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dongswagAww kk! Well if you decide to sell anymore flannels, tag me please! I just bought one from another seller but it came with a rip in the hood. Now I'm searching for a new one!
katsimest@dongswag okay will do! :) if you're interested in this one, let me know and I can negotiate the price with you! it's in perfect condition :)
arutsModel please?:)
zouzou_love@tasheenamcd Thanks for the like hun💛 I give discounts on bundles!
zouzou_love@gkar1994 I don't usually go through paypal, but if we did I think I'd like to stay at 25. Are you ok with that?
zouzou_love@gkar1994 Still interested?
michey2424What brand is this i really love it but im a large helpppp me find ;)
jillagoIt doesn't have tags but I've never worn it before. It's too small on me :) so it's in perfect condition
jillago@chencindy96 sorry I forgot to tag you in the comment above :)
dmallyxHi what is the material on these ?? I usually need a 26 in carmars unless they are really stretchy ! Lol
zouzou_love@dmallyx They're 79% cotton, 19% polyester, and 2% spandex. They're a thinner jean and stretchy, but fit a true 26😊
marisalauren@goldies_ Thx for the Like! Lmk if u have any questions 😊
marisalauren@sophialoran Thx for the Like! Lmk if u have any questions 😊 I give discounts on All bundles
marisalauren@kessuu Sorry Luv I don't do trades. But I am willing to negotiate ☺️
marisalauren@sabrinas917 Thx for the Like! Lmk if u have any questions 😊
tessacohen94Hey girl! Would you be able to model this please?? :)
espohbaby@desireegarcia no problem! Sorry I can't be more flexible.
desireegarcia@espohbaby it's okay it's a great price I just only have $40 in my account at the moment. Thank you for your help
amandawagner94Let me know if you would consider a trade!
racheldelrey@amandawagner94 let me know if you would consider buying!
racheldelrey@r_berrr interested? 🌼 🌼
racheldelrey@mercedez12 interested? price is negotiable :) and i can bundle your two likes together for 110!
racheldelrey@sleepytofu89 and i can ship tomorrow! :)
racheldelrey@katsimest thanks for the like! interested? price is negotiable :)
gkar1994@cameronraer sent it! Sorry again!!
cameronraerno problem! don't worry about it really :) still believe your a reliable seller
danobuddayTrade? I have a few size small lf pieces
gkar1994@danobudday only trading for stuff on my wishlist!
xxjillybean@cait_cam 347 Thanks for the like! If you're interested, price is negotiable :)
marisalauren@polyphelop Ugh. I'm sorry.
marisalauren@polyphelop Shoot. Sorry. That last message was sent to the wrong person!! Oops!! Thx for the Like! Lmk if u have any questions 😊
mskeeks@maclover123 ready for you ❤️
mskeeks@maclover123 will you be purchasing today? Let me know otherwise I will change the price back :) thanks!
gkar1994@withlovejackee its chiffon :)
gkar1994@latonyc heyy if youre still interested i can do 70 over pp free shipping :)
dearlyangelaWould this fit a small/medium?
gkar1994@dearlyangela yeah it would, its cropped though so if youre like really tall it might be too cropped haha
gkar1994@xoxo8900 @_katiehui13 im sorry ive been trading and buying so much lately i really need the money, i can come down in price if youre interested
gkar1994@lani_mann its a shirt, and what you see in the pic it ends like literally where the picture ends sorry i dont have another pic...but im 5'1 so its a little longish on me
maddybellzif you ever consider selling your criss cross bra, let me know 😊
gkar1994@alex_romero2 sorry im on spring break right now so i wont be back for 2 weeks...this fits like the other kimonos though
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