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Cold Weather Accessories Party

ericksonmsIf it is available, could you change the listing to $54? Thanks!
modasinc@ericksonms hi I have one left but in hold until tomorrow eve for a customer. If she doesn't pick it up by 7pm I will change price and tag you.
analia@auroras_mommy20 Hi! Thanks for u purchased🌻I'll drop in the post office today☺
analia@auroras_mommy20 Hi I shipped today your 3-6 month baby beanie hat, I hope you We'll get it fast 😉🌻
jerrilynneReceived the scarf and absolutely love it! Thanks so very much.
urwish@jerrilynne so happy to hear that!! Thank you!! Come shop my closet again!! Happy holidays!! ❤😘
rei10784Thank you much! I'm gonna need all the boots I can get.. Going to much colder place :)
juicyrllandaf13@rei10784 a girl can never have too many boots:)
minty@krowe51 Thanks for your purchase, I will ship out on the day after jan 1, since post office is close jan 1. Happy new years!
minty@krowe51 Hi! Due to unforeseen circumstances I am unable to go to the post office today, I will try to drop this off tomorrow Jan. 3rd! I apologize for the inconvenience! The item is packaged and ready to go though, thank you for your patience!
mtremaineGot the sweater and it's beautiful! I love it. Thanks, I will purchase from you again!!!
juicyrllandaf13@mtremaine Yay!:) I am glad you like it. Thank you for your business. 😀
liquiriziaIt's cute but I'm just browsing thanks :)
onewhiteirisIs this $7 for 14 covers?
chrissy77Is this for iPhone 3?
icatstaci@tania_h @cindalu01 This is only $1 today...OR free with a bundle!
icatstaci@followmedown thanks for the share!
trltx03@shellboat I will mail this first thing Friday. I ran out if the house for wk this AM and forgot it. Terribly sorry!!
shellboat@trltx03 No problem!!
icatstaci@4me I checked and it has no markings...I'm guessing its stainless steel or something like that because it hasn't discolored or anything and I've had it a while but I've only actually worn it twice for some reason. :) It's a nice bracelet but I just always had something else I'd rather wear so it needs a new home.
4me@icatstaci Thanks for the info. It will find a new home for the right person!
thatsammychickk@deerecoder ✨hi there, sorry this is taking so long to get out, my printer broke, so I'm going to use a friends so I'll be shipping this out early tomorrow morning. Sorry about the delay, have a great night :-)
deerecoder@thatsammychickk no worries girl! Looking forward to getting it. :-)
icatstaci@delrosario1328 If your interested I can go down. Happily. ;)
icatstaci@luvgrasi If your interested we could do $3 shipping through PayPal so you don't have to pay $7 on a $3 item.
darlingkimHey lady I'm going to wait on the trade right now but I may be back in a week or so. Just wanted to let you know.
icatstaci@darlingkim No worries...but thanks for letting me know!! ;)
hillpsmithtrade for anything?
zacknmattsmom@hillpsmith Hi, I don't see anything to trade at this time. Sorry.
itsmejudye@demionchelle What is the best way to contact you about a Paypal order?
demionchelle@itsmejudye Hey girl Email me through dianemichelle.hur@hotmail.com
cw_closet@janelstpe hi! So I am trying to print out the shipping label but all the printing places are closed until Monday for the holiday  I ran out of ink at home. I will have it shipped out Monday morning. I hope that's okay!
mustangladyi missed this AWE :))
ronid@demionchelle Hi sorry I'm out of town but I'm sure it's there... But I will let you know!
ronid@demionchelle when I got home from vacation my scarf was here...I love it and thank you so much I will be looking for more items later! Have a great evening!
amelchor@cw_closet I do, I'll send u an email..
cw_closet@sexyextension thank you for purchasing! I will have them shipped out tomorrow :)
levieOk, thanks for the update!
rikadadivaWish u still had these there nice , I tag u in the set do u still want it ?
demionchelle@bethbiller hi I'm so sorry for the delay. It should be there soon!! :)
coco_michelle1Did u already sell them I want to buy...
chelynne03Yes! But I just realized I lost my credit card! Have to cancel and put in for a new one. Dang!
demionchelle@chelynne03 oh gosh that sucks :( hope everything works out. I also take PayPal
shoedazzleHi was this sold for 7,000 just curious! :)
demionchelle@shoedazzle lol Noo. I wish;) I put 7,000 so no one is going purchase it because it was sold through PayPal not poshmark.
cinderellaYes love~ @alittlebitoff sent :D
alittlebitoffIt was a statement not a question silly! Thank u tho, very much!!
amyvuSorry. I just have only one.
ctaylor_xoWould this fit a waist size 26?
anniesmommyYou are so sweet to let me know! Thanks a bunch! You have some super cute things in your closet... I'll be getting more for sure!
danijela904@ewhite73 I can't go much they are only used once, I can do here $125 or PayPal $100 plus here shipping thanks 😊
aputnam9Hi Danjiela, for the HH blouse I can lower the price to $130. .. I love love your closet!:)
little_bit_hpCongrats 🎉🎉
pamelam🎶🎤🎶I left my home in Georgia🎶🎤🎶Headed for the Frisco Bay🎶🎤🎶Cuz I've had nothing to live for🎶🎤🎶And look like nothing's gonna come my way🎶🎤🎶I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay🎶🎤🎶 Watchin' the tide roll away, ooh🎶🎤🎶And there it was!!! a 🎉🎈🎊HOST PICK🎉🎈🎊for YOU !🎉🎈🎊CONGRATS!!!🎉🎈🎊
mhippke@jennyvic2010 interested? I can do 9 total via pp vs the 12 it would be on here. I also give good discounts on bundles if you see any other items you like 🌻
kleinej1023I have a bunch of belly rings if u want to trde i have to put them up tho.
sequingirlThanks sweetie, love my beanie.
toreelee@bcrocca aww hooray! You're welcome girlfriend!
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