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Maria's Closet


charlottesarah@maria Hey I would love if u could check out my closet for possibly host picks. All of my stuff is very clean and complies to all poshmark rules. Thanks so much
ddb91Hi I want to post some of my lv sneakers on your party? I don't know how?
jh22hardenHow can i get my outerwear to your party?
amor1I love it is beautiful.-:)
maria@amor1 Feel free to make an offer using the offer button on the listing.
maria@skyerandi The heel is about 4.5". It also has a 1" platform in the front, making the heel height more comfortable.
skyerandiThank you! I'm worried the heel might be too high, but I will think on it.
tammysbeachwearJust wanted to thank you for using my tee as today's cover shot for the afternoon party:)
kbeilmannwhat an awesome job. If I lived close by, I would apply. Been a nurse for 30 years but my true passion is clothes and home designing.
shopper4eHi Maria if you don't mind me asking what kind of holder and background is thisπŸ‘†πŸ‘† am trying to better my closet and I don't know where to start😜 pleaseπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
maria@kfab333 Thanks! Boxing up now and will be ready for the postman to pick up tomorrow morning.
kfab333@maria thank you!!
autbrenIs this faux gold? If not, can you please take a picture showing the stamp? Thanks. I am new to your closet and LOVING IT πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘—πŸ‘›
maria@autbren It is costume jewelry (not real gold). Thanks for the comment!
herstyleHello , I am sorry that I right here , but I was tray to ask in u sport center , and people and I never got answer , or if I got it's was not nice and not helpful , if I can ask u to look in my closet and to help me to find out what it's ok to sell and what not , that I can take this off , I was back after 2 years that I was sick and a lot of new stuff coming up , I know I can do good and I have good stuff , I just don't want to make no one piste off , then when ever u have time plz help me , I know I can be better , maybe host pick or host or co host . But plz when ever u have the time , I need help ... Thank you in advance , have a lovely day πŸ’ , and don't forget to posh , lol ☺️
sjladsonYour closet is super cute! I noticed that you are cohosting a party today at noon and I will really appreciate it if you were to check out my closet for a possible HP. I have a black and silver bebe clutch that will be a great HP for the noon party. Thanks a million!!
xiaofanjulienLove the shoes !
maria@chic_happens That is usually okay (and the best route if you were to use someone else's photos), but if you can take your original photo that is best, as if the owners write or call Poshmark, we must take the listing down. Hope that helps!
chic_happensYes it does! Thank you so much❀️😘
rarariotingHey girl-- I moved this week and this is being forwarded to my new address... Can't WAIT to receive it, and I will let you know as soon as I do!😍
maria@rararioting Great! Thanks for the update. Hope the move went well!
lgbtt11Hi! I didn't k ow how else to get in touch with you sorry but you were on the posh party site! I have a coach purse I would like to put into a party but don't have a clue how! Can you please help???
karijoelleCongratulations on your party!!!!!πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽˆ
_sunnflowersCongratulation For Your Host Party πŸ’• Will You Please Check My Closet And Pick My First Host Pick. πŸ’• Thank You πŸ˜‡
dclopesMaria, I was looking at kittiesandcouture.com (btw love it) ... if you ever decide to let that metallic gold Gucci purse go, please tag me.
amandadub323Hi! I just wanted to see if you haven't already chosen all of your HPs for your party tomorrow, if you wouldn't mind peeking into my closet! I follow posh rules and just got my first HP for the sporty chic party yesterday! Thank you for your time! πŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ
jamiesaboI know this is sold, but it made me giggle when I saw it! πŸ˜‚
maria@josieanalia So sorry for the delayed shipping - I keep forgetting this at home. I have just set a reminder for tomorrow morning so that I make sure to bring this shirt with me to work to ship. Thanks for your patience!
josieanaliaThank you!
kbeilmannWow do u have style!
honeybees0504@maria love your jeans. May i ask what brand are these and what style also? Thanks a lot.
maria@katieelinn Hi, there. It looks like USPS finally was able to deliver the purse. Please confirm! :-)
albanymerinskyI love the top! Where did you buy it!?
