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Jessie's Closet


jgarIs this used at all? Any damage to it at all??
styleandpepper@jgar I have worn it a handful of times, but no damages. In near-perfect condition!
maureen888congraтѕ on yoυr ғυn and colorғυl parтy нoѕт pιcĸ! 🎊🎉
read247Life is too short for white socks. 🎨🎪🎡🎠 Fun and Colorful is what life is about. Congratulations on your Poshtastic Host Pick! 🎠🎡🎪🎨
styleandpepper@xolola__ I'm a true 9.5 and they fit me perfectly. (Especially comfortable because that black part is elastic.)
wendysclosetCould u possibly share some stuff for me if u dont mind?
cerina1Love your closet I followering u share my closet for me thank u. Merry. Xma love cc
mashhadd@styleandpepper Hi hun since you sold all your items please share mine i really need to clean up 😩and would you please tell me how to make so many fowlers ill follow people all the time but still way behind 😏thanks 🌹
brbnkfire🎀LOVE your closet!!!!!🎀
kiramI need to tell you how wonderful these are!!! Im now on the lookout for more, so lmk if you ever see more!!! :)
sweetlysavage@styleandpepper hi doll, I just wanted to let you know that a SCAMMER by the name of @ rachelmorrea IS following you.... Please block her. she scammed me and a few other people and is still going. I just wanted to give you a heads up. I have a post about her on my page. Check it out.
qbs_20@styleandpepper hi, do you happen to have any other shoes that are similar to this A Wang shoe that are available for purchase if not could you tell me where you purchased these. Thanks
marvalizFollow me
deeluxgirlI just got the boots...very cute but you misrepresented the size printed on the bottom of the boot Euro 40 which is more of a 9-9.5 US a 41 is equal to a 10...would have never bought if you had listed the correct size plus the bottom bit on the one heel is missing sorry but this is not a very good buying experience on my end :-/
styleandpepper@deeluxgirl So sorry you feel that way... In my experience, the euro sizing is something that is usually depends on the country. I hadn't even noticed the heel issue, but it is clear in the last photo of the listing. I'm happy to offer you a different item at a deep discount, if you're interested in amending that way?
christys73@styleandpepper hi there! I love these boots! Like LOVE them! I hope it's not insulting to you to ask if you could sell these for $50. Id be willing to do a partial trade with you too. I'm ready to purchase if you could get back with me today. Thank you!!
alainaef@gfiorante50 these are similar to your boots.
styleandpepper@lisareed Closer to 1.5", I'd say. They've been re-heeled, too, so in GREAT condish. :)
janesuthLove these!!! 😊
serene1I would buy these for 25 ,if you agree, reprice them and reserve them for me for tomorrow.
styleandpepper@serene1 Just adjusted, in case you're still interested (and sorry for the delay)! :)
5449stephanie@styleandpepper how tall are you and where does it hit you length wise?
styleandpepper@5449stephanie I'm 5'8" and the length really depends on where I wear it on my hips/waist... Anywhere btw mid-calf and right below the knee. Pretty sure it would fit your waist bc it has a bit of elastic in the back and a drawstring that is adjustable!
styleandpepperOf course, @chilcora - Ships first thing tomorrow!!!
thangthang85Hi Hun, please share my closet =) especially my two purses! Thank you so much in advance! 😊
cassidiaa@styleandpepper would you go any lower?
styleandpepper@cassidiaa Ummm, they're brand new and I just listed them, but I can do $25 if you buy them tonight.
mariekaiThanks so much!! I will buy in an hour or so. Have to wait for my hubby. Thanks again!!😄
styleandpepper@mariekai All set for you when you're ready!
mandarjWow! I can't believe someone bought this after you @sjaramillo3 asked to reserve it! Seller should have backed u up! You asked first. Some people have no class aka the person who bought this!
styleandpepper@sjaramillo3 As far as I know, Poshmark's policy is first come, first serve - unless otherwise noted. I never agreed to reserve the item for you and didn't see the request until after it had sold... I've already shipped the item, so I can't cancel the order. Thanks for understanding and I'll cross my fingers for you that you find something you like even better! :) XO
jlhinsonI have this dress. It's really cute! Wear it with a thick brown belt/boots. Ta da! Great look!
redsLove your closet! Come check out our closet too when you get a chance!❤
styleandpepper@everba I'm pretty tall (5'8"), so it's a bit too short to be a dress on me, but depends on your body type and length preference, I'd say.
eve28Hello.. Can u make me a bundle?
lisettex@styleandpepper do you mind sharing me ? I'm new to this
deexdtTag me pls if u wana sell your other one 😺
shopr247I am so happy to encounter more size 9s, a rarity on the site!
littlemiss@styleandpepper these are so cute! Great closet!🌺
sydneywilliamsAhhh bummer! It sold! I totally understand the no reservation though. Thanks :)
styleandpepperSorry, @sydneywilliams - Have a ton of new items coming very soon, though! :)
fashionalitiesThanks so much!!!
fashionalitiesSadly, pm notified me today letting me know this was lost in transit. Thanks for looking into it. I'm still hoping for a recovery...
breedenacCan you go any lower than 20 or is this your lowest?
deanna212Love this 💖 no wonder everything is sold out in your closet!
styleandpepper@lweeks87 Will the $2 actually make a difference? If so, I can reduce but $10 seems like a pretty fair price for a beautiful top in perfect condition.
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