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LIVE From Seattle: Winter Essentials Party

tinavbYour "thank you gift" was beyond generous....thank you so very much! You totally made my day :-))) 💞💖
wenrellaIt's nice to meet U. ✌
nohealani@celiana3 I will when I have the chance, but they were only worn outside for about 15 minutes so they're still super clean!
celiana3No worries! Already bought it
jessrich1016I love these so if you get some make sure to tag me in!!!
jntang88@jessrich1016 Hii!!:) I am getting more! Ill let you know👍
stylesouffle@ily_andy Hi, I agreed to your offer, so please buy soon before I go to bed. This way I can ship it out first thing in the morning :)
ily_andyI bought it thank you Hun!,,,,
1pepperHey, I got my boots today & they are perfect & so cute! Also thank you for the handwritten Thank You note, very sweet!
volvo4life940@1pepper You're so welcome!! Have fun with them this weekend! So glad they came on time.
juliachhunThe back of the sleeves look likes its made out of a sweater fabric is it? Do u still have this for sale. I'm a sz 0-2 110 5'3. Will it fit me?
jessestrada@juliachhun Yes, the under sleeve is made from stretch cotton. Still for sale and I think it'd fit you great!
lastepher@bisouxoxo Yes, I do. I can re-list it if you would like to purchase. Let me know. 😀
bisouxoxoYes, please ❤ p.s could you do a price match? I found another posher who sold the same top for $25. Please let me know. 😊
linz_mckinney@devin71290 yay!!! You are going to love them 😘. I hope you don't mind but I'm out of town for 2 more days...I will ship first thing when I get home. Thanks for understanding!
devin71290That's perfectly fine:)
dolly408@lalaleah hey girl omg I received the package back. I guess there was an issue with the address. I had to re mail it today /: I'm so sorry for the inconvenience!
lalaleahThanks for letting me know! It's okay
modesque_city@megroth sorry forgot to inform you that I will be shipping your package on Monday. Sorry just got a little busy yesterday and today.
modesque_city@megroth Hi! It says on the order status that you have received your package. Just a friendly reminder... Please "accept" your order under your "My Purchases" so it will update my record. Thank you!
lagunabeachlove@kenzielb95 it wasn't an attitude I was trying to help you I have a very successful closet and have been on posh a very long time next time I won't help but you don't even have the same item so I feel people would be annoyed
kenzielb95then I apologize again because that's how it came off to me and I was kind of offended:/ definitely won't ask again, tho. I usually follow posh rules to a T, honestly. but thank you for being polite, sorry I took it the wrong way:)
sbutterfield@ashleedawn I just picked up the blazer from my leasing office! I love it and it fits perfectly! Thanks again! Work was crazy today, and I just got home, so I won't be making it to the meetup tonight 😥I'm in Sunnyvale, and getting to the city will take like 2 hours. Please remember me for the next one! How often do you do them? Have a great evening!!! ❤❤
ashleedawn@sbutterfield I'm so glad you love it & happy it found a new home 😊 Major bummer you weren't able to join us tonight, but we'll be having more meet ups coming up & you'll definitely be invited to the next one! ❤
sarahramsdell@ckustura k I mailed this bundle, but won't be able to get to the other one until Monday... As I took everything with me when I was leaving for a wedding out of state. If you'd prefer for me to cancel the other bundle - let me know.... Or I can mail off just the sweatshirt and skirt... And give you a credit for the boots... Does that work?
ckusturaJust mail what you got and what is easier for you. We can deal with the boots and other shoes on Monday when u get back
kmd72@iheartsf just wondering if you sent the burgundy sweater..
iheartsf@kmd72 I shipped it last week! Have you not yet received it?
roxyjane@asmiths ~ Thanks so much for the 5.00 off! I appreciate it and will def. come back to your closet! ❤❤
sierraauldSo freaking cute. Too bad it's sold :(
houseofmarchWho's the designer btw?
houseofmarchBought it! Was too pretty to pass up! Thank You! 🌹😇❤
josephineloves@rechelle122729 thanks for the purchase! i will ship it out asap tomorrow morning :)
rechelle122729Great thanks, I couldn't pass it up I'm addicted to animal print been looking for a cream colored one and with that price it would've went in no time ☺
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