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Bootie-liscious Party

bella27I do apologies. I got stuck in Kansas City and I didn't have my phone charger. Others on here know me and know i go to Kansas City to meet my mom half cause thats where her cancer doctor and i thought i had packed everything. I live 3 hours from Kansas City. So sorry but I filled my request! My fault and I can take the blame I'm a big girl. Can't wait to have them. Please don't let me hurt others reserving.
talistore@bella27 no worries. I worked a few night shifts this week and I haven't been in the most cheery moods of late :/
lmwest❤PERFECT! Thank you!👍
rbravo8@lmwest 😄🎉👍👍👍👍YAAAAY!! You're most welcome👏
bluecharlotte@jsalvador Thanks for the purchase! These will ship tomorrow.
krispyle6974❤OMG can u model these or have someone please!!! These are soo hot!! ❤😻💕
mikahscloset@mrscarpediem oh yay! ☺ glad you will be able to enjoy them! They are beautiful, I'm just a little too short to pull them off just right 😔 Check back for more shoes and boots, as we are the same size! 😉 oxo
valenLuv these wish they were 8 1/2:(
maidmarian@bluecharlotte Hey Laura! Thanks for the goodies, package arrived today, haven't tried the boots on yet but they look great! Made my first Posh experience a good one💃
bluecharlotte@maidmarian I'm so glad you are happy with everything. Have fun!
nourhan@bluecharlotte what size ar you!!!?? im a true size 6.5!!!
bluecharlotte@nourhan I am a size 10. Didn't buy these for myself. They are size 6.5.
yleach442My son's size!!!!! Umbelivable.
kimsikorskiWhat's the style number on these? It should be on the interior size tag. Thanks :)
mikahscloset@donnatucker7768 😊 I will ship this out first thing Monday morning when I get home. I'll tag you when it's on its way 😉 have a good weekend
mikahscloset@donnatucker7768 it's all packed up and ready to go, just waiting on another shipping label as its a little over the 3lb limit of the label poshmark sent me already. No worries as i believe they deduct it from my balance, so you should be good. I contacted poshmark and they should have it to me soon.. then it's on it's way ☺ sorry about that
tee4dolanYES- LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! Sorry new to site, didnt know I had to accept order....oops. Here's off to more happy shopping
bluecharlotte@tee4dolan I'm so glad you like them! You have to go into your purchases and "accept" an item for the $$ to be transferred to the seller. If you could do that it would be great. Thanks!
meleThat'll be Awesome Sweetie & Thank U for Bein so Kind :-) I'll let you kno, hmmm maybe if I pout I'll get money from the Hunny?? Lol :-)
meleWHOEVER BOUGHT THIS WHEN SOMETHING SAYS RESERVE U SHOULD AT LEAST CONTACT THE SELLER n CHECK ON THE STATUS OF ORDER CUS I FIND THIS RUDE AFTER I STRUCK UP A DEAL WIT THE SELLER!! I HAVE MET AWESOME PPL HERE ON PM BUT THIS IS A FIRST FOR ME!!! SORRY @makenzie13 I'm not blaming you it's jus that some ppl can do this....smh....hope I don't see it in her closet wit a jacked up price?? Sorry jus had to vent.....
bluecharlotte@kimberanne I would say the number one thing to get sales is to have good pics. I would retake most of yours with the clothes on a hanger against a light neutral background (like a white door). This helps them stand out more and helps people see more of the details. A lot of your pics look a little blurry, which will make most people move on when browsing. I would also suggest including accurate measurements in your descriptions so it is easy for buyers to tell if something will fit. I would make sure to take pics of boots, purses, etc. with light backgrounds too. One of the best ways to get the ball rolling is to search for items in your size like in the "tops" section and follow sellers who are selling your size. They likely are that size and at least some of them will check out your closet and start sharing your items. Sharing other people's items can also help get traffic and is a nice way to help out other sellers at the same time. I do have facebook, but I don't use it that much and really reserve it for close friends and family. I hope you can understand! Let me know if you need anymore advice or help!
kimberanneThanks for the advice will definatly re do all pics .... Again thanks so much
bettyeon8thSays @joanneva still put them up. Someone will buy them. They are classic now. So try your luck u never know.
joannevaI don't have current photo to put up in my closet. I'll see if I can get one sent to me to post. Mine are not "authentic " or real suede, but they look the same! I have a pair or regular heels like them as well. Those I will post!
joceymawesome pair are you flexible with price?
bettyeon8thSays @joceym email me to discuss further. Bettyeon8th@gmail.com
khey@tresie1979 we'll create another listing with your size =)
aryan28What's the least u will take size 8?
frizzylizyYes I am! Can you email me though I have a couple of questions? Brps777@yahoo.com thank you!!!
nikkie0822@jarugen so sorry, but these sold in a bundle. They are marked sold in the description.
scanon@rojo62 I have shipment going out tomorrow so I will add you to it :)
rojo62@scanon thanks have a great night!!'
madelinedenisexDon't worry I understand my job is the same way . Take your time .
blu_danish@madelinedenisex hi. I tracked the package and it said that delivery attempt made and notice was left for pick up at post office.
wishko@ladybugger1965 I thought ur going to pay extra $5 for the overweight shipping? I think I'm the one who have to request an extra weight postage and they will take it out from my earning balance.
ladybugger1965@wishko The boots were 25 and the white purse is 10 that's 35 and my bag is 40 so the extra 5.00 there is what will cover the 5 extra for shipping if I pay an extra 5 dollars I will be losing 10 on the bag ? The bag is worth well more than that! sorry for the misunderstanding let me know if you would like to still go ahead with the Trade😍Ty Cheryl💐
wishko@dolphincool16 I have a wide feet and it fits perfectly..
wishko@dolphincool16 sorry hun.. I can't accept your $20 offer coz this is brand new never worn and plus poshmark takes 20% off. The lowest would be 30.
leigh_anna@omits I forgot to send you the tracking #! I hope you received your items or will shortly:)
omits@leigh_anna thanks for following up. I haven't received it yet. But i will let u know once i do. 😊
teawv@debbiehall Thanks for the like. Let me know if you are interested. Bundle for savings.
teawv@elenahaller Thanks for the like. PP or bundle to save. Let me know if you're interested in purchasing.
desiryeeeI just got back from a trip but yes I received these! Thank you so much, they are perfect :)
tshep@desiryeee ok great! I just wanted to make sure you got them! 😄
katie513I want These do u have a phone I can text u
sfii@katie513 I'm not comfortable giving my phone but you can email me, slc82092@gmail.com :)
khmaimodel@liyka thank you, I will let you know when I ship it out.
liykaOk can't wait(:
khmaimodel@awpotts9 interested? I can lower
khmaimodel@coolcucumber thank you so much for purchasing!!! I'll be shipping tomorrow!
meg830@ericaclark33 yea unfortunately some people are dishonest and collect the money an never ship the item. I have used PayPal in the past and buyers have left feedback showing I did not do that but I see why your uneasy about using it. The lowest I would be able to go on here is $125 cause ill only end up getting $100 after posh fees and they are brand new, with a retail value close to $400.
meg830@ericaclark33 if your still interested I can do $115. I'm never going to fit in them cause they are too big so I'm just trying to get rid of them.
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