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Wowen's Closet


hector052982How much is your lowest price??
wowenypon@hector052982 We can negotiate the price using the offer button. Thanks
katalagataSo cute!! Bummer, looking for 22''
wowenypon@katalagata I measured with tape measure and it's between 22" to 22.75"
sheliab1@wowenypon these are prob too high since I had to have back surgery on my lower lumbar...the shots didn't work...just made me gain a few pounds though.♡
lindsaydemoPlease tag me if you ever snag these in a 7.5! I love them! ☺️
wowenypon@lindsaydemo Will do! 😊
mrsleone37Ok if they are Still available on Thursday I want to buy!
wowenypon@mrsleone37 Ok :) just let me know. Thank you and have a great day.
heatherwreck@wowenypon I had this bundle ordered two weeks ago from another posh user. She said the package went missing but she had this problem before and it came back to her. Well it came back to her this week and she told me to repurchase it and I did. She said it would go out yesterday. Now I see she cancelled the order and sold two of the items in other bundles!! Is there anything I can do?
wowenypon@heatherwreck Hi, my apology for late reply. I don't think you can do much other than reporting it to PM. We (seller or buyer) can call our shots to either cancel our transactions or not and sometimes, it may not be a pleasant experience so, I think if you feel like you need to report it, you can certainly do that. Hope this helps.
mrsperkins@wowenypon that would be so wonderful. I'm still kind of new at this, so I have never attended one. Did you go to posh fest?
wowenypon@mrsperkins I haven't actually been in any of their PoshFest, but only in their Posh parties and in their headquarter.
bobaclosetThanks for answering! Could you tag me when it's listed please (: I'm debating if I want to get black ones with or without the buckles.
kyliebriennCongratulations on your ever so trendy HP! The hosts did an AMAZING job last night! Cheers to them and cheers to lots of future sales!! xo
leksisterritt@wowenypon hey girl! thanks for all the love :) lovvving your closet and you're absolutely adorable! 💓💕💋
jovanaongCheers to your Fabulous Cold Weather Essentials Host Pick!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
catcardenasLadybug, where have you been?
wowenypon@belair79 Lol that would be great! Let me know if your ready to buy all the size 8 lol. Thank you sweety and have a great day!!! 😚💖
belair79You too!!!! 😉
dgreendesigns🍓🍷🎶Congrats on your Romantic Style Party HP🎶🍷🍓!!!
ajceraso🎉 congrats 🎉on your 🌹💗🌹 romantic💗️style 🌹💗🌹
little_bit_hpSize 5 please!!!!!! 😩😩🙏🙏🙏
wowenypon@little_bit_hp I know :( If I come across :) I will tag you.
gypsydd@wowenypon how about these & houndstooth dress?
meldess00@socalcasual These are the exact boots I purchased. She will create a separate listing for you. Just provide your size ;)
lcataldiHi, what size are you normally? Trying to figure out if these would fit me. I'm usually a 6.5 in shoes and 7 in boots, but sometimes can be a 7 in narrow shoes...
wowenypon@lcataldi Hi, I'm normally 7.5 in close shoes. Zara doesn't come in size 7 and if you're a true 6.5 I think these are just right fit for you. I also have these in size 7.5 if you think you need to size up. Thanks
inmychoos@wowenypon I wish these were a 8.5-9 😭 happy holidays darling! Wishing you and your loved ones all the best 💖
wowenypon@inmychoos I wish these are your size too!!! These are really nice! Happy New Year!!!! All the best for 2015!!!! 😚💖
mrsperkinsMore than welcome. Can't go wrong with cute jeans, a comfy chic tee and a blazer!
evasterbunnyAre these denim or a smooth cotton?
wowenypon@evasterbunny More on smooth cotton kind. I will check the label to check the material and tag you as soon as I get a chance. Thank you
butrflz8Thank you @wowenypon ! Last question does the waistband have elastic in the back or is it a flat waistband?
wowenypon@butrflz8 Flat waistband and zipper on the side. Thanks
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