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Beckster's Closet


syrianonexoxPlease consider my peach peplum shirt as a host pick 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 thank you so much
annabella54You have a great closet!
oceanjewelersSo excited for your party theme! Congrats on co-hosting! I'm mostly a jewelry closet so if you haven't picked all your pieces for this category it would be amazing for you to take a peek. Totally a poshrule girl too. Can't wait to party with you! 🎉🎉
swtpeaHi I wanted to make an offer in those work out capris but I think it might be better if we could agree to a price & you change it then I purchase? Just so I can save a few bucks in shipping. Could you do $15?
rubysbeautyCongrats on your Back to Basics Host Pick!
woohaha@trub- Thanks so much for buying! I'll be shipping the order out on Thursday morning- hope that's okay with you!
nkathyI see you have Talbots ... I'm an Okie gal " ) are you in OKC?
tdgrable24Hope you had a blast tonight! 😃👯🎉👯🎉👯 I enjoyed all of your fabulous picks 😃👍
jaspar21Have fun tonight!❤️❤️❤️consider me for a share if you have extra? Thank you!!!!
jlynlillisCongrats on hosting tonight..if you can..could you take a looksie at my closet for a potential host pick? :-)
x0tatumHey can u check my closet out, lmk of you're interested in anything I can ship tomorrow if u buy.
jacquelyndevineCongrats tonight girl! Loving your picks!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉
sharlight01I'm new so thx for this. How do u get the little "Not for sale" banner to show?
crazyposhyou have so many cute closet crush postings!!!!! I SO need to do this. Thanks for the inspiration!!
crazyposhps- your profile pc is amazing. ;) hehe. and I love your username!
woohaha@prettyhaute I loved loved loved my purchases from you! Please post more items, I check your closets all the time. Love your style 😍
classy_sassyFollowing!! ;)
simplyjyune@woohaha awesome!!!! You look great. I will be posting some more items in June stay tuned
sherry8888@woohaha Hi, was wondering if you could help me on this please? Every time I try this it sends me to poshmark from my email & then it doesn't tell me what to do from there. Any info you can give, sure would be grateful! Thanks so much! Sherry
bellanblue@woohaha hi sweetie! Congrats on hosting! Countdown til party time! If you have a minute, pls browse my closet for possible HPs. I've just added new items that would fit your party theme. Thanks in advance. See you tomorrow!
bellanblueCongrats on hosting! Countdown til your party! Woot, woot! If you have a minute, pls browse my closet for possible HPs. I've just added new items that would fit your party theme. Thanks in advance. See you tomorrow. 🎉🎉🎉
woohaha@huastequita Hi! I'm really sorry but I thought I sold my heels and not the wedges, so I brought the wrong item to work... I will be out of town this week so I won't be able to ship till Monday. So sorry about that.
woohaha@huastequita So sorry, but Im shipping the shoes out today. Im so sorry I couldn't find it for the longest time. Thanks for purchasing!
scavanjahhCongrats on co-hosting tonight😊👏👍🎉🎉😞
scavanjahhSorry, that sad face was supposed to be another one of these 🎉 lol
shoeloverxoOh okay! Gotcha. :) No problem. Just tag me when you're ready.
shoeloverxoHi. It's me again. Just wanna know if these are still available and if you'd be able to ship soon..
teju2013@woohaha Still for sale?
woohaha@teju2013 Hi! Yes it is. But Ill be out of town for family christmas vacay until Friday.... so I wont be able to ship till then if you are interested.
ashleylaperreLove your closet💕 I would greatly appreciate if you would check out my closet and share a few of my items😊 thank you in advance!
tdgrable24Hope you are having a blast tonight!!! 😃👯🎉👯🎉👯🎉👯🎉
larochelle@pehang thanks for the tag :) i will tag the party girls if you like @woohaha or would you have a party listing? this listing will be too crowded if we do that here hihi ! anyway congrats again! xoxo
gordomom@woohaha Congrats on hosting! Hope you have a fantastic time! 🎉 @pehang Thank you for the tag! 💐
woohaha@kingkay please see the additional photos! The wallet is in super good condition. I did not use any flash, the color of this wallet is very vibrant.
woohaha@kingkay the actual color of the wallet is more like the original listing.
woohaha@red102078 thanks for purchasing!!
tamarismom🎉🎉I see you're co-hosting tomorrow night's party. I'm excited for you. 😁 I will be there with my party hat on. 👑 Please check out my closet if you haven't chosen all of your host picks.
woohaha@iysh hi! Yes I still honor my bundle deal. It's stretchy so it should.
iyshOk great! I'll take both 😉 feeling a bit daring!
woohaha@iysh Hi, do you still want the bundle? I can do it right now!
iyshOh yes please!! Sorry missed response I'm my feed!
iyshGot my package!! Love the red dress!! Don't think I can pull off the other one 😁😁 thanks!!!!
woohaha@iysh aww I'm glad you love one of them! Have lots of fun 😘
oceanjewelers very very excited for this theme! congratulations on co-hosting your first party too, that is def super exciting too! Im mostly a jewelry closet so if you havent gotten all your picks for that category for sure come check me out. Ill be there to cheer you on tonight, parties are where i get most my shopping done! Love shopping the HPs!!! My wardrobe is so totally full of great picks. YAY! Party time!
courtneylm_Super cute closet! Bummed I missed out on these beauties!
ahoodie94🎀🎈ⓅⒶⓇⓉⓎ∿Ⓣⓛⓜⓔ🎈🎀🎉Congrats on co-hosting girl!!!🎉Have so much fun I'll be there cheering you on!! I recommend using a computer or turning off your notifications when the party begins!!! Don't forget to grab your favorite glass of wine as you co-host!!!🍷 💕xoxo💕
luzfashion0617@woohaha 🎉congrats on co-hosting🎉I will def be there. If you have a moment please take a peek at my closet for a potential Hp for the party. Thank you & have fun!!
shawntayCute closet girl!!! When you have time could you share some of mine??? Also I sing and in need of some feed back! @shawntaydoraeb on you you've or http://youtu.be/XgLS_xK_Hwk is a link to one of my videos pls pls lmk what you think!!!! God bless♥💕💕💕
pistashmelonCongrats on hosting for the style maker party! I'm new to posh and only been here a few weeks! Would love it if you could consider one of my items as a host pick! Congrats again🎊🎉🎈!
woohaha@gina26 Hi I shipped it yesterday so it should be on its way to you. Did you not get a tracking number?
gina26I haven't receive any confirmation that you the item was already ship
woohaha@skottier Hey girl, this item is just additional photos for the bikini set that was already sold. It's not for sale!
skottierOooh ok thanks ill go cancel the order now :)
thebrightside@woohaha your day is here to shine ✨ congrats 💞 if there's room for one more pic please come peak my closet 🙏 I'm rule abiding and posh cray 🙏😍✨ here's to a fab party ✨ xxoo Sammy
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