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Francesca's Closet


switchthemix@opium thanks for the like! Let me know if you are interested or want to bundle with anything else in my closet for a deal:)
switchthemix@llivinglifee thanks for the like! Let me know if you are interested or want to bundle with anything else in my closet for a deal:)
switchthemix@teddypug4 hi there! Measurements are 36.5" bust 28" waist and 38"hip and it is 35" length. Let me know if you need anything else!
teddypug4Okay thanks--I'm thinking about it. I appreciate the quick measurements. Thanks. :)
tch2kidz@switchthemix - How much to bundle this and the off white Zara T (with the yellow)?
switchthemix@tch2kidz hey - how about both for $35?
anntyfabHi! Do these run small or are they true to size? Thanks πŸ˜„
switchthemix@anntyfab hiya! They are true to size but since you wear them barefoot there is a little wiggle room down to 8 1/2
myin2828Congrats on your host pick πŸŒΉπŸ·πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
taryne721What is the length of this dress? Thanks!
cowycam7Would you trade for my hook/eye Racerback that fits a 4/6 in lulu that I bought for 75? perfect for yoga, dance, running, and the gym! I also have a super rare power y tank size 4 with Swarovski crystals bedazzled in the front and bith have only been worn once for a performance! ️Lmk If interested(:
christynealHey! Can you tell me the measurements from armpit to armpit when lying flat? I'm usually in between sizes so measurements would help in seeing if it fits. Thank you!!!
jmil@switchthemix hi hate to ask but can you measure the bust? I always worry it won't fit around the chest area πŸ˜”
switchthemix@jmil hi jenny! So sorry for the delay but it took a while to measure this - so I am a 34B and it has about 2" to spare before it would be too tight so am thinking it could fit up to a 34C or a 36B. Hope this helps!
jbw571Can you post pic of scarf opened to see pattern? Thx😊
bizdelly13just wanted you to know I am still interested in these! I am just trying to loose a few more pounds and if these are still available I will buy them as my reward ;) I think they will still be a bit tight right now...
switchthemix@bizdelly13 hey - sounds good and thanks for checking in!
kdbellekcAre these long?
switchthemix@kdbellekc sorry for the delay I was away and my closet was on pause:) these are regulate but I am 5'8" and they are a good length.
highend2It's not allowing me to put $20
highend2@switchthemix it's not recognizing it as a bundle and will not allow me to exceed the $19 written. You probably has to do it over.
switchthemix@highend2 aww bummer...
highend2Will you bundle both jackets for $20? I'm actually taking a chance with the fit.
switchthemix@bmh133 I think I wore it like twice over a sweater - got it from gilt group and its a nice quality.
wshapiro@switchthemix this is so cute!
switchthemix@cutiebear sorry - it's a cashmere JCrew sweater and I have to sell it for more than that:(
switchthemix@jabailey28 thanks! Will get this out to you tomorrow:)
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