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Updated Apr 01
Updated Apr 01

Get the Low-Down On Two New Tools for Sellers

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We recently released two new tools for sellers. Visit our blog as we dig into these features in detail and be sure to leave a comment here if you have any questions!


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  • Seller Discount: 30% off 3+ Bundle

  • $7.11 Expedited (1-3 day) Shipping on all orders

  • Buyer Protection & Refund Policy

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maria "Not for Sale" ROCKS.
Apr 01Reply
tiffanyyang I wish we could delete and adjust comments.
Apr 01Reply
laram I really like My Closet Stats!
Apr 01Reply
pm_editor @silkychicken @maria @laram Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for these new tools. Happy Poshing!
Apr 01Reply
pm_editor @tiffanyyang Thanks for your feedback.
Apr 01Reply
thriftydiaries Is there anyway we can share our closet stats? I believe that this help sellers increase sales for all posh users? Just a thought! Thank you so much for these two new features!
Apr 01Reply
pm_editor @lilamia15 Great question! Closet stats were designed to be private information to help you be a successful seller on Poshmark. However, we've seen some Poshers choose to screenshot and share select information from their Closet Stats. We appreciate your feedback!
Apr 01Reply
thriftydiaries Thank you so much for your feedback!
Apr 01Reply
rosegoldlining I really enjoy how easy it is to mark bundled items as "not for sale." It makes selling in bulk an absolute breeze! It was also really interesting to see just how much I've made on Poshmark! Thank you!
Apr 01Reply
missaisha555 @pm_editor love the category sections so much easier for me to share my many items to a party ( dresses ect..) don't have to go through my whole closet now!
Apr 01Reply
theamandaweiss LOVE LOVE LOVE these new features. I made a bundled sale this morning and it was so easy to mark the other listing NFS. <3 <3 <3
Apr 01Reply
littlebex @pm_editor thank you for the shares!!! i really appreciate it!
Apr 01Reply
jasminehopkins Thank you for the share ❤️
Apr 01Reply
123eloise I absolutely love the new features! So simple to use but extremely useful!
Apr 01Reply
seasew Love the new tools! Thanks poshmark for being so amazing! 💕💓😀✨🌟
Apr 01Reply
pm_editor @triplyksis @missaisha555 @fashionableeme @123eloise @seasew Thanks for sharing your excitement over these new tools! Happy Poshing!
Apr 01Reply
little_bit_hp Loving the new tools!! 👍👍💖
Apr 01Reply
judithchan 💓💓Awesome 💓💓
Apr 01Reply
jloway Really💕love💕the "My Closet Stats" feature! Wondering if somehow when you gain, what I consider to be, an achievement like being a 'top 10% Seller' or 'fast shipper' if your closet could be flagged with a badge/something equivalent by Poshmark? For instance, we mark our own closets when we earn 'Suggested User' status now. May seem more legit to a potential Buyer to have it applied directly. Just an idea...😊
Apr 01Reply
pm_editor @little_bit_hp @judithchan Thank you for the enthusiasm! Happy Poshing!
Apr 01Reply
pm_editor @jloway We appreciate your excitement as well as your feedback! Thanks for stopping by!
Apr 01Reply
mscruz88 Hi, can u plz check this closet, name is punkypauper
Apr 01Reply
collega I love the improvements and the idea that poshmark are always looking for better tools to support the members.
Apr 02Reply
siennarae I absolutely adore the new tools and features! I feel like it is really going to benefit the seller, as well as the buyer. My sales have already increased, and I believe it is from the lower shipping rates. Thank you Posh for being so amazing, as usual! xo
Apr 02Reply
kimsthings Thank you posh💖
Apr 02Reply
pm_editor @artlicious @siennarae @kimsthings Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for these new tools! Happy Poshing!
Apr 02Reply
vivacouture So happy with the new updates and especially for the discounted shipping and closet stats !! Thank you Poshmark team !!
Apr 03Reply
motastiic Love these options!!
Apr 03Reply
lottenotte Love the new tools. How often will the stats update? so excited to be in the top 10%!!! yay,......
Apr 03Reply
rosemaryatl Love, love, loving the stats and the 'not for sale' tool!! Thank you!
