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Print & Pattern Mixing Party

mytrinkettes@katrae12 oh no! I shipped out your items early this morning :( did you want me to create another bundle for you for the stationary?
katrae12And add this feather by feather
krishashYES! Omg I wasn't home yesterday so it was waiting for me when I got home! I absolutely LOVE it! It fits perfectly :) thank you thank you!!
haiwilz@krishash yay! I'm so happy! I wish it had fit me because it's so cute!
zoenyneat sign
labellebridals1Tracey, I have several brand new wedding dresses and if u r looking for 1 I would love to help u find your dream dress for less. LMK if I can help lots of dresses not listed here on PM . Thx
vand@heatherc great! Dress $35, the halter half price! So both for $47? I'm driving, will bundle in about an hour for you :) I do have another pair of cache jeans that are a 14 but fit like a 12!
vand@heatherc bundled and ready :)
hotpinkmeluvIdk if this is too much to ask 😏 is there a way u could put it on just to see how short it is...coz I'm pretty short , I'm 5 feet if it's at least mid thigh then I would want it
klynn@hotpinkmeluv this will juz go below ur butt 😁 not long enough for mid thigh :/ Remember, ur 💰returning customer discount💰 applies to any item purchase😉
styleluxe4lessPerfect! Thanks. I'll share some of your other listings for you. Good luck with your sale.
biancajett@styleluxe4less Awwww thanks girl. Will do yours too :)
renasuarusrexxTrade? 💜🎀🍒🍦💛
renasuarusrexxWhat kind of fabric is this? Cotton? Or polyester?/rayon?
haiwilz@priscilla321 if you're interested, I can ship today and throw in FREE gifts :)
haiwilz@smileyjen I can bundle the two items you've liked for $20. Let me know :)
vand@mpiniol thanx for the likes! I'm happy to give discounts for bundles!!! ;) let me know if you have any questions.
study_break@mariarri Sorry, this item was sold a while back. Pls let me know if there's anything else you're interested in. =)
iamacreative@raraross If you don't fit the bag I'd love to buy from you 😊 So love it
raraross@iamacreative I do love it! It is a bit small for me but it's got a few love taps on it now. Let me think about it!
coltForgot to thank you for the shoes!!! Love them!!!
trichel@colt you're welcome! I'm glad they worked out! 😊
van85@nancyjean Hi interested? Price is negotiable thanks
van85@rcerda2 Hi 😊 thank you for liking my listing any questions let me know
biancajett@kimimeeko thank you girl :) and no problem. :) anything to make people happy :)
biancajett@kimimeeko hey darlin. I see you have recieved your package. If you don't mind would you please lead feedback and how you think of them under the picture on my listings that say feed back :) hope you are enjoying ! Thanks so much. !!
lisamarueHow long is it? I'm about 5'2" , like tops to cover hips ! Lol
klynnI updated it with more pic @lisamarue I honestly think its long enough not to show any skin 😁 let me know if I can bundle anything else so I can save u shipping💰
tannercCan also wear a 7 1/2
kzattoWhat is the smallest size that u have in yr shoes? Cause I'm wear 4.5...some brands 5 :/
mary_reid@shoesfordayz the necklace is in the mail, i messed up and sent it to @astona but sent her an envelope to forward it to you, so it will eventually arrive. So sorry about the mixup, it was really spacey of me!!
shoesfordayzIt's okay! Dress is super cute n flat are too :)
styleluxe4less@prosper2012 Yay! So happy to hear that. :)
hokey@styleluxe4less I'm sooo glad this sold!!! I thought I would have to go anorexic and buy it lol😂☺👍
alecia@tracy0815 received the dress today. My butt makes this look like a cute SHIRT lol nil going to reliant it, thanks :)
aleciaI'm* going to relist* it.
hooochietacoHey Girly 💘 check out my closet and let me know if youre interested in buying anything. Also check out my ombre shorts please, i need to get rid of them. Thanks love 😍
marithel@badash34 no worries, I'll let you know of any updates, although it might take 24 hrs for pm to respond. Are you ok with such delay?
badash34Yeah no problem. It's my fault not yours. Thanks for helping out.
sally82Omg! I have the same dress 😀 it's such a nice dress it give you curves!❤
jeanettebabyVery cute💗Shared
katiebeeIt was wonderful. Thanks for making my first posh transaction such a great experience.
van85@katiebee I'm 💜 glad you like it and come back any time to check out my closet 😊
iamblessedSorry to hear that but fit great thanks
pookiebeau@iamblessed Great, I'm glad! If you wouldn't mind, could you leave a comment on my feedback post! Thanks😊
sherenem I can't thank you enough for your beautiful bundle! Everything fit! And it was so much fun opening your beautifully wrapped items! 
marithel@sherenem I liked wrapping gifts lol! But I'm happy you liked them. See you around girl!
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