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Handbags, Clutches & Wallets Party

jadorechanel@jbuono I have an LV wallet and other authentic luxury items =]
jbuonoWhat type of wallet? And at what price? It's for my sister 😊
amyfridmooreThank you so much I just received my AMAZING bag!! Gorgeous!! I love it :) it came just as you said and is in perfect condition! You made my first purchase so easy!! Can't wait to buy more things from you!!!
pookiebeau@amyfridmoore Yay! I'm soo glad you're happy with it! Let me know if you're ever interested or looking for anything else. Also I'm gonna tag you in my feedback listing. If you could leave a comment about your experience for others to see, thanks!
khey@sbompart actually, now only pink left (first pic)
ladi_moDo you have a pic of the inside?
amschelling@ecrsn0000 Did you want to purchase tonight?
amschelling@ecrsn0000 Thank you for your purchase! It's a wonderful bag. It will ship out on Monday morning!
nanaaIs the ivory still available?
melodycalla@nanaa hi there! I still have the white, but I'm not selling it. I was just trying to sell one and keep the other. Macy's still has the ivory one online. ☺ Just search "Olivia + Joy dynamo satchel" on google, and it should pop up. It's $98 on Macy's.
ladyfairDid you ever create the sec listing for this and is it gone also I didn't notice in the threads?!:)
ladyfairI want won!
alfarle2@cgomez2009 hello . I'm notified that your purchase was re-delivered and successful :) Please accept your purchase so funds for your item can be released . Thank you :)
alfarle2@cgomez2009 I'm informed that there is something wrong with your purchase . Please inform me in communication what the issue is so we can get it fixed IMMEDIATELY . Everything is as described in the photos that are posted within this listing .
elissaleigh12@rlb1211 I have a matching purse too! Love the pattern!
rlb1211@elissaleigh12 Me too,I have a few Vera items listed if u want to take a look
anda@ebone1717 it is over 12" wide, don't know the depth off hand, I'll be back home in a couple of days & I can give you exact dimensions then
anda@ebone1717 oops I lied, it's 13" including the outside pockets. Inside dimensions are: 11.25" wide 5.25" deep 8.5" high
castratedbeanI don't mean to sound snotty, but it's certain.....not sirtin. What's up with people trying to insult something to get it cheaper. gah. Just go to Goodwill (as I do all the time) if you want something that practically give away.
patgI'm on vacation so haven't seen the bag yet.but my friend tells me it's great..can I comment next week when I return?.
brittanyroyal@patg of course! No problem. Enjoy your vacation. 😊
kkzz5014Thank you so much. This is the first time I have bought anything from here how many days does it typically take?
jpeffley@kkzz5014 it depends on where you live. It shouldn't take too long I wouldn't imagine.
lannied808@bombshe11stephy hi sorry 😔not this particular set but I have other hamilton sets, feel free to browse my closet and lmk if you're interested? I can get other colors of Hamiltons too let me know which you're after
bombshe11stephySure thing hunn 😊 hunn. Or do u have or will carry a beige quilted Hamilton ? I forgot the name north something
amschelling@dlynnsg Don't normally reserve but for you, yes :)
dlynnsgThank you! Rest assured that your toile bag is going to a good home😍
courtneyb12@roselymary1 it's really cute. What brand is it and is the strap long enough to be cross body?
achiang2I would love to trade for this bag :-)
fabicase@nikid63 sorry not doing trades thank you. 😊
fabicase@sharontink I can but they are priced really high so I'm holding off in getting those iPad cases. 😊
cddsatmDo to still have the silk holding bag it came in, what's the lowest you will go? Can pay via PP
angie_hernandez@cddsatm I'm sorry this already sold
ms_thickemsI love it, it matches my guess purse to a tee. Thanks for the nice packaging job and card. As this was my first time purchasing from this site. I appreciate all you done.
jules586@ms_thickems You were my first buyer! I'm so glad you're happy with it! Maybe the purse and wallet are from the same line! That would be awesome! Thanks again!
litehouselovrI'm very interested. I'm waiting the reply from an email I sent you earlier about a coach bag. Will you bundle?
melodycalla@teresapham I'm sorry, but this sold in a bundle earlier this week. That's why the price was set to $0 and the listing said sold in bundle. So sorry. I'll contact posh to cancel the order.
nikkig34Got the purse and used it last night. It's PERFECT. Thank you!!!
fancy514@nikkig34 Thank you so much for letting me know. I am so happy you are pleased. I thought it fit so nicely in the hand. Thank you again.
bikerchick64@pookiebeau - oh wow! that's great news that the dementia has been lessened and that's great that she recognized your mom as well! I'm so happy for you!!
pookiebeau@bikerchick64 Thanks! It's been a great day😃 and thanks for listening!!
hook7777I recieved everything as discribed thank you..
amschelling@hook7777 Thanks for the feedback! Hope you enjoy.
fabicase@misskct Hi good question. When I first started I was using PayPal but later found out the Poshmark does not want us taking our transactions off line, or they could cancel our accounts. That's the main reason. 😄
misskct@fabicase thanks for the speedy reply! I appreciate your feedback :)
pookiebeau@tmhand Hi👋Looks like you got your package! Please let me know how you liked it and remember to mark the item as received under purchases😊Thanks.
tmhandGot this great bag very quickly...even with a holiday in the mix. Great product, speedy delivery...gotta LOVE it! Thank you!
pattilabella@kimmie1225 I actually copied & pasted from home computer but I still had to delete full name & backspace after each name so it still took about 10 minutes...it was worth of though 😊
kimmie1225@pattilabella It was 👧ie because you sold it quickly. Thanks
judiiluvnacThank you, I just purchased it. Looking forward to it. :)
elisaj@judiiluvnac thanks!! Ill ship it out today 😉
kdavi198Would you do 30 for the red and nude one?
sbompartI love #4!! The last one do you still have it??
fancy514@lisabee1987 Changed for you.
fancy514@lisabee1987 Lisa, thank you so much. This is a beautiful bag. I feel certain you will be very happy with it. I will ship both tomorrow. They will be in two separate packages, Posh furnishes a shipping label for each purchase and tracks them. In the future, if you ever want to purchase more than one item from my closet or anyone else's, we can put them together in a single listing and save you a few $ with one shipping charge. Thank you again.
melodycalla@litehouselovr the outside stain I know for sure is blush/bronzer. I actually remember when I stained it, and I was so mad at myself. The 2nd stain I'm unsure. It's a clear stain - so more of a discoloration. I'm thinking a liquid stained it, but nothing gross. :) If you're still interested, I can create the bundle and tag you.
litehouselovrStill am. Plz do. Thanx
kimmiedee@umonkey I think this makes it fun😜
shaulac33 Thank you for following me. Let me know if you like anything. I can bundle or lower the price. Happy showing :)
jg3636You're so great! You have been wonderful to work with. I REALLY appreciate all of your help!
pookiebeau@jg3636 Thanks! I always try to work with people and I knew you really liked it😉
ladida@aduggins74 yay 😍 thanks doll, you should have this beauty by Tue or Wed (coz Monday is a holiday, booo 😁) Hope you love it! 💃
ladida@gmgorg @meganparker15 @bebetilton thanks for liking, ladies. I have one more of this available. Let me know if you're interested 😊
swindsorOkay. Sounds great. Thanks again.
skyeyas@swindsor hi! I hope ur enjoying ur purchase. Please don't forget to "accept" ur purchase. Thx so much!! 😉
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