Apr 03Reply
fabuless_finds @pm_editor - Love the new tools and features!!! Some items on my wishlist would be some type of feedback system on listings, whether just star ratings on a listing or an actual feedback area. Also, I agree that earning honors such as top 10% seller, suggested user and possibly even host picks, that it would be awesome if there was some type of badge on your closet header or a banner on your listings... Just some suggestions... Thanks for all the new "goodies"... 😘
Apr 03Reply
mrsdiva703 The closet stats tool was MUCH needed. Helps to keep track of how you are doing, and what you could improve upon to increase sales, or number of items to be sold. the "Not for Sale" was GENUIS! Thanks so much for improving the app, in ways that support both the buyer and seller! xoxo~Cheryl
Apr 03Reply
posh Love these new features! I've been with PM almost from the beginning and love seeing PM grow and improve! Great progress PM 😃😍❤️❤️❤️
Apr 04Reply
fatlola Love these updates!!!! Closet stats has encouraged me to up my game and try and get my packages out there quicker too. Loooove it!
Apr 06Reply
conqui Very nice as I'm thinking of selling soon. Thank You, Debi
Apr 07Reply
allureofbrazil @pm_editor hello!!! How I get to host a party?? I'm a seller for over a year never got the chance to HOST A PARTY!!! What I have to do?? Thank you 💐
Apr 07Reply
darri44 @pm_editor Any suggestions on how to make your first sale? I have been aboard for about two months. Love the people I have met on here. Amazing Ladies.😊👛👠👗👖
Apr 07Reply
darri44 @pm_editor Thank you for sharing. 💞😊👛👗👠👍🎉🌹
Apr 07Reply
pm_editor @sms2811 @jenniferraynor @vivacouture @motastiic @rosemaryatl @mrsdiva703 @posh @fatlola @conqui Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for these new seller tools!
Apr 07Reply
pm_editor @lottenotte Great question! Stats are updated frequently by our backend systems throughout the day. Thanks for sharing your excitement!
Apr 07Reply
pm_editor @fabuless_finds Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and suggestions!
Apr 07Reply
mrsdiva703 No problem! I would love to see an option in the feed to ONLY VIEW "likes." When people like multiple items, it would be easier to find if we can view items that poshers liked in our closets. I hope you get what I mean. Just as we can view only the comments in the feed, I would like to see a "Likes" option.
Apr 07Reply
moonbunnytoo Loving the new tools! The NFS one is so versatile and really helpful in reserves, marking items sold in a bundle, and other various announcements. It also helps prevent accidental purchases of "extra pictures". Thank you for making Closet Stats easily accessible from the Account setting. I had no idea it even existed earlier due to all the extra clicking around needed to get there. Now it's simple. One additional stat that I would find very interesting is Total Shares (excluding self-shares). I try to balance my limited Posh time between self-shares and sharing from other closets, main feed, and party feed. Another stat, which I'm not sure if it's possible to include, is total number of items sold. I like to track total items and many times a listing is a bundle that has 2+ items included. I also agree with the other users who would like some sort of "badge" on our banner that indicates some of the fab stats like suggested user, top 10% seller, fast shipper etc. Thanks for taking the time to read my feedback!
Apr 07Reply
dierks24 Is it ok to share that you are a top 10% seller with followers or does posh look down on this? I love the stats!:)
Apr 08Reply
maryhuff1979 Great new features 😘. Especially loving the categories, makes it much easier to find something specific!
Apr 08Reply
sheelagoh Chiming in @pm_editor The ability to view by categories is just brilliant. It allows for not just such ease of sharing but it lets buyers check out what they want, quickly and efficient, especially in weeding out the sold pieces.
Apr 08Reply
coolstuff4u One of the listings u just shared takes paypal transactions! There was the only comment on the listing and the lady was offering to take paypal! artishad81r the comment is on the Jeffrey Campbell Kravitz Boots listing. How come this happened?
Apr 08Reply
azmomto3girls @pm_editor great changes! Making poshmark even better than it was! ❤️ thanks!!
Apr 08Reply
tenerduende Not For Sale really helps me going through other's closet. Thank you Poshmark.
Apr 09Reply
chey21 you should make it so that when people go into other peoples followers theres and option to "follow all" that would make things alot easier and faster for people to get their follows and followers up...just my opinion :)
Apr 11Reply
kdomenico @pm_editor I also wish I could delete and edit my comments
Apr 12Reply
jillybeanfash @pm_editor hi, i really don't know what to do. i have sent multiple emails to posh support starting 4 days ago regarding an error code 1001 that I am getting when trying to buy. nobody has replied although another seller was told by you that you did get back to me. but that isn't true because I haven't received any emails from you other than the automated response. I am frustrated and don't know how I'm supposed to purchase on here when no one is helping me at support. :(
Apr 14Reply
crazycatladyy Thank you for sharing my listing!
