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Wowen's Closet


wowenypon@parenteducator Hi, I checked the tag and this also has 80% nylon and 20% angora.
parenteducatorThanks so much!
ajonesmiaJust starting an account I have some really cute stuff. Check it out😍👍and comment if interested
wowenypon@ajonesmia Shared your closet. :)
nami001👗👠 Congratulations on your gorgeous TOTAL TREND-SETTER host pick 👗👠 Cheering and sharing your 😍😍 host pick 💕
wolfekrestThank u I'm SO intetested. I'm just waiting for some $ to be dropped into my account today. Will purchase when it's in there. Thank u!
wowenypon@wolfekrest Ok :) thank you.
wowenypon@gnzalezz Hi, please check comment above 👆 for measurements. Thank you :)
bunnysstyleyou have beautiful style!! :D
sstrom1I wish any of your shoes were an 8!! (I'm 8.5)... I want them all!! ( wipes the tears away...)😞
noya28Your shoes and clothes are much more expensive than online..it doesn't make any sense. ??
anepo00I saw a lot of shoes I like .. Can I trade it with my miu miu
wowenypon@anepo00 I'm sorry I don't trade. Thanks for the offer.
wowenypon@rosela71 I will measure as soon as I get a chance and tag you. Thanks
wowenypon@rosela71 Hi, armpit to armpit is 18" and waist is 15.5". Material is stretchy. Thanks
wowenypon@fifig23 It is!!! Got this for myself, :( but didn't fit me. Too small lol. Thanks love!!!
brianp1Thank you do you have a full photo of the dress?
wowenypon@brianp1 The dress is just the same with what the model is wearing. This is brand new with tag. Thanks
wowenypon@manickuhns Hi, so I finally had a chance to measure. ☺️ Stepping on the measuring tape, the widest part of my foot is 3.75".
ebtheceleb_please put these on hold for me till friday
wowenypon@ebtheceleb_ I'm sorry, but I stopped holding items for a while now. I just got burned once too many times and also want to be fair to those that I declined holding for in the past. I hope you understand. Thank you.
nami001👗👠 Congratulations on your gorgeous FLIRTY & FEMININE host pick 👠👗 Cheering with you and sharing your fabulous listing 💓
tfullerton12✨✨✨Congratulations on your Flirty & Feminine Host Pick! So happy to celebrate with you & share your gorgeous listing! ✨✨✨
wowenypon@k4si4 I'm sorry I don't swap. Thanks for the offer.
wowenypon@sandracova1 I'm sorry I trade. Thanks for the offer.
dareDo you have a lowest doll?
wowenypon@dare We can negotiate the price using the offer button. Thanks
wowenypon@albeewei Thank you :)
wowenypon@jonquilviolet I'm sorry for the late reply. Almost missed your comment... This comes in size SX.
tfullerton12✨✨✨Congratulations on your Downtown Chic Host Pick! So happy to celebrate with you & share your gorgeous listing! ✨✨✨
mrsalliexo💗🎉✨💋💕CONGRATS on your beautiful Host Pick!! 👯
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