dgs1981I love your is closet.😍 How do you get so many people to see your page so often that you have so many likes on your items? Please help me with some tips. 😌
maria@dgs1981 Thanks! We share a lot of tips, success stories, and more on the Poshmark blog: blog.poshmark.com. Check it out!
ninasboutique1I always see your photo is why I ask @maria sorry didn't finish my thought above:)
ninasboutique1@maria Ahhhh...someone explained it to me...so much to learnπŸ˜„
linazoubiThank you! You are not planning to sell them? You should keep them anyway....they look very good on you :)
maria@linazoubi Not right now. It's one of my favorite pairs. :-)
ejeveryday@maria hi! sorry to ask but can you tell me what boots you are wearing in this foto please?! thank you!
maria@ejeveryday They're by Michael Kors. Hope that helps!
staciea1@maria please except my apologies I didn't realize I forgot to read category
dollhousepurpleHi great closet- congrats on being a host pick! 🌸
jodie_hairThank u very much!!! I'm a 6.5 but sometimes shoes are a little tight in the width but since they been worn I think I'll be good! I'm excited!
bayoubabyIf u ever gets this again anf on an 8@1/2 or p. Pls test me especially at this price listed.
reinadeltoroCongrats! I've chosen this as my "Sport-Inspired Style" Host Pick! "Shopping is my cardio" -Carrie Bradshaw @reinadeltoro
lauralee271Congrats on a super sporty & fab host pick! πŸ’β€οΈπŸ’β€οΈπŸ’β€οΈπŸ’β€οΈ
awtstoreQuestion: Does everyone's get to share their items in a party that they join? I'm asking because every time I get invited to a party, I share my items numerous times and I NEVER see them in the feed.. will you better explain the system for me??
karisreneeWahh sad to see the comment about the coloring, but I'd be interested in pics to see if I could make it work!! πŸ’Œplease tag me
buzbabeI am dying for this .. 😍
conniemarie12@maria I hope you get this message! I have been on Posh for quite a while now and have only had one host pic. I feel like I am a good Posher and love this and making people happy with my clothing items. I see that you are great at what you do....maybe you have some tips for me or would consider one of my Betsey Johnson items for the upcoming party you are hosting? I would love to learn from the best! Happy Poshing!
cj2335Ahhh this was gorgeous! Wish I had seen it before it ️SOLD! ❀️❀️ love your closet girl!
maria@luckymommy3 Hi, there. So sorry to have to cancel it, but I didn't want you waiting any longer. I can't find the top! I thought it was with the rest of my "for sale" items at work, but it's not. Nor is it at home. If I do find it, I'll ping you. Otherwise please enjoy 25% off your next purchase with me. Just let me know if you're interested in something in the future and I'll edit the price down. Again, truly sorry!
houston1983I go to so many parties and socials due to Military need outfits.. please contact me.. luv luv luv. Houston83
eviluniI love your style!! Please check out my closet for future host picks πŸ˜˜πŸ’•
jakkig123You have sold some amazing pieces! I hope you will consider my listings for a host pick! Thank you and congratulations
maria@clouds08 No prob! Also, you should check out the Poshmark blog for great tips and success stories (+ so much more): blog.poshmark.com
aimeewilliamsOk this is not an advertisement to sell shoes. This is the passing on of an opportunity to become a part of a few that will invest in their love for shoes. Currently working on 17 designs and counting which means with your investment you will receive all 17 of the completed designs plus each and every design made after for the rest of your life. For more info contact www.facebook.com/pynkshoes. Thank you for your love of shoes!
maria@latina_style Sorry to hear that. Please rest assured that if you emailed support, your case will be personally responded to. One quick tip though, is to make sure not to email any long. Sending more than one email will push your case to the back of the queue.
latina_style@maria thanks for your replied . I did sent them 2 emails . 1 with the probes (Pictures) .... And 1 whit the item # . I wasn't able to add the pics by messaging through PM .
customdesignexpOMG i came back to buy an item from you and it was gone within MINUTES !! YOU CLOSET IS HOTT STUFF GURRL!!!
ranaaa_Sunglasses for sale?
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