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Laid Back Glam Party


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arlenecarrilloWould you do $ 35 pp?
heathersdrsrm@arlenecarrillo Hi there. Sorry, but I do not accept Paypal for Posh items, as it is against their policy. Thank you.
melissadoubleu@tazd these are now on sale, it's 25% off making it $60 (: if you're still interested lmk!
bekah11Cute! Shared! :-)
xjac12@angelicbee also, it's length runs below the waist 😊
xjac12@pm_editor thank you so much for the share! I truly appreciate it! 😊❤️
cdgraham1Hi are u willing to sell for lower
supersaenz@cdgraham1 are you still interested? I lower it from $125 I can drop another $5 off❤️
sammy_xp@yaelinx3 jus checked n theyre approximately 28-30 in waist.
sammy_xp@yaelinx3 im a size 5-6 in reg jeans. These r pretty tight on me. Dont recommend if u have thick thighs theyre a bit slim :) hope that helps! Lmk if ur interested <3
marynassifDo you happen to know the length? I just want to make sure it's not super short cause I'd be dancing in it
susan12345@marynassif sorry for responding so late! i couldn't find my tape measurer so I had to estimate using a ruler - laying flat it's approximately 32" in length. I'm about 5'1 and it was a little above my knee. Hope this helps!
ginabj@akee1213 Besutiful Blue watch, I to love😍 blue! Thank you for sharing and will do the same😉🌹
akee1213Thanks for the like @wendy1willits! My husband's family is in Little Rock...we will probably be in the area in a few weeks :) Have a good day!
nnakedvogue@susan_nah yea im looking through your closet!
susan_nah@nnakedvogue haha I know I just replied each of ur comment :)
shady101You're gorgeous! ☺️
afeingold@shady101 thank you! So kind of you to say💕
finelife@stefanie5h Hi, I think it's teaspoon. I got it at nordstrom, I'm not with my items at the moment. I can check later for you. It's also sold out, sorry. 😢 HAPPY POSHING! 😃💗
stefanie5hOh ok... Thanks anyway.
susan_nah@holland75 Hun this model is 5'4 and ur height is totally fine for my closet because it's a very common girl height. And for the other sweaters I modeled I'm 5'5 and a sweater that accommodates 5'5 is definitely fine for 5'3:)
firstaveshop@susan_nah what is the shoulder width for size S?
wendac@reggie1984 rampage. I bought them from the Buckle store. Last year.
altaloma@wendac Thanks Wendy for all of the shares.
michedj@emilyaskedwhy thank you for the like. Please let me know if you are interested. Happy Poshing!! :)
michedj@lisaaaa thank you so much for the like. Please let me know if you have any questions or are interested. I bundle too. Happy Poshing!! :)
theclothesline@bingz14 hi thanks for your likes! If you are interested I could bundle both of you likes for $15.00. Regardless, Thanks for shopping my closet and have a good day!
nurseclaredoes it have an outside pocket??
leannboerckel@nurseclare no but it's very convenient to access your things because of the clip in the front
paulinasmilesDarn wish it was bigger
fabicase@brgoldey Thank you for purchasing this cutie!! I sent out your order today. 😊
thevelvetrobynFantastic Bold and Beautiful pick for tonight's party 💋💋👗💋💋
sakshi9984Congrats on your Bold and Beautiful HP Tonight
mikahscloset@designerbagluvr sorry 😔 my price is firm
mona7sHi can you check out my closet and share it if you like any of the items to help me traffic I'll appreciate it. Great closet
susan_nah@vbudiharto Hun I won't cuz I will go in a euro trip soon so I won't stock anything for a long time. Not trying to sell it but honestly I don't feel it won't accommodate 34C. My roomie is this size maybe I can have her try it on in a week when she comes back :)
vbudiharto@susan_nah that would be great! If she's 34C then it would be the same as me...
khey@vickiadamo sizes are as indicated, in this case it is OS
marinaidriswud you consider reducing the price
vanillamelon@surgtech2009 no problem, Let me know if you have any other questions!
vanillamelon@lorianna hi! You can purchase this listing :)
menelka1@ steffy_fashion can you give me the brand of this necklace too? :)
steffy_fashion@menelka1 this one was a gift so no idea!
moorepatrice@roadtovegan OMG! I have this exact purse in black. Love it! Congrats on your party 4/11! I will be there with "bells" on! Thanks for the head's up Sharon. 😘@rad2474him
roadtovegan@moorepatrice thanks! The party will be a blast! I love this bag too...I almost got the black too!!
ootammieoo5@novayvonne sorry I can't lower it since I bought it for so much more and it's like new condition.
pattilabella@sarahwydner right!! Everyone has a different budget !! I want a Hermes bag but I can't afford one lol
sarahwydnerExactly! Lol
melissadoubleu@wander_lust I can ship today and it's 2 day shipping so it may reach you by Wednesday or Thursday !
swissmistressCongratulations on your ✨Fabulous✨ Girl's Night Out HP!👏❤️🎉👏❤️🎉
maidmarian💖💞💕CONGRATS ON YOUR HP!💞💖💕
shuzbabe@authenthiclover that's too low Hun. But if you want to pick out 3 pairs of earrings from my closet, I will do 3 for $30 any pairs.
authenthicloverI only need these Hun lets do $9
stylzoo@fab_fashionista I'm just admiring items for now and adding things to my likes. Sorry if it bothered you :)
fab_fashionistaSure, you just never respond when I ask you any questions regarding my items so I was curious. Thank you for explaining...have a great night!
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