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Anh's Closet


sjeischenCongratulations on a perfect party host pick!! I'm sharing it with my followers! 💞💞💞
megsyJust a note that we love you in Poshmark so please post anything you might not want! 😍 we miss you! And you can sell everything for much higher prices than you are currently listing for!
samarudaAdorable closet! 💜
nljorda1@anhnle ooooooo la la
randilyn@maria I saw your IG post and came right to her closet to snoop. what a steal!! 😍😍 I need these in a 5.5/6!
fashionandmutts@viscosity I think she bundles. I see that she's busy listing new stuff right now. Maybe I should've waited. 😁 I'm totally ok with you getting this vest so let me/her know. If not, I will wear it a lot for you. Thanks!
annemarie556Guess I learned my lesson, too, @viscosity! @fashionandmutts Wear it a lot for me, as well 😢. @9to5chic -- can you tell me where you got this? Hoping I can find this elsewhere online...
onerareroseAww, boo to snags!
debbbHello! Thanks for following please help and share items in my closet:)
sladI LOOOVE red pants (good for the bootay). Unfortunately my booty has not been an XS for many, many, years. Have fun to whoever buys these!
julia_roseYou were a suggested follower on poshmark. I started following just now & I love your closet! Will you tag me when you add a new product? I love ASOS Zara Christian Loubatans thank you! LMK
horano@9to5chic I have a question and I hope it doesn't offend you. But do you base your success on poshmark because you are a suggested user. Or is it because you work at posh. Because it seems that you have access on all posh users, and all posh users have access on you. Thanks -Horan P.S I'm sending to all suggested users and those who have many followers.
daguannHow much is this ??
micheleedesignsYou have a beautiful closet of sold items. I love this skirt! Disappointed I missed it...Will you be listings more items soon? Please tag me if so. Thanks!
9to5chic@jamiscloset @cmesko sorry for the delay ladies!! I would describe it as a cross between peach and pink.
9to5chic@iggyto thank you for purchasing them! They're packed and ready to go - will be in the mail tomorrow :) hope you enjoy!
lavishlookHey girl! I came across these & noticed you are a size 6.5 I have many 6.5 shoes in my closet just highly reduced! I could really use the money for bills & food.. Sorry not trying to bother you! Wish you the best of luck!
9to5chic@sskojec Thank you! Will drop it off at the post office first thing Monday morning!
warlenerene@9to5chic would you mind sharing your tops for success?! Great job
jewelryloverCould you bundle them and tag me? Btw, how about the top with the H&M top? ;)
9to5chic@jewelrylover just edited to bundle! :) thank you!
tastebluebookLove this! If it becomes available let me know!
viscosity@seajaymoore you would love her blog. Her link is on her closet main page. She has a great closet but it's always sold out! I follow her blog for inspiration of daily outfit posts.
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