Can you do $18.
kristinclark88@bichslap Sorry, but no on this one :/ It's genuine leather and already priced more than half off
kristinclark88@virginiatech07 I'd have to do at least $115 for those three - let me know!
kristinclark88@virginiatech07 Hey there! The Halle Bob leggings have sold, but we're you still interested in a bundle?
age_of_coutureHI! I am wondering how much it would be to bundle these pants with the FABULOUS black, grey & tan leggings? The ones with the vertical stripes down the outer sides? I think they are $25.00?? Also, (sorry for my dumb question...) but which is smaller? A size 5 or 26? Lol!! I usually wear a 24 to 25. Could you possibly lay them flat and measure the waist and hips across? That's how I tell if things will fir... I recently lost way too much weight (it is not a good thing) :( So I have had to purchase a whole new wardrobe, which has been ridiculously expensive and am STILL not use to my change in size. I was a 28 or 29 before... Thanks so much!!
kristinclark88@age_of_couture Hi there! I'm happy to bundle whatever you like :) a size 5 and 26 are similar (they're like 'sister sizes') however a 5 is used in 'juniors' clothing (as opposed to 26, 27, 28, etc in women's) so typically more low rise bottoms like these. Since they're a faux leather material they don't have a ton of stretch in my opinion so they may work for you. I'm usually a 26-27 and these don't fit over my butt lol - let me know of that helps and if you'd still like me to bundle the two!
kristinclark88@monitabonita_ Hey doll, are you still interested!
monitabonita_No thanks luv, I was hoping you'd find the belt! Thanks so much though!
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