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All About Boots Party

socalstyle@steponmeeeee ^^^^^^ AHHHH!!! Sorry babydoll... I meant that for YOU! Not paying attention to what I'm doing!!! 😳Lol..
steponmeeeee@socalstyle okay thank you hun!! :) :)
babygirl111100@delrosario1328 I got them yest thank u so much marked as received
delrosario1328@babygirl111100 So glad you got them! I hope you like them, they are great!!
angelarelotawould you do 60?
phil7566What do you want for then
cmonkiewicz0315I just received the boots, I love them, they for just right! Thank you :)
petite_shopgirl@cmonkiewicz0315 yay!! So glad they fit and u love!! Enjoy them!!
justineoronaWould you be able to lower price
steponmeeeee@justineorona sorry I'm firm on the price unless you bundle :)
lanab1976You are great! They fit perfect thanks for he quick delivery!!
steponmeeeee@lanab1976 no problem hun! I'm so glad they fit you perfectly!! :)
julpugliese@mikahscloset I'm new on Posh. I just moved and I have shoes and handbags in boxes in storage. But between work and my son it's taking me a while to get them out. I do have a lot I have a little bit of a shopping addiction. I'll let u know. Promise.
aubreymoore@mikahscloset any chance you have any ash boots that would fit size 8?
strawbs0607Ughhhh I wish I wore you size!!! In everything!!! Lol
tdavis1979My fav color but not my size :-(
josepantherDid you receive the shoes if you did can you release payment thru paypal
ladyfunezSorry but the girl Ashley bella is using my picture of the breds don't want someone to get bamboozled with my picture
mariahjoxoyes, but just anything that's vs pink?
lynnjenkinsCan you go any lower than this? Thanks
petite_shopgirl@lynnjenkins yes via direct payment thru PayPal. $110 including shipping. Let me know if interested thx!!
marinab7@lanedll yay great I'm glad thy fit. Enjoy dear :)
marinab7@lanedll hi hunny. If you have time can you please drop a quick feedback on my feedback listing. Ty :)
cidgie57If for some reason the sale doesn't go through with the previous buyer let me know. I would like to buy them if the previous buyer changes their mind
pardave72@cidgie57 ok girly ill let u know
mikahscloset@tabatha5410 shipping out ASAP 😉
mikahscloset@tabatha5410 hey there, just checking in to make sure you received this😊
intoshoesBut nothing like a good buy to cheer me up 😝
kwistenm@intoshoes oh no worries! Happy to hear you like everything 😊. And I agree, buying new things always makes me feel better!!! Hope you are all better soon! Thanks again! 😘
toimellott@khey do u have the turquoise and coral ones in a 9? How much to bundle both pair?
toimellott@khey sorry just ur post about available size and color. Will you get these in again?
southerncharmThank you sooo much!!
leahlwatson@southerncharm sorry I haven't shipped them. I got the flu and have been out for a few days. They will ship tomorrow.
thefashiondivaOk , I'm loosing my mind, 😨 this is what I was referring to as a pink purse. My bad, I meant ankle boots.
mikahscloset@thefashiondiva lol, ok no prob. I'll tally up again
krifaYeeeey ! I can t wait :) I like your stuff I ll be following you girl hahahaha ;) thanks again
klee323@krifa : thanks for following and making your first purchase with me (: let me know if you need help with anything (:
messyxjessi26@brightleaf thanks! Could you go into your account/purchases and press received please? :)
brightleafI pressed received on Saturday. So I went ahead and sent message to Poshmark to let them know about the issue.
elektrobopI cry. I'm looking for boots like Miss Jupiter in the Watchmen. This is a partial pic http://jeffreydeanmorganunlimited.com/wp-content/gallery/wbparamount-promotional-pictures/jeffrey_dean_morgan_the_comedian_early_sally_jupiter.jpg
vallchick79@elektrobop I can't open that link. Can you send it to my email ? vallchick @ aol
alwaysposhin@buttercup777 you have a lot of nice things I'm not really buying right now though ill share :)
buttercup777Thank u😃
sweetduchess10@taniquel123 thank you so much. I'll pack it and ship it when I get back into town on friday. I will send you the tracking number as soon as its in the mail.
sweetduchess10Hi @taniquel23 The post office was closed by the time I got there. I'll make sure to get it out Monday.
yhcardio1261I Am a size 7 if you have any more shoes keep me posted :-)!!!!!
yola77@yhcardio1261 I have more i just need time to post them but yes I tag you
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