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Live From NYC: Spring Trends Party

hitpas04Hey I'm gonna buy them now if that's ok ... Can u change the price for me :)
allyssamc@hitpas04 its ready!!!
nansizzle@klynn still no wallet I sent the mis-shipped wallet you sent to me back to you. Did you send my wallet?
klynnyes I did @nansizzle
stuartlilThanks do much was trying to figure out bundling myself lol
sugarysweet@stuartlil...my pleasure :)
tingtingwashereWhat brand?
klynnIt's a gift, so I'm not sure @tingtingwashere. I'll check in a lil bit and let u know.
tt35Got the shoes! They are hot! But 😔 they don't fit! Bummer. Back on posh they go....
sofichan@tt35 - Oh no sorry to hear it. Good luck reselling!
mari_herrera1@kayla_london hi are they still available?
victoria612Please let me know if these are still for sale. Thanks!
klynnyes @star, and it needs a home where it can be shown off and appreciated more😔
klynnHi @carmaluch! I hope ure enjoying the purse😊 Please don't forget to update the system by tapping "YEP" on ur Poshmark app😉 thanks again😊
sheenacr@artiffact hi!!! Just wanted to see what the status was and if there was a confirmation number for me to keep track?
couturexkissesCan I see more pics of these???
skaty3@couturexkisses you sure can! I will post more once I get home from work :)
splendeur💁🎊🎉💃 CONGRATS in your beautiful HP! 💃🎉🎊💁
klynnJuz kEEp in mind @mslow79 that u can always reseLL it here, like everyone else is doing😉
klynnwanna bundle this...❔ @klilyx
skaty3@stephanielinnea yes, go to the feed and click on the magnifying glass at the top left of your screen
karlaramosI think I'll purchase these do u have original case
marithel@karlaramos hi, this item is already sold awhile back. Sorry, but I have another pair in my listing that's still available if you'd like. Thanks.
siennethreads@hillamity ready for u! And i emailed u back! 
taylorgAre you selling the bag in the first picture?:)
artiffact@audreymcb no but they are brand new and I can throw them in for $30 total. They are orange and neon green. So cute!
cheyecoWould you be willing to bundle the shirt, necklace (pictured) and the coach cross body?
sanantoniopearlAgreed! Very cool!
kaleyelaine487FELLOW AGGIE!!!!!! ❤❤❤👍👍👍👍 thanks and gig 'em!!!
jewls110Adorable. To bad it isn't a large.
sofichan@bearcatang117 - interested in bundling this w teal Bebe skirt? I can do both for $35
samarudaYou have an adorable closet! So chic and classy! 😘😘😘😘
cdang@anitaeve216: no problem ❤ if you want anything else let me know 😉 I have an awesome high replica Chanel tote but it got taken down. It's a mirror image of the authentic one. If you wanna see I can post it really quick? Lol
anitaeve216@cdang sure! You can email me the photo if that's easier! aeperez216@hotmail.com Thank you! ❤
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