Apr 16Reply
crazycatladyy Maybe adding a delete button on comments. I always see rude things said that should be deleted
Apr 16Reply
kristyblocker Hi!!! Thank you for the editor share! I've been trying to be a suggested user FOREVER. I do my best to be a great seller. Please help? Thank you!!!
Apr 18Reply
hernameisjane Thank you
Apr 19Reply
jaaayneey It was awesome! :D
Apr 19Reply
ifashion Thanks, love these features😀😀 I wish you could add a feature where I can select more than one picture , for the listing, in one step instead of going back and forth👍👍
Apr 19Reply
open Love them Both! ✨💕 Great job ! 💕✨
Apr 20Reply
jessicapacz I realized that also when you go through the filtering process and hit sold item it doesn't really use all of your sold items it only shows so many of them why is that? I would like my buyers to be able to go into my closet and see everything I've sold to see that I have not had any complaints or bad feedback from anyone plus they can see some of the items that I have sold because I might have something similar that they are interested in an want to see how the other sale went through
Apr 21Reply
tracie0127 Hey! I just want to say THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for picking not one (which is huge) but two of my listings....this is AWESOME, I'm so excited, THANK YOU!!! 😍😘
Apr 21Reply
chickykat Will we ever be able to zoom in on photos and be able to rearrange our closet without having to re-share each item? Thank you!
Apr 22Reply
fashionmisfit 💘Thank you for the shares 😘
Apr 22Reply
mamalovesstyle @maria yes it does! Its the best addition so far! 😍
Apr 22Reply
mamalovesstyle I agree with @maria that the "not for sale" rocks! And I love seeing the stats! It's pretty cool to see how much we've actually made, and our current stats of our closet, shares, etc!
Apr 22Reply
scootersbabe love the changes to the app!! i loved seeing my stats and was excited to see that i was in top 10%!! wish list would be more filters when placing my posh!!
Apr 24Reply
fancypants84 I really love the new "not for sale" option!! It's been so helpful! Also love the new shipping fees thank you!! @pm_editor 💖💖💖👌
Apr 30Reply
lorriann Would love to be able to organize my closet easily without having to share items individually. .. otherwise i absolutely LOVE PM! I understand the flat rate commission... all the negative comments about it is ridiculous. This isn't the 99cent store!
May 07Reply
kaylinml I really love both these features! Great additions to the app 😍
May 11Reply
bellasbeauties Ive been trying to reach the support team by email fir 2month now , i cant get an answer back. Are wigs and hair extensions allowed ir not. I have other questions but ill start iff with that to start! Please get back to me, thank you for your time. Bella
May 12Reply
dvladv Thanks! 😊
May 15Reply
popfizzshop Ahhhhhhhh! Thanks for sharing my closet!!!!!!!
May 21Reply
rubysbeauty Congrats on your amazing Date Night Host Pick! 
May 25Reply
lizziechapman I love these new features! The "My Closet Stats" feature is really interesting and motivates me to continue to ship fast and keep plenty of listings available and at a great discount!
May 26Reply
kaprior1203 @sophia2 here you go!
May 26Reply
thejeweladdict I just did my iPhone update and thank you sooooooo much for returning the edit button to the previous way of doing much easier for iPhone editing. Love love love the not for sale feature and the closet stats! Thank you💛💛
Jun 01Reply
careyt85 I wish we could have a private message on here or adjust comments also anyway we could have an Ann Taylor party ? I see a lot on here happy poshing !! @pm_editor
Jun 08Reply
Jun 12Reply
missidoll @pm_editor I had a Buyer tell me that when she got her package that she was asked to rate me as a Seller. Is that something new, or does it mean something else? Thanks❤️✌️😎
Jun 27Reply
leopardspot @pm_editor I would LOVE to see a feature on Posh where sellers can QUICKLY see likes on an item instead of going to each product page and scrolling through time and time again. I have Poshers requesting bundles of items they have liked previously and I have to slow down my response time majorly to go through everything and find their usernames on each of my 30+ listings.
