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Christine's Closet


niki_bPerfect, thanks!
horano@courtandhudson I have a question and I hope it doesn't offend you. But do you base your success on poshmark because you are a suggested user. Or is it because you work at posh. Because it seems that you have access on all posh users, and all posh users have access on you. Thanks -Horan P.S I'm sending to all suggested users and those who have many followers.
mikahsclosetUgh.. I want these! Lol
mikahscloset@nadia when/if you are done with these.. Let me know 😉 I'll take them off your hands. Lol, love PLV
courtandhudson@alvictoria ohhh bummer and I just put the necklace in the mail yesterday!
thanhie@courtandhudson I love your closet! This is gorgeous! Will you be listing more items so I can get try and get a bundled deal? I'm sorry I missed the necklace bcs I would have wanted to get this and the necklace! Please tag me when you list more items!
courtandhudson@salkal sorry $40 is my lowest price!
salkalOh ok! I just saw $35 in the comments before, let me know if you change your mind and I will as well :)
courtandhudson@17thandirving it should probably hit at the hip but I have a long torso so it was a smidge short on me.
17thandirvingThanks for the info! I actually like where it hits on you. I'm only 5'4" and it would probably hit the not-so-flattering widest part of my hip. Bummer!!
courtandhudson@poisedpoison hey! Waist to bottom hem they are 44", inseam is 33".
katiewest53Hey there! What numerical size would you compare these to?
arie_hoAdorable! Keeping my eye on this... ;)
courtandhudson@alleeoop24 measurements, laid flat -- bust: 14 1/2" waist: 13" hip: 18"
courtandhudson@kathleenmensign I didn't see anything in your shop at similar price point/size that I'm looking for at the moment!
maca88@courtandhudson I l❤ve your hair!!
carlibuggOh my gosh I love this skirt it describes my personality in some kind of funky way!:)
courtandhudson@tt35 yes they unfortunately sold individually while waiting on confirmation of the bundle price!! I thought it was you that bought both pieces - I'm sorry! I'll be listing a bunch of stuff this weekend so hopefully there is something else you like, I'll give you a deal! : )
courtandhudson@laurrr3 sorry for the delay - PM was having an issue sending me the shipping label. I finally got this week and your package is going out tomorrow - with a little extra something for the delay : )
laurrr3@courtandhudson everything is perfect!! 😍Thank you so much. I really appreciated your communication about the shipping, I totally understand. It happens. Couldnt have been more pleased with my first posh purchase 👍And thank you for the little extra gift ☺
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