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It Girl Party

lula44@tclady I'm in the first photo modeling the skirt-on me it is high waisted, I think it is designed to be worn that way. It's been a few months since I tried it on so I can't say the fabric from memory but when I am off of work I can check for you.
tcladyOkay, great. Yeah, I see in the photos you are wearing it high waisted, but I wanted to ask and see if it is a true high waist skirt or maybe you just styled it that way. Either way, thank you. I have actually been eyeballing this skirt for several months and excited. Thanks again!
finelife@sweeti Hi, thanks for the like! let me know if you see anything else in my closet, I love to bundle & will give 20% discount. HAPPY POSHING! 😃💗
finelife@annmarie7491 Hi, thanks for the like! let me know if you see anything else in my closet, I love to bundle & will give 20% discount. HAPPY POSHING! 😃💗
finelife@theenti Ha, LOL...my hubby is a "BRIT", Too! Love the style. Hope she Enjoys it! 😃❤️
theenti@finelife awesome! She met hers in Australia, of places, where they both live ;) bobs your uncle!
liils@paola_valencia thanks girly I'll get these shipped tomorrow since the post offices are closed!
paola_valencia@liils Sounds good, thanks! 😊
chaseprincessMedium is too big :(.
chelly9874@tayglasco hey girl! I was wondering if you could please accept the package if everything's okay? Thanks again! 😃
allyd86Ha! I was just about to stop by and share 💜
ilovesunset@allyd86 Haha, great minds think alike *wink wink*
allisonmcole11How does the waist fit? I have a super long torso so low rise is bad for me!
dw_style@allisonmcole11 hope this information helps: waist measures 15", length is 40", front rise is 9", back rise is 14".
tablarasaLet me know if you would consider any trading to get the cost down on these -- i have the matching bracelet. I do not usually trade ... But love these earrings - i am Hayley btw -- it was fun looking in your closet.. I have a serious soft spot for Yurman
kimmiithepoohTrade Hun? :)
brittanyroyal@shadequeen happy Wednesday hun! 😊 Let me know when you are ready to purchase & I will change the price for you. 😘
brittanyroyal@bmoore88 let me know if you're interested in bundling your likes for a discount. 😊
fat10lbcat@gwennlei Good morning and thanks for liking this NEW LULU White Tee… Yes it is still available … if you are interested let me know and I will try and help,especially if you bundle. Thanks:)
fat10lbcat@bethglm Hello I just saw that u made an offer on this lulu tee .. I am u able to respond so if you are still interested can u make another offer and I wi try and help. Thanks and be wrll
jenniefabellaOk thanks. Please let me know about the model number on those Gucci sunnies :) thanks for the bundle
lilearsbptI like the model!!!
nessasaurus@marirod89 hi there! Thank you for your purchase! I have shipped your dress, but it seems to be delayed with shipping updates via posh. Just wanted to let you know your package is en route and headed your way. :)
marirod89@nessasaurus thank you, cant waitto receive it
nash24@karla2242 No!! thank you for purchasing and I will ship it tomorrow 💐💐😊
karla2242My mistake, I thought the rating I gave showed up on the listing itself so other Poshers could see. The item is BEAUTIFUL!! As shown in picture, great communication and fast shipping :)
akemi555Just purchased!! Yey!! Thanks for making this process easy!!!
clister1920@akemi555 no problem at all! Thank you for your purchase, I am currently out of town but I will have this shipped out for you before the end of the week :)
weimarYou're so welcome Jordan! If you're new to posh and have any questions, let me know!!😊 @jordash720
weimarThanks for the likes Valerie! Let me know if I can answer any questions/offer you a bundle😘 @vir2lval
qiyuluThank you so much!!! One of the dress was a bit big on me, but I loved everything! 😊 I will be sure to keep an eye on your closet! Let me know when you have new things!
jennaychang@qiyulu - yes, I'll be sure to tag you on new items i think you might like. I have more dresses to post but trying to post winter stuff first. Ill def let u know! Thanks again!
nikkiebabyyy@classicpatty The bag on first picture it's one design & on second picture different ?!
classicpatty@nikkiebabyyy Nikkie, the second picture is the foldable polyester bag. It comes in a pouch shown in the first pic. All the bags just have this one cute design. I was just wondering, if I can't find the skirt, is there anything else you maybe interested in bundling, sweetie?
ashertonI think a medium would do. Also is this a skirt that I would need to find a slip to wear under? Is it kinda see through?
anchorfashion@asherton no they are not see though, they have five layers of tulle and a lining I will ship a medium out for you tomorrow! Thank You For Your Purchase!😊💗
lskaiOk, I hope they are not too big. I appreciate you letting me know! Please send them.
lyann@lskai - great, I will be sending them out this morning. :)
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