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Joanna's Closet


cindylove1993 Hi doll I saw that you were looking at my friends mk hamilton tote I have this one in the darker shade :) I can do 125 if you really want it :) @joannalord
lidiasanchezott@joannalord do you still have this dress?! Can you model!?
walkinginmemWaist measurement?
debbbGood afternoon please check out my closet and share:)! Good luck with your business at poshmark xoxo😄😘
nominNo prob.thank you
nomini just received it they are beautiful and thank you for the skirts too thank you
sheps27Cool. If you make the bundle ill buy it. Thanks.
joannalord@sheps27 hey! I just changed this to 30 and bundled the other into this. Ill ship in one box so you only pay shipping once:)
iangulo922Listen I am very sorry but that bag is not available you need to have poshmark give you your money back @joannalord
joannalord@iangulo922 oh bummer! the Poshmark team wrote me and said you actually have to go in and cancel the order for my money to get released back to me. Can you do that asap?! I'm going to go find the bag :) thanks!
hollyleahyOk thx! I just added a few more things too :)
nominCan you keep me updated on when you ship the please ?
bellavnVery cute pair of shoes! Thanks alot. Glad to do business with you.
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