Jun 28Reply
lakeforest @pm_editor I'd love to see a "Make an Offer" feature here like TF has so that 99% of $$ offers made are done in private!!! It really streamlines all the bartering, haggling, lowballing comments and open convos for the whole world to see here! In addition with the make an offer function, you can also private message your buyers! It w/b great to upload more pics under the one item instead of having to "pretend" create another listing just to show additional pics, ugh! Otherwise, love it here, great Poshers & so kind & helpful... One more thing- how does a seller w/only 1000 followers get a host pick while a gazillion of us here have 4000+ and have never been chosen for a host pick item???Will someone lmk?? Thanks!😊
Jul 01Reply
mscruz88 Hi 👋, I have a question. How can I rate ppls closet in here? I been searching all over and no luck. 😱
Jul 01Reply
janstyled @pm_editor Hello There! Thanks for adding the new features! I wonder if you will make the "not for sale" banners visible all the time, not just when you open a listing? Thanks!
Jul 01Reply
ellebee206 I love that you're inviting us to parties now, @katef will always be my favorite party girl but I bet her notifs are so much friendlier 👌🎉
Jul 02Reply
endersd <3 these new additions! Thank you! Muah!
Jul 04Reply
lolabella6 Hi! I'm co-hosting a party on July 23rd. Is it against Poshmark rules to put your vinted username in a bio? I want to make sure I choose Host Picks from closets that follow all rules. To me, it seems like the same as advertising ebay or etsy. Thanks ☺️
Jul 05Reply
alwtober I wasn't sure which listing to post this question under. So, I just picked this one. Anyway, I was just wondering how people get to be co-hosts at the online parties. Also, what are the benefits of being a co-host and what are the responsibilities of the co-host? I'm fairly new to this site, so, don't expect to be a co-host anytime soon. But, was curious. Thanks in advance for the info. 🎀💞🎀
Jul 07Reply
ssvalentine Finally, I'm getting the hang of things and I love Posh. Brilliant business not to mention very kind, helpful and intelligent women who make Posh as special as it is. Thank you for including me. Fondly, Sharon 💙💙
Jul 07Reply
bejeweled_ SUGGESTION: how about adding quantity, color, and size variation? A good amount of us have more than one of the same item in different variations. It would be nice to have 1 listing displaying the options and ability for potential customers to buy where I don't have to worry about someone buying the main listing. 🌺😊🌺 SUGGESTION 2: How about making a "Make an Offer" button for those who would like to negotiate on the price a little? Many sellers agree to an offer and end up getting stood up. Other buyers come and want that price instead of the listed price (can't blame them) and sellers are forced (practically) to lower the price when they really didn't wish too. 🌺😊🌺 Just suggestions for the app. I am not sure if this is the right place to post it but somewhere is better than no where. Thanks! Have a great day!
Jul 07Reply
bbq415 Hellllo, just stopping by to do a quick morning read through WHILE ONE OF MY MORE HYPER ACTIVE SON'S ARE STILL SNOOZING!! I am somone who REALLLLLY desires to be one of the greats in poshing, however, I NEED HELP/ CONSTANT SPRUCING up. Im pretending to have it all under control because I loovvve the app/posh community BUT I dont know WHAT to do after my late night posting/sharing sessions PLEASE tag ME IN ON THING'S THAT I SHOULD KNOW....THNKS FOR inviting me to the cool posh partiez & thankz 4 BEING GREAT!
Jul 08Reply
marifun Love the new tools! 💟
Jul 11Reply
lmnoles Would love to see a "Make an Offer" function so that negotiating can be done privately! I am reluctant to negotiate with potential buyers because many do not actually end up making the purchase, so I have effectively lowered my price for everyone! Would also love to be able to add more pics to one listing!
Jul 11Reply
gladys @pm_editor how do you become a party host?
Jul 14Reply
raggs Hi. I RSVP for this eve Boho babe party. My question is.....Do I wait until 7:00 to share the items I intend to share or is there a way to have my items already listed in the party when it begins? Hope I'm not confusing ☺️
Jul 15Reply
jhorsager How do you use any of the tools?
Jul 21Reply
sophia2 @erica1deinert. Erica, Here's everything you need to no.
Jul 22Reply
wilburn03 @pm_editor Hi, Love the new features. Is there anyway to have the NFS show in the picture just like the Sold sign show? I noticed in my closet that it is over looked and people still share these items or ask about these items. I think if it was seen in the picture maybe this wouldn't happen as much. Or maybe having a Sold options that we can select from as well. Thanks. Look forward to your response.
