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mrwwadNo thanks, but I have been searching everywhere for that bag! Know of another one or where I can find it??
dandelionbay@mrwwad I don't really know for now. It was purchased at Nordstrom 😉
primandproper@shawzee23 hi if you are purchasing today.
primandproper@msbarbie75 girl get on here and make some money!! U have a closet full of clothes that u don't wear!!
sweetdoll22Hi! I absolutely L-♥-V-E this!!!! Is this still on reserve, or has it been sold??? I have been eyeing it for awhile now & was just curious? If it has, no biggie. I just didn't want to keep checking on it if there was no reason to. You have such FABULOUS taste!! Sorry to bother you. Thank you in advance for your help, have a great weekend, & take care! 😍
bombona@sweetdoll22 hi!!!! Thank you sooooo much for liking this dress unfortunately it was sold. I am sorry that I didn't change the status of it. If I come across a similar dress I promise I will tag you. Have a wonderful weekend !!!!!! :D
primandproper@ashleyekelley OMGSH I am so sorry I didn't realize that my phone changed ship to that! But anywhoo I shipped your dress this morning! 😊
ashleyekelleyHaha! Oh my gosh, I didn't even realize it said that! No worries at ALL! And thank you so so much! Xoxo
kt_cramer@anniepati1212 how did the bag travel? Do you love?
anniepati1212I do!!! It popped right back into shape, using it this weekend to travel home! Thanks a bunch
kt_crameris that gmail? @beachbum778
beachbum778It's ymail.com it's a new version that yahoo rolled out I guess.
petitelady@bellarita I need the shipping label from PM but will send the same day that I receive it.
petitelady@bellarita still interested?
lilacrose@miranda_overly sorry I don't use Paypal. I could lower the price for you to save you on some shipping fees or you could bundle with other items in my closet. LMK!
jennleach@lilacrose thank you for the share! Let me know if you have any questions :)
katjo@shanas_closet Thank you for asking but I don't trade.
katjo@tommish Thank you for purchasing from my closet. This is so cute, you're going to love it! I will box it up and ship it today.📦📬👍😃
kelseygross@porcelainjasmin hey girl, i just dropped your packages off at the post office! thanks again c: hope you enjoy!
porcelainjasmin@kelseygross Thanks dude :] can't wait!
lardito26Can you do this and the other tribal Crop for $25?
kelseygross@lardito26 can we meet in the middle and do 27?
potytta@sfanthrolover could you please tell me the material? Thank you! 👍💕👯
abschererWould you take 50? I'll buy now.
jhaskell@kellieshannon thanks so much my love!!!! 😘😘😘😘
kellieshannonBut of course!!! Hope you are well, you've been quiet :) Take care of you xoxo
krissylove13@todd2010 just shipped it. Lol just left the post office! Perfect !
krissylove13@todd2010 you got it already? That was super fast! Lol
formyangelHey doll i wanna buy your blowfish boots can u reply back
megpiI'm so excited about my purchases! Both fit perfectly and are adorable!! Come on warm weather :)!!!
megpiThank you!
blacklacelashesYeah ill take em. $37 shipped trough PayPal right? My email is Emily@a2zfx.com
classychicresal@blacklacelashes Yes! ok Great! Invoicing now! Ill upload tracking info through Paypal! Thanks!
kt_cramer@peetzijen haha yay!! Ill pack up & ship out tmwr! :)
peetzijenYay!! Thanks for your help!
jeannewelsh@hibaa : interested in trading for anything in my closet?! Let me know, this shirt is very cute!
hibaaThanks but I didn't see anything that I need at this time but ill keep checking :)
amandat0711I have a bigger bottom so I'm just wondering if this flares out like an a-line dress or does it hug all the way down?
laurenwaltersGreat!! Im glad you like it :). @tabatha1267
laurenwalters@jcooks here's one pic of the boots on! :) Ill be happy to post some more though.
alamode@tranation Thank you. I'll ship them out tomorrow.
alamode@jaspar21 Hi, I'm using emoji characters for those red bullets. You can down load the app.
kt_cramer@cathcc yep! I updated that to sold
cathccThanks perfect I've had my eye in this for a long time lol
nursegurl25So just a question... How does the money part of this work? Cuz on my card statement it's still showing a pending...
kt_cramer@nursegurl25 it will probably go through now, it may have been waiting for you to say you received the package.... But I'm not too sure, maybe email PM
katiemay1013I'm so sorry I fell asleep! I'm fighting a bug. Have you already left???
kt_cramer@katiemay1013 price & title is updated
hershey@pitman2316 aaww! I'm glad you like it! Thanks Kim! ❤
team1995@daanyz This is exactly like my wallet!
tonyajoy@stylergirl Yeah! Thanks! 😊
tonyajoy@stylergirl Thank you!! 😍😍I love it! Thanks for the nice card too! Beautiful wrapping!! ☀❤🌸
kt_cramer@galen0531 hey! Did a major price drop if you're still interested! 💗
kat_kennedyAwesome awesome closet!!! 👍👍
mischyThank you! Can't wait
kt_cramer@mischy of course! just dropped it in the mail :)
kt_cramer@tcspeakeasy i can only do 2 day holds (have had problems) so just check in with me then :) and who knows I will probably have lots more in my closet by then lol
tcspeakeasySounds good
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