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Pretty & Fun Party

ginamac@susanyhyang Yes my love. It arrived yesterday. It is beautiful... 💜💜. Thank you do much. Sorry I didn't write yesterday... I worked then went bowling and fell asleep.😴😴😴 but its purrfect 😘😘😘
pristinela@susanyhyang im glad you like it!! thank you again for the purchase :)
jenniferkremisI got these today. Omg I love these. They are so fun! I can't wait to find a reason to wear them. Thank you for listing them at such a great place so I could buy them
fashionoutlier@jenniferkremis I'm glad you like them! 😊
merfy31@tortiz I am do sorry that you have not received your jeans back yet. I finally heard from posh and they are sending me a label to return. I guess they sent me a label a few weeks back but I didn't get it. Will get these back to you today.
tortiz@merfy31 ok sounds good
gggina169@onebouzin Ok. It figures. They are great, but I wear size 8. Your closet is amazing!! And thanks for sharing mine! Will return the favor.
onebouzin@gggina169 aww sorry love.. If I find one size 8 I will let u know.. Thx
pookiebeau@alisanesbit Hi👋Looks like you got your package! That was super fast, so I wanted to make sure it was right! Lmk!
alisanesbitLove it! Thanks
brittanyroyal@rosiekisses ah! Thanks so much girl! ❤️
rosiekisses@brittanyroyal I can't seem to find it at the moment but I'll keep an eye out for you 💕 I saw it the day I purchased this sweater so it could still be out there! And it was a small I'm pretty sure.
dreamer2801You should see what UPS did to the box! Thankfully nothing was damaged !
brittanyroyal@dreamer2801 oh no! I'm so sorry about that. I hate when that happens. 😞 Glad everything came in one piece.
collette_kama@brittanyroyal hi! Sorry for the late response. I absolutely love the tank! But sadly, it's too small for me:( I'll find a way to make it work. Thanks again! Lmk if you see anything from my closet & I can give you a better deal than my listed price;)
brittanyroyal@collette_kama If you have a minute, would you mind leaving a comment on my feedback page? I'd really appreciate it. 💋💕
alc2596@brittanyroyal received! Thank you!!!
brittanyroyal@alc2596 you're welcome hun, thanks for shopping my closet! 😄 I hope you love it. If you have a minute, would you mind leaving a comment on my feedback page? I'd really appreciate it! 💕💋
brittanyroyal@luciarosa954 okay, I'm sure it will be there tomorrow. 😊 Thanks for responding. ❤
brittanyroyal@luciarosa954 receive them today? 😊
shopjackieoGreat idea!!
erikameWhen you're ready to get rid of your Wildfox happiness is expensive tee, please let me know😊
brittanyroyal@caitliz99 Thanks for the like! ❤ Let me know if you're interested or have any questions. 😊
brittanyroyal@cemerrill2014 Thanks for the like! ❤ Let me know if you're interested or have any questions. 😊
gigirzI got the package today, very satisfied thank u 👍
brittanyroyal@gigirz no, thank you hun! 😄 I'm glad you like them, enjoy. 💋💕
brittanyroyal@tinkerbell94 thanks for your purchase hun! ❤ I'll ship it tomorrow. 😊
tinkerbell94Welcome! :) can't wait lol
dennisemHave you sent this?
brittanyroyal@dennisem yes, I sent it 5 days ago. I don't know why posh keeps telling me to send it.
atouchofpeace@kimstclair the price has been changed for you. Thanks girl :)
kimstclairIf anyone still wants it I'm willing to give it, it was too big for me
monicaxlynnI just got this today and it's perfect! I can't wait to give it to her! Thanks again!!!😄
atouchofpeace@monicaxlynn Yay! I'm so glad you are happy with it! Sorry it did not get to you as soon as you were hoping, but a present is better late than never right lol? :P Thanks again girl!
atouchofpeace@tinagrace Thanks for your likes! I have another one of these available if your interested, also I do 10% off bundles :)
sexymomofadogThank you SO much! It is perfect!!! I can wit to wear it to my performance :)))) thank you thank you!!
atouchofpeace@sexymomofadog Yay!!! I'm so happy that you love it! I know you will look fabulous in it 😃 Thanks again girl!
atouchofpeace@jojo877 Thanks for your likes! If you are ever interested in a 10% off bundle just let me know :)
atouchofpeace@fearandloki thanks for liking :) interested?
atouchofpeace@isonmommy Thanks so much! I really appreciate it <3 I can ship this out first thing tomorrow for you. I was also holding the Ed hardy shirt for you but I will just go ahead and throw it in for free :D
isonmommyOops!!! Thank you!!!
pammiemillI want both silver and bronze earrings
atouchofpeace@pammiemill hey Hun, just noticed you purchased these. Thanks so much! Which silver earrings were you talking about? If you could just "like" them I can give you a discount on them :)
avenuebeThanks! We finally got to post office been sick, ADORE the purse!!!!! Perfect condition love love love!
atouchofpeace@avenuebe wonderful! I am so glad you loved it! Thanks again for your purchase and for the feedback! Hope you have a fabulous weekend :)
atouchofpeace@meeshacat Thanks for your likes <3 Would you be interested in a 10% off bundle?
atouchofpeace@lalaturtles Thanks for your likes :) Would you be interested in a 10% off bundle?
kimmasimmaWould you take $8 for the ring?
pristinela@kimmasimma no sorry I already reduced this, and poshmark takes 20% :/
pristinela@vici_luvi thats good for you. these aren't from forever21.
pristinela@caroljohnson thank you for the purchase! Will ship out Monday!
ashleyredddd75Lol nbs the mail man jus came to the door with them thk you I love them!
veronicadoll@ashleyredddd75 no prob !! I have other spike earrings !! Buy 5,get 2 free !! Let me know ! I'm marking alot down to one dollar !!
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