Jul 22Reply
wilburn03 @pm_editor MAKE ME AN OFFER option...needed!!!!!
Jul 22Reply
sugarspyce I'm excited to check out new things, since I'm new to PoshMark I'm loving it!😃 anything to help me sell more I'm thankful for 🙏.
Jul 25Reply
chey21 So you guys know how posh has a price range of $25 and under...I think posh should add a price range of $10 and under..theres so many ppl who have such low prices and great stuff to sell but its hard to find those great prices when having to scroll through stuff that up to $25....just a thought..i know i would love that and im sure theres others who would too that are on low budgets and would like to find lower priced items at ease :) just some food for thought
Jul 25Reply
maidmarian @fashionableeme Amanda how'd you do the bundle sale?
Jul 27Reply
fiddleebits I Completely love the new closet Stats!!! What a great idea!!!
Aug 03Reply
samaruda 😍
Aug 03Reply
soblessed @pm_editor hi just a general question how are items Picked for host pick 😃
Aug 03Reply
closetenvy2 @pm_editor I just had a customer that was totally satisfies give me a 4 star instead of 5 star review by accident. Can that be fixed?
Aug 03Reply
leelee0407 How can we search current new listings? When I use my search it seems it shows really old post. I want to be able to search new listings. Anyone know how?
Aug 05Reply
nikkipaige93 @leelee0407 Unfortunately I don't believe there is a way to search the most recent listings. This would be a great feature for Poshmark to have though!! :)
Aug 05Reply
ninaax I wish it would show our rating on our profile so people can buy with confidence..
Aug 05Reply
daphnestyles There should be some kind of badge for "top 10%" or such things like that. 😊
Aug 06Reply
gjocelyn I have a question! Which boxes are you allowed to use to mail items sold?
Aug 06Reply
alabamagal @pm_editor I love the new features...I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to organize my closet by drag and drop instead of having to share all my sold stuff and the entire closet backwards...I notice people sharing my sold items...also, I would love to somehow see some stricter rules when it comes to listing an item as NWT...I have gotten items where it is veey obvious that the clothing has been worn and the tag but back do I know shirt was so saturated with perfume I gagged when I opened it, then another was boots that were again NET and even after all my questions I got them and the leather lace was broken. Ok...done ranting....thanks for reading! I am in love with POSHMARK and I am so excited about future possibilities with my own little closet!
Aug 07Reply
alabamagal @pm_editor one more thing....I would love it if we mark the items MGS that it would show up on the outside of the listing like when an item is sold.
Aug 07Reply
randikandi @pm_editor great afternoon party today. Nice to see some new brands. Ty
Aug 08Reply
shanna76 I have a question hope it's not a dumb one 😳😝. I had a few things in my closet. Both I had listed when I 1st joined in 2013? I had forgot about the app until recently and now I'm loving it. My question is the two items I now cannot locate! Before I knew what to do I just deleted one, the other I seen the " not for sale" which is what I did. Are you allowed to just delete a listing or is that counted against you? Lastly I have a lot of friend locally that sometimes would like to buy from my closet, is they a way or will you ever offer a "waived" shipping fee? Opps sorry that's was not my last question. I've seen lots of people list there websites etc or say they sold there items on eBay so they pulled there listing. I do have a store but I was hesitate to post the link as if don't want to go against Posh Rules. Please help me understand the do's and Donts as I've searched and gave not found a clear answer. Thank you so much in advance!!!! ☺️☺️💖💞💖💓
Aug 10Reply
dfryeduo Hi Poshmark: I love this app, and have made some good extra money since I started. I have sold most of everything and I had almost 275 listings I think at one point. I need to put more items in my closet again. Anyway, is there a way to mark certain closets I find while browsing that have become an instant favorite? I'd like to be able to return and browse or shop/buy and need a way to remember how to get back to them - is there a way to make them a "favorite". If I click "like" on one of their items they'll think I am interested in buying since "like" has unofficially become the doorway into the start of purchasing dialog. I'd rather choose a "bookmark" function to identify to myself that a particular closet is a favorite one. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!!!
Aug 14Reply
gryphon @pm_editor Hello, I just wanted to know, is trading against Poshmark rules?
