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Winter Essentials Party

twenty47sugar@itsmyyappy okay sounds good I want you to fully happy with your purchases from my closet!
itsmyyappyOk thanks
allisongirllLove these just bought them! Thank you so much!
kjpark3@allisongirll good news. Found the original box and dust bag! Will ship tomorrow. Thanks!
minty@krowe51 Thanks for your purchase, I will ship out on the day after jan 1, since post office is close jan 1. Happy new years!
minty@krowe51 Hi! Due to unforeseen circumstances I am unable to go to the post office today, I will try to drop this off tomorrow Jan. 3rd! I apologize for the inconvenience! The item is packaged and ready to go though, thank you for your patience!
cvz15@bluecharlotte : Just a quick note to let you know I received my order today. 📦 Everything was in perfect condition! ✨ Thank you! 😊 Have a very Happy Holiday! 🎁🌟🎄❄💃⛄
bluecharlotte@cvz15 Great! Happy holidays!
steponmeeeee@emilyklein Hi Emily! Thank you for your purchase! I will let you know as soon as I ship this item 😊
steponmeeeee@emilyklein the item has been dropped off at the post office. I hope it gets to you soon!
ericalynn125Could you bundle this, the silver cuff bracelet and the orange dress for a lower price? Ill buy now :)
hrd@ericalynn125 it's up! Threw in the bracelet for free :)
leftcoastgoodsI'm interested, just waiting till payday.
claireswann95@leftcoastgoods Sounds good! Please let me know if I can do anything for you (:
bstrength@esalajean I also LOOOVE the beige juicy bag. I can't really afford it right now tho. I have a few things on hold for me til tomorrow. I fell in love with these shoes tho!! Thanks so much!!! 😘❤❤
esalajean@bstrength np I'll ship them out tomorrow :) if and when ur interested in the bag just LMk im trying toget rid of this so ill take watever fits ur budget 😊
bella27I do apologies. I got stuck in Kansas City and I didn't have my phone charger. Others on here know me and know i go to Kansas City to meet my mom half cause thats where her cancer doctor and i thought i had packed everything. I live 3 hours from Kansas City. So sorry but I filled my request! My fault and I can take the blame I'm a big girl. Can't wait to have them. Please don't let me hurt others reserving.
talistore@bella27 no worries. I worked a few night shifts this week and I haven't been in the most cheery moods of late :/
jbrown13@candibobst1 Hey girl! Just added some new costume jewelry to my page. :-)
candibobst1@jbrown13 Hey chickadee! Sorry it took me until now to reply (Superbowl busy Sunday lol....YEAAAA RAVENS HAHA). Your such a sweetheart! Thanks so much for letting me know 😃👍. Going to check the goodies out now 😊. Thanks again girl! ❤😉
tlksDoes the case protect the phone?
fabicase@tlks these case are more decorative and protects the phone from surface scratches. If your looking for protection from dropping your phone I would recommend a wallet case since it covers the entire phone or get an otterbox and purchase one of the wallet cases. I can tag you on a picture to give you am idea of my recommendation. Hope this helps.
luvinmeOk sorry still kinda new on here and learning the tricks of the trade
dayz3@luvinme ✨no problem... It's how you learn!👍✨
manymurraysCute closet!!! I just wanted to say thanks for following! 😘 Interested in anything? Make an offer or check out the rest of my closet & bundle with a big discount! 🎀👠👗🎀 Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again!
tastebluebookThanks so much for the follow lady! I'm in my first month here and finally getting the swing of things...I appreciate you! If you see anything you like, or think your followers might, please feel free to share! 😊
flores2137No thank you!! These are awesome! I'm just glad they didn't sell while I was sleeping because I just now woke up haha (AZ time)
tlahreche@flores2137 all shipped girl! 420860459405510899359000651366
pauleenbcLol I already bought it.
spatel1224@pauleenbc lol ok. Will if u purchase something in the future just remind me and I'll take the 2 dollars off :)
k_snufferUr welcome thank u for the gum, it made me smile! It's little things like that, that make my purchase worth it!
claireswann95@k_snuffer Aww I'm so happy to hear that!! I'm so glad it made you happy, definitely makes pm worth all the more ☺
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