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LIVE From Seattle: Winter Essentials Party


Shop a unique selection of items picked just for you by your party hosts.

tinavbYour "thank you gift" was beyond generous....thank you so very much! You totally made my day :-))) 💞💖
wenrellaIt's nice to meet U. ✌
nohealani@celiana3 I will when I have the chance, but they were only worn outside for about 15 minutes so they're still super clean!
celiana3No worries! Already bought it
marym@jtmorgret there you go :) I am shipping out tomorrow morning :)
marym@jtmorgret thanks shipping out tomorrow :)
misskristyjean@jennietgarland got them yesterday and I love love love them!! Thanks!
jennietgarland@misskristyjean yay! So glad they found a home!!
jessrich1016I love these so if you get some make sure to tag me in!!!
jntang88@jessrich1016 Hii!!:) I am getting more! Ill let you know👍
stylesouffle@ily_andy Hi, I agreed to your offer, so please buy soon before I go to bed. This way I can ship it out first thing in the morning :)
ily_andyI bought it thank you Hun!,,,,
1pepperHey, I got my boots today & they are perfect & so cute! Also thank you for the handwritten Thank You note, very sweet!
volvo4life940@1pepper You're so welcome!! Have fun with them this weekend! So glad they came on time.
juliachhunThe back of the sleeves look likes its made out of a sweater fabric is it? Do u still have this for sale. I'm a sz 0-2 110 5'3. Will it fit me?
jessestrada@juliachhun Yes, the under sleeve is made from stretch cotton. Still for sale and I think it'd fit you great!
lastepher@bisouxoxo Yes, I do. I can re-list it if you would like to purchase. Let me know. 😀
bisouxoxoYes, please ❤ p.s could you do a price match? I found another posher who sold the same top for $25. Please let me know. 😊
hiiamcameron@jessestrada welcome!! I'm glad u like it! Those r great boots indeed!!! ;)
hiiamcameron@evsmith been sold here:))
linz_mckinney@devin71290 yay!!! You are going to love them 😘. I hope you don't mind but I'm out of town for 2 more days...I will ship first thing when I get home. Thanks for understanding!
devin71290That's perfectly fine:)
dolly408@lalaleah hey girl omg I received the package back. I guess there was an issue with the address. I had to re mail it today /: I'm so sorry for the inconvenience!
lalaleahThanks for letting me know! It's okay
modesque_city@megroth sorry forgot to inform you that I will be shipping your package on Monday. Sorry just got a little busy yesterday and today.
modesque_city@megroth Hi! It says on the order status that you have received your package. Just a friendly reminder... Please "accept" your order under your "My Purchases" so it will update my record. Thank you!
typicaltennAny more pics??
atboutiquewill upload more when i get off today.
mellisataylor@jbernhar 😍😍😍 thank u so much! Perfect fit and gorgeous jacket
jbernhar@mellisataylor so glad you like it!!!!! 😀😍😀😍😀😍
velvetbuttons@sophiaaac Are these true to size or run a bit big?
sophiaaac@velvetbuttons - Hi there! They run pretty true to size in my opinion. I'm normally a size 2 and these are pretty loose for me overall...I purchased these when I was a size 6 and they fit great back then :) Let me know if you have any other questions!
lagunabeachlove@kenzielb95 it wasn't an attitude I was trying to help you I have a very successful closet and have been on posh a very long time next time I won't help but you don't even have the same item so I feel people would be annoyed
kenzielb95then I apologize again because that's how it came off to me and I was kind of offended:/ definitely won't ask again, tho. I usually follow posh rules to a T, honestly. but thank you for being polite, sorry I took it the wrong way:)
sbutterfield@ashleedawn I just picked up the blazer from my leasing office! I love it and it fits perfectly! Thanks again! Work was crazy today, and I just got home, so I won't be making it to the meetup tonight 😥I'm in Sunnyvale, and getting to the city will take like 2 hours. Please remember me for the next one! How often do you do them? Have a great evening!!! ❤❤
ashleedawn@sbutterfield I'm so glad you love it & happy it found a new home 😊 Major bummer you weren't able to join us tonight, but we'll be having more meet ups coming up & you'll definitely be invited to the next one! ❤
sarahramsdell@ckustura k I mailed this bundle, but won't be able to get to the other one until Monday... As I took everything with me when I was leaving for a wedding out of state. If you'd prefer for me to cancel the other bundle - let me know.... Or I can mail off just the sweatshirt and skirt... And give you a credit for the boots... Does that work?
ckusturaJust mail what you got and what is easier for you. We can deal with the boots and other shoes on Monday when u get back
gimmesmoore@marg_aret hi there I just came across these leggings and fell in love!! Would you consider reselling to me?? Thanks!
gimmesmoore@stephserai do u have a pair of these leggings?
iheartsf@fbear I could offer a 15% discount to you today - they are great boots, just too small for my wise feet. I wish I could wear them!!
iheartsf@fbear still interested? Happy to negotiate :)
lions79Great! Can't wait to get it. Thanks!
lions79Got it and love it!! Thanks!!
mparks@jamie_perkins hey girl just checking in to make sure you were pleased with your item :) lmk
roxyjane@asmiths ~ Thanks so much for the 5.00 off! I appreciate it and will def. come back to your closet! ❤❤
sierraauldSo freaking cute. Too bad it's sold :(
houseofmarchWho's the designer btw?
houseofmarchBought it! Was too pretty to pass up! Thank You! 🌹😇❤
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