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Alex's Closet


bunnypuff♥☆.¸¸☆.•*`☆*•.☆♥ C O N G R A T S!!☆* o͙n͙ y͙o͙u͙r͙ FEARLESS FASHION H͙o͙s͙t͙ P͙i͙c͙k͙!! ♥☆.¸¸☆.•*`☆*•.☆♥
mattietee"Fearless Fashion" is the clue. 👙. Congratulations for your Host Pick that has made this fashion come true!! 👔👕👢👚👗🎽👘🌂🎀👓👝👜👞👟👠💼💄
maureen888congraтѕ on yoυr ғearleѕѕ ғaѕнιon parтy нoѕт pιcĸ! ✨💎
tfullerton12✨✨✨Congratulations on your Fearless Fashion Host Pick! So happy to celebrate with you & share your gorgeous listing! ✨✨✨
tfullerton12✨✨✨Congratulations on your Fearless Fashion Host Pick! So happy to celebrate with you & share your gorgeous listing! ✨✨✨
stylelista@luciabeteta the price listed :)
tfullerton12✨✨✨Congratulations on your Fearless Fashion Host Pick! So happy to celebrate with you & share your gorgeous listing! ✨✨✨
dgreendesigns❤️😊🎉Congrats on your Fearless Fashion Party HP🎉😊❤️!!!
ajceraso🎉‼️🎉 congrats 🎉‼️🎉 on your 💥🌸💥fearless 💥⚡️fashion 💥🌸💥
allureofbrazil@stylelista CONGRATS HOSTING TONIGHT PARTY!!! 🎊🎉Please I ask you if you can take a quick look at my closet for a maybe a possible HOST PICTURE!!! Thank you 💐💋
skytraversoStill available?
vrpena@stylelista Hi beautiful congrats on Hosting the Fearless Fashion party that's an awesome theme 😊. I apologize for writing on a listing but I couldn't find any mention of the party. Ma'am I wanted to ask if you could please take a look at my closet for a Hostpick. I have a BlackMilk dress that struck me as something that is absolutely "Fearless Fashion". I do follow all Poshmark rules ma'am, am a suggested user and top 10% seller. I would appreciate you taking a look. 😊❤️🙏 @vrpena
crazyposhCongratulations on co-hosting tonight!! :) If you don't have your picks yet or are still looking for a couple I would be honored if you took a quick peek at my closet for a pick! :) I follow all rules, etc. I have co-hosted and my best advice is to go to the bathroom before you start ;) to drink some wine, have a blast, share 10 items from your closet, realize you won't get to respond to everyone immediately but you WILL in time, try and use a laptop, iPad or desktop, and turn off your notifications on your phone! :) SEE YOU AT THE PARTY!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)
lina_jaramilloCongrats hosting! 🎉🎉❤️🎀🎀 your doing an amazing job :) please. Help out my closet for some host picks 😉❤️❤
squeeeks22🎉🎉🎉 You've got it girl!! Congrats on your host pic! 🎉🎉🎉
berenice714Congrats on your 🌟IT GIRL PARTY🌟 HOST PICK🎉🎉🎉🎉👏👏😊💐😀💄👗👖👠👛💕💕💃💃
lauras_boutiqueHi Alex ❤️congratulations on co-hosting a posh party tomorrow!🎉💗 I would be honored if you would take a peek in my closet for a possible HP!🎉💗😍 I look forward to seeing you at the party!💗🌹 Have a lovely night! Laura💕💗
catleyascottCongrats on hosting tonight! So sorry to bother, wondering if you can take a peek at my closet & see if anything catches your eye that you think might be appropriate for tonight's poshparty! Thank you so kindly in advance & beautiful closet!! 💞💍💄👠🎀👑💅👯💃💋💘💌
stylelista@torilb I'm so sorry! The other girl was willing to buy them for 30 and was faster than I could tell you, I am sorry! That never happens
venom01Do u have another pair?? 8
seshaJust purchased :) I don't want to low ball you, 30s a great deal, I've been looking for the perfect pair of lace up booties for a while❤️
stylelista@sesha awesome:) will ship in the morning! :)
karismaabthe part that has the logo on the lens, does that come off? thannks! very interested
stylelista@karismaab of course that is just a sticker price is firm by the way
stylelista@angelac22 they were shipped and tracking says it was too big too fit in your mailbox did you get the tracking number? Check the order on the app and you can resolve it that way :)
stylelista@angelac22 did you get the shoes??
myspinonthingsI resubmitted the offer.
bellanblueIt's almost PARTY time! Let the countdown begin! If you have a moment, please check out my closet for possible HPs as I've added items that would fit your ️PARTY theme. Thanks in advance for your consideration. See you tomorrow! 🎉🎉🎉
serendipity8888Hi! My name is Raina and I was wondering if you could please possibly take a look at my closet for your upcoming party? My closet is posh compliant and I have a few items that would fit your theme perfectly! Thank you so much for your consideration! Congratulations on hosting! ♡ @serendipity8888
marianasgoodsCongrats on co hosting!!!! Please stop by my closet and check out my variety of items totally fit for your Fearless Fashion party! I promise it'll be worth your time. I would be honored to have a host pic from an owner of such a beautiful closet!!!!! It would mean the world to me and will never forget it should I become a host one day! P.S. Of course, I am POSH COMPLIANT👍 😉 @marianasgoods <<< CLICK HERE for awesome fashion
mickeygDid I just not like it. Or is something wrong w it Hun??
larochellehiii! my name is rochelle, nice to meet you. i saw that you will be co-hosting again soon and id like to congratulate you on it! i almost never miss nightly parties on Pm, so you can count me in to share your closet and send out some cheer! also i co manage official_forum (users page) on here and i put up the week's party line-up, il tag you on it once it's ready. let me know if you will be upload a party announcement at your closet, you can tag me too and id help you spread the word w everybody using my tag lists. cheers again and congrats!!!🎉🎉🎉
stylelista@daliaa0724 oh no I understand I just don't want you thinking I lied or anything. Shoes will always look slightly different in person due to lighting and such but rest assured I was truthful with the pictures :)
stylelista@daliaa0724 hopefully the shoes were the Color you wanted! Enjoy :)
krissy007🎉🎉🎉CONGRATS!🎉🎉🎉 👍👍👍❤❤❤❤👍👍👍
mollycnecCongratulations on your host pick! 😀
songlady@stylelista 💕have an excellent evening. You will have a blast! Maybe a little tired the next day ..,,,, Happy Poshing🎶Gloria
larochellehave a great time at the party! il be there share your closet and cheer you on! 💝
stylelista@rowergurl06 sorry don't so holds been burned too many times!
rubysbeautyCongrats on hosting tonight! If you need any more picks, please consider my closet. I follow Posh rules and am adding a bunch of new NWT jewelry today! Have a great time!
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