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Pretty & Fun Party


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susanyhyang@maurya92 hi let me know if youre interested! :)
susanyhyang@treedweller101 hi let me know if youre interested!
ginamac@susanyhyang Yes my love. It arrived yesterday. It is beautiful... 💜💜. Thank you do much. Sorry I didn't write yesterday... I worked then went bowling and fell asleep.😴😴😴 but its purrfect 😘😘😘
susanyhyang@susanyhyang im glad you like it!! thank you again for the purchase :)
jenniferkremisI got these today. Omg I love these. They are so fun! I can't wait to find a reason to wear them. Thank you for listing them at such a great place so I could buy them
fashionoutlier@jenniferkremis I'm glad you like them! 😊
merfy31@tortiz I am do sorry that you have not received your jeans back yet. I finally heard from posh and they are sending me a label to return. I guess they sent me a label a few weeks back but I didn't get it. Will get these back to you today.
tortiz@merfy31 ok sounds good
pookiebeau@alisanesbit Hi👋Looks like you got your package! That was super fast, so I wanted to make sure it was right! Lmk!
alisanesbitLove it! Thanks
meg23I have several small medium tops. Happy shopping! 😉
jillianbothwelli have unif, nasty gal, and jc <3
brittanyroyalThanks for the like @lisatrippi. 😊💞 Are you interested in this gorgeous scarf? Feel free to ask questions! 😘
brittanyroyal@j_anne thanks for the likes doll. ❤ Let me know if you'd be interested in a bundle, both items you picked are included in my flash sale right now! 😘
collette_kama@brittanyroyal hi! Sorry for the late response. I absolutely love the tank! But sadly, it's too small for me:( I'll find a way to make it work. Thanks again! Lmk if you see anything from my closet & I can give you a better deal than my listed price;)
brittanyroyal@collette_kama If you have a minute, would you mind leaving a comment on my feedback page? I'd really appreciate it. 💋💕
alc2596@brittanyroyal received! Thank you!!!
brittanyroyal@alc2596 you're welcome hun, thanks for shopping my closet! 😄 I hope you love it. If you have a minute, would you mind leaving a comment on my feedback page? I'd really appreciate it! 💕💋
brittanyroyal@luciarosa954 okay, I'm sure it will be there tomorrow. 😊 Thanks for responding. ❤
brittanyroyal@luciarosa954 receive them today? 😊
brittanyroyal@caitliz99 Thanks for the like! ❤ Let me know if you're interested or have any questions. 😊
brittanyroyal@cemerrill2014 Thanks for the like! ❤ Let me know if you're interested or have any questions. 😊
gigirzI got the package today, very satisfied thank u 👍
brittanyroyal@gigirz no, thank you hun! 😄 I'm glad you like them, enjoy. 💋💕
oceanjewelersFor a limited time everything in my closet is buy one, get one 50% off. I hope you get a chance to browse and find something you like. I took a look around your closet and really like all the work you put into it! Great Job!'
brittanyroyal💥Flash sale ladies!💥 Moving from Alaska to Oregon on the 9th, sale lasts until the 7th. Will not go back down to these prices if things don't go before the move. Everything must go! @mosha @adrisheldon @allybueno @munches @ms_angelstar @cailyn_jade @greciaj_ @thesnowwhite @jereny @flacalinda31 @thatkelsiegirl @princesa219 @leajenova @ljg0413 @macyface @mdg991 @michelle1617 @norachamz @maria2 @xanywherex @jewel_s @1sarah @mikesher001 @tarynn69 @mstiffany04 @vrhm_9911 @tynjarlos
brittanyroyal@tinkerbell94 thanks for your purchase hun! ❤ I'll ship it tomorrow. 😊
tinkerbell94Welcome! :) can't wait lol
dennisemHave you sent this?
brittanyroyal@dennisem yes, I sent it 5 days ago. I don't know why posh keeps telling me to send it.
atouchofpeace@kimstclair the price has been changed for you. Thanks girl :)
kimstclairIf anyone still wants it I'm willing to give it, it was too big for me
monicaxlynnI just got this today and it's perfect! I can't wait to give it to her! Thanks again!!!😄
atouchofpeace@monicaxlynn Yay! I'm so glad you are happy with it! Sorry it did not get to you as soon as you were hoping, but a present is better late than never right lol? :P Thanks again girl!
atouchofpeace@tinagrace Thanks for your likes! I have another one of these available if your interested, also I do 10% off bundles :)
sexymomofadogThank you SO much! It is perfect!!! I can wit to wear it to my performance :)))) thank you thank you!!
atouchofpeace@sexymomofadog Yay!!! I'm so happy that you love it! I know you will look fabulous in it 😃 Thanks again girl!
atouchofpeace@1promise Aww, well I hope you get better soon! I couldn't live without my heels lol
1promiseThank you hun. 🌸💐
atouchofpeace@jojo877 Thanks for your likes! If you are ever interested in a 10% off bundle just let me know :)
atouchofpeace@fearandloki thanks for liking :) interested?
atouchofpeace@isonmommy Thanks so much! I really appreciate it <3 I can ship this out first thing tomorrow for you. I was also holding the Ed hardy shirt for you but I will just go ahead and throw it in for free :D
isonmommyOops!!! Thank you!!!
pammiemillI want both silver and bronze earrings
atouchofpeace@pammiemill hey Hun, just noticed you purchased these. Thanks so much! Which silver earrings were you talking about? If you could just "like" them I can give you a discount on them :)
avenuebeThanks! We finally got to post office been sick, ADORE the purse!!!!! Perfect condition love love love!
atouchofpeace@avenuebe wonderful! I am so glad you loved it! Thanks again for your purchase and for the feedback! Hope you have a fabulous weekend :)
atouchofpeace@meeshacat Thanks for your likes <3 Would you be interested in a 10% off bundle?
atouchofpeace@lalaturtles Thanks for your likes :) Would you be interested in a 10% off bundle?
atouchofpeace@redjenn Thanks for liking :) Interested?
atouchofpeace@aming Thanks for all of your shares! I have returned the favor to you :D
susanyhyang@fabulaos sure i can do that. yes id say theyre true to size. i'm usually a 6-6.5 in flats and they were too big for me, so i think theyre a true 7. but please be aware that one of the straps came off :]
fabulaos@susanyhyang yes I read it, no worries! I'm usually a 7-7.5 hopefully they fit. Could you tag me with the bundles please? and I'll purchase them now 😊 thank you!
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