Aug 16Reply
alabamagal @pm_editor I would so love to be able to drag and drop my listings to where they need to instead of sharing each item to get them in the order they need to new releases....I sell 2 pieces and in order for me to get those to the bottom where my sold stuff is....I have to share would be amazing! Thank you for all the upgrades...they rock!
Aug 16Reply
rociochapagomez Hi, I have a question, how can one get the whole 2.99 shipping for 1 hour?
Aug 19Reply
beautynthe On a returned IND what do we do if the whole order isn't in the box or there's nothing in the box ?
Aug 20Reply
adubois83 @pm_editor can you guys do a plus sized or 12 and bigger only party so all the plus can easily find each other??
Aug 28Reply
savvyj I wish we had a tab for just likes. I have customers wanting to bundle their likes and I have a hard time finding them do to having a large feed or if they liked an items days before it makes it difficult to find the like. Love the other changes on posh!! They are amazing😍
Aug 29Reply
kbaker1960 How do I add my items to a party that I've been invited to?
Sep 02Reply
monicagalvez I love it💐
Sep 20Reply
tissue Ho I'm trying to post my TOMS to the party that is currently going on. A message pops up saying it's not in the party theme. 10:59am 22 Sep 14 Please help so I don't miss making this sale! Thank you, @tissue .
Sep 22Reply
cynr54 Cool!
Sep 24Reply
riccine @pm_editor I hope you don't mind...question with curiosity like...on few observations I've seen gals who FOLLOWS ABSOLUTELY NONE , however has thousands like 33k-100k plus followers...must be sharing to the max and beyond? And what else could May or May not answer, thanks.
Sep 30Reply
moni69 @pm_editor I would like to introduce my self. My name is Ramona and I am very fortunate to be part of Poshmark! Thank you! I would like to know how someone becomes a suggested user? I have great Stats.. I Love my closet and wish to grow and continue! Thank you in advance for your assistance and advice..
Oct 02Reply
cynr54 So cool Thanks 🔦🎃
Oct 11Reply
jakijaymak I Have A Question!! Somebody can tell me how I can get a hots pick!??? I don't know everything about this app!!! Sorry my ignorance!! Lol Thank Uu!!
Nov 06Reply
fashionably_urs I have requested a supervisor help for some time now please contact me as soon as you can thank u
Nov 15Reply
whatsleft @whatsleft Hi! Is there a way to go back and look at past party's! I hosted on Oct. 8th! I wanted to check and see what has sold since then! Thanks for your help💖
Nov 18Reply
jmontford I'm new to this group and have been looking around. How do I make a bundle?
Dec 09Reply
tudie11 I would like to be able to delete comments also.
Dec 10Reply
1shortcake 🎉😘 thanks love!
Dec 13Reply
dancer_naio PM I have a question... You know in some post of the blog talks about sharing your closet in pinterest, but I cant. My cellphone is a Samsung. Thanksss!!
Dec 19Reply
theorphanage Can someone please tell me how I might become a suggested user??? Is there anything I need to do or does Poshmark pic? Thank you in advance for all replies!!!
Jan 30Reply
missohyaya The parties aren't showing up as an option for me to share to. Why?
Mar 03Reply
geekygirl23 @pm_editor I have an issue with the Poshmark app. I can open it, but I can't access my closet, likes, or newsfeed. I also can't sell. I can still access Posh through the website, but I can't add new listings or edit current ones this way. Please let me know if there's anything I need to do to fix the app. Thanks.
Mar 09Reply
werkerkb Nyyyyce
Mar 25Reply
smasian Hi! I'm new, trying to get more followers and likes. Any kind of support is appreciated! 👍👍👍
Mar 27Reply
swp365 Somebody got a quick way to start.a closet. A list of major do s and don't s. Like a 1 2 3 ...... list then Over the next week go over the every little detail? Anybody? Thanks so much!!!!!!!!
Mar 28Reply
cindybnbigd I'm new here and desperately have needed ur info. So glad i found u!
Apr 08Reply
neptune_x Could you add a bundle button? Where you tap on the things you want to bundle and can lower the price (it creates a new listing with the items in it and deletes the other ones)
Apr 21Reply
rosybarrera Love guys always proviting us with extra tools to do better 🌸🌸🌸💎💎💎💎
Aug 11Reply
artdiva772 Thank you for all the tips,all are very helpful.
