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*randi's Closet


onyxandorchid🌃Congrats on your Street Style host pick!!!🌃 -Sydney💋
sayiraLovely closet! Too bad we're not the same shoe size, bummer! HAPPY POSHING 😘
vivishiuhWill this fit xs/0?
randilyn@vivishiuh hi there, I'm an XS/0 and it fits me! ☺️ I'm just very petite (4'11) so the fit is a little off.
maureen888Super huge congrats on your office style party host pick!! 💅💄💻📞
ajceraso✨congrats✨ on your✏️✂️📌📎📖📚 office 👠️style ✏️✂️📌📎🍴📚
disa498@randilyn Hi Randi!! I've got my eye on these 😉
randilyn@disa498 yayyy! Well, I just reduced by another $5 yesterday. I need the room so I would love to sell these soon! 🙊🙈
nljorda1Looooooove the red!!!!! (Although you know that) haha. Wish it were my size. Keeping in likes until I can buy it for an xs friend. Xoxox
randilyn@nljorda1 aw, thanks!! It's a great deep red which really goes with SO much. Don't even want to sell, but I have too many jackets/blazers than I could ever wear! 🙈🙊
randilyn@fancypantsmcgee thanks!! I am too, only selling cause I have a verryyy very similar pair in white. 🙈🙊
robynstank❤️Great closet
reinlCongrats on your City Style HP!! ♥ (¯`v´¯) .`•.¸.•´ ★ ¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨) (¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•¨¯`* ♥ ★
randilyn@jelainley hihiiii stranger! Just wanted to let you know that I reduced these a good amount. Perfect for the holiday! ☺️
amakk92Can u do this for 80 if I buy right now?
randilyn@amakk92 Sorry, this is my absolute lowest. Otherwise, I don't mind keeping this beauty! ☺
randilyn@mikadmorris completely understand! These are pretty much right-on with the description. They're technically a straight-leg but are very slim throughout and slim enough to easily tuck into boots.
randilyn@cprecie just saw your cancelled offers! Sorry, but the best I can do is reduce by $5. I'm selling for a friend and they paid full retail.
mikadmorrisOh ok that's a good idea
erdehaus@randilyn Cute closet! So glad to have found another posher with the same size :)
maira2190🎉Wooo!👏👏👏 CONGRATS on your Fabulous 💃SLEEK AND SIMPLE HOST PICK💃 I Love it💕💕
proverbs_31Congrats on your "Sleek & Simple" Host Pick! 💜🎉🙌💐 I'm sharing it to my followers - this needs to be shown off! 😘
meshelldsports@randilyn I'm going to hold off a few days. But I'll let ya know. Thsnks!
randilyn@meshelldsports okay, no problem! Figured if offer since it's the last day of the closet clear out aka reduced shipping offer.
yesac210Luv this...
randilyn@yesac210 Thanks! It's a great dress. 😍 I've also reduced the price from $125.
lcervellon1@randilyn hey are you selling the black top? Love it
randilyn@lcervellon1 sorry, it's not for sale. Just an inexpensive thin sweatshirt from f21 also.
randilyn@emsfashionside I'm sorry but I don't trade and am only looking to sell these. Thanks!
randilyn@frogger1106 thanks much for your purchase!! Pending the weather, I'll have these shipped out tomorrow for ya. Xoxo
liz2003Can you measure the width, please?thanks
randilyn@liz2003 hi there! The waist is 14-14.5" and the length is 17". Hope that helps!
jaimerstoneWhat a perfect item for the TOUGH GIRL Party!! CONGRATS ON A WELL DESERVED HOST PICK!!! 🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁
maureen888Pow! 👊 Boom! 💥 Congrats on your Tough Girl Party Host Pick! 🎉🎉🎈🎊
randilyn@fancycashwell hi there, sorry for the delay! They're 4.5 in with a .5 in platform. They're very comfortable even with the height! ☺️
canmeiI have the same one on, I love it soooo much, it is stretchy and comfortable material.
randilyn@ir3ni3333 hi there! Thanks for your offer but I'm selling these for a friend that paid full retail and don't have any wiggle room besides my counter. I hope you still decide to purchase, as they're extremely comfy yet chic! Xo
tlc0226Do you trade? I have a brown Ferragamo I want to sell.
randilyn@tlc0226 sorry, I don't trade. Also only selling as I primarily use black bags, otherwise I'd keep as it's a beauty!
simplypure@randilyn Thank you! I think it'll be a bit too big on me. Thank you for your time though. Enjoy your time with your family :)
randilyn@simplypure no problem and thanks! 😘
greenshirtgirlTrue to size for paige? Could you measure the waist for me when they are lying flat? :) thank you!
randilyn@greenshirtgirl these are definitely a true 24. I can get you the waist measurement tomorrow! xo
torysfindsDo you take offers?
randilyn@torysfinds I do on most items, but this is my lowest for this beauty. Thanks!
randilyn@cdfielding these are great for work & casual - look great with wedges!
jsommers17Wish these were my size!!!
randilyn@sarahfiggg thanks for your likes! just to let you know, I offer a 10% discount on bundles. ☺
randilyn@ashleyclark1111 thanks for all the love!
ginabj@randilyn Hi there💐 I wear a 5.5 and I know designers have there own differences in size so I ask since I see you wear a 5 and a six is to big which way would these fit? ☺️😉🌹
randilyn@ginabj hi there! yes, I believe they would fit a 5.5. they're not terribly big on me, maybe a half a size or a little more.
randilyn@methodclothe hihi! I saw your comment on my IG photos of the jcrew tees. wanted to let you know I just saw the "hello" and "merci" in store on sale + 50% off! 😍
methodclothe@randilyn unfortunately I don't have a store near me. It's almost 2hrs away. But that's an awesome deal!
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