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Live From SF: 9to5Chic Party


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alagaceLove this!!! I hope u get more!! I want one!! 😊
mytrinkettes@alagace I do have more! I can create a listing for you now I'd you'd like :)
loneejahThey are beautiful!!! I love them. Thanks!
mytrinkettes@loneejah yay!! im so glad you like them! :)
lolaloves@lacocode do u see anything else u like because I'm willing to lower prices I just rather sell on here it's easier for me
lolaloves@101870mitchell let me know if interested in a bundle
rachelcrewWill u take 40.
nubiab@rachelcrew I can do $48. Sorry this 20% Posh takes kills me :( They are brand new leather boots. I can give you a better deal if you bundle. Did you see something else?
dmaritzerVery cute... Do u have a 7.5 available?
designer3000609@khey What colors do you have in 8? How high is the platform?
modernfabulous@shanlgoolsby It's true to size, I would say not a women's large but a true juniors large size 8/10
layaliYou're welcome and thanks again :-)
layali@mbeaujean Hey! I thought I could ship it yesterday but it was too busy. I just shipped it now :-)
laurenleileiNo prob girl!! :)
rebeccarainesThank you for sharing @catty1 ! Let me know if you're interested :)
bsf5279I love this bag!! Could U tell me where you bought it??
pookiebeau@bsf5279 A little boutique here in town, never saw it again 😕 sorry!
dianasilva05@jlhead some textured tights could maybe help modest things up? Those darn teenage boys!
jlheadLOL!! I was thinking the same thing with the tights. :). Thanks again!
dbarn@layali can you give me the chest measurement from underarm to underarm please?
layali@dbarn Hey! It measures about 20 inches, armpit to armpit, laying flat 😃
toimellott@khey do u have the turquoise and coral ones in a 9? How much to bundle both pair?
toimellott@khey sorry just ur post about available size and color. Will you get these in again?
study_break@chamme Just shipped it off. I didn't realize we only live 5 minutes away from each other! Let me know if you like anything else and I can save you on shipping =)
chammeOk thanks!
nblackwood24I used to own this shirt too. In this color and black. Great top!
layali@nblackwood24 Hey! Thanks for the shares. I love this shirt too😀
ohsochicThanks girl! :)
ohsochicPlease don't sell!! I'm definitely going to purchase by Friday!!! :)
thao2970I can't fit it my butt to big it fit every where else but not my butt
marithel@thao2970 oh sorry to hear that. Anyways you can always resell it here at a higher price.
lillemelisNot sure if this was already answered or not, but are these low rise, or where do they sit on the hips/waist?
chicandfrugal@lillemelis - it's an inch or so below the belly button
patkelleyHow odd! Thought they might be funeral related or something morbid like that!
imakeushine@anafashionista- hi LMK if you would like me to bundle those items for a better price! :)
anafashionistaThanks!! I'll keep you posted. :)
nubiab@heatherlysmom here you go ;)
nubiab@heatherlysmom I adjusted the price and description and it's ready for u to purchase.
study_break@danalom See anything else in the closet you love?
study_break@mariposalibre84 No problem. Let me know if u see anything else you like =)
cindy47@marithel if you have other pair of these but more stretch or big let me know ;-/
marithel@cindy47 hi, I'm sorry it didn't fit well on you. I'm not sure about returns but try to contact poshmark. If not you can always resell it to get your money back. Try to contact poshmark first and wait for their response. Thanks.
imakeushine@misssunshine thanks for your likes LMK if you are interested in my items I can bundle and you can save 
aleishthar@imakeushine hey girlie thank u for the follow if your interested in anything in my closet let me know I can negotiate prices and do bundles(:
mjtennischickWould you go $15 or trade for my 3 likes?
layali@mjtennischick yes I can go $15 I'll bundle it now :)
chicandfrugal@alexisaysmile - just printed the shipping label, will drop off on my way to work tomorrow 😄 thanks for your purchase!
tinadevusser8@chicandfrugal Too broke to buy anything at the moment, sorry. 😔
amberholic@stephii_k ready to buy!! I change ur bundle. Will u change mine:)))😃😃😃😃😃😄
hkpy23Thanks for the update! Could you mark shipped in sales so I may received the tracking info from poshmark? Thank you!
mytrinkettes@hkpy23 I already did :) sometimes the system takes a day or 2 to update and because it was a holiday yesterday, there might be a delay :)
marithel@badash34 no worries, I'll let you know of any updates, although it might take 24 hrs for pm to respond. Are you ok with such delay?
badash34Yeah no problem. It's my fault not yours. Thanks for helping out.
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