Sep 29Reply
holdon3 @lymaraina This should help too and the blog address is in the listing. Great stuff here! 💃🏻🎉💃🏻🌷💕🌷
Oct 04Reply
catmlrse Would be helpful to know how many days on average a listing is live bf it sells. Also would be helpful to be able to see history of price changes on a listing.
Oct 31Reply
erinuporsky1217 @pm_editor - Hi! Before I post an item during "retail "party I just want to ask 1. As long as it was bought straight from the retail store is that what retail means? And 2. Will all retail items have tags? Thank You
Nov 08Reply
poshnshop Would you be able to tell me what is wrong with my closet that I can't get a host pick? I would greatly appreciate knowing what I'm doing wrong. Thank you. I enjoyed going to the parties but I'm getting discouraged.
Dec 07Reply
highend4less @pinkwasp @grlsea (fwd 2 Nic 4 me ❤️? I 4got her handle.. Good ones?!!
Dec 22Reply
grlsea @highend4less thanks girly already figured this out 😚😜
Dec 22Reply
highend4less @grlsea YAYYEAH?!!! 😘😘✌🏼️💞😄
Dec 22Reply
highend4less @grlsea can u remember babyposher nice handle? I can't at the moment but this would give her a good start (& u toward bring a posh mentor! Looks good?!) 😘😘💞✌🏼️😇❤️
Dec 22Reply
grlsea @grlsea I thought you knew too, that is where you can see if you are posh mentor etc...and I have items listed not for sale already on my page
Dec 22Reply
grlsea @highend4less OH LOL!!!! Now I see, I misread, you wanted me to tag Nic, lol. Ok
Dec 22Reply
grlsea @youngqueen7 Not sure if you have this info already or not but @highend4less thought would be helpful
Dec 22Reply
highend4less @grlsea darn auto correct?! Ergh ha ha ha hope this helps NIC?!!!! Tap where it says how many people "like" it? N start getting followers babe!!
Dec 22Reply
youngqueen7 @grlsea Thank you! I just got home so I'm gonna check it out now. 💕
Dec 22Reply
jgfan2449 Is there an easier way 2 communicate with people. Myself and a few others have a hard time could u introduce something like messenger on Facebook I think it would help
Mar 10Reply
martinpere Delete and Edit Comments. Copy listings to easily recreate a listing when items sell. Filters to adjust lighting during listing process. I'd like to run reports from my PC that give me info on my sales by month, time of sale, amount of shares prior to sale, etc. More categories. More filter controls for price and category. I'd like to see something in my seller stats that shows how close I am to becoming a suggested user.
Mar 17Reply
ladydolly I am new here and posting my first items on Monday, so it is all new to me. Any help with suggestions for my new closet would be appreciated.
Mar 22Reply
que_boutique Love it so much Help make our brand a household name! High quality! Great material! Celebrity bandage dress! Checkout our website. All items are cheaper on the official site! You will be amazed! Thanks Poshers!
May 26Reply
unirose @pm_editor i have a question, the buyer who bought from me was already refunded but my item was not yet delivered to me. The tracking was stucked up I dont know where my item is right now, will poshmark refund me also for a lost package?its just not fair 😔
Jul 29Reply
loreenny @pm_editor is there a certain way I'm supposed to share to the party showroom as a host? Thanks
Jul 31Reply
kamster3 When will there be parties for sharing MEN'S items?
Aug 08Reply
caligirl2829 Hello, I'm pretty new to these & I could really use some help. I'm trying to share my makeup to the makeup themed party ( KVD, Urban decay, Sephora etc) I keep getting a msg that says "error, unable to share pls try again" please help!
Aug 14Reply
Dec 09Reply
paulaannpitifer When will there be parties for Jewelry?
Jan 01Reply
lotus0104 Thanks for hosting!!!!😊😂😍🦄👏😎💞🌙
Jan 17Reply
ssjdancer HELP!! None of my dresses or skirts will share to a Dresses/Skirts party!! WHY? They are women's dresses and skirts - THIS IS SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!!
Jan 29Reply
southernhills can anyone please help me, This may be a stupid question but my Feed screen is showing only Men's clothing. I don't know how this happened it just changed a couple of days ago, prior to that I was getting everything in my Feed. I have tried everything I know to correct this and get it back to showing everything in the Feed scroll but NOTHING works! I have contacted Poshmark (General Question) numerous times with NO response. Any help and or guidance would be GREATLY appreciated. THANK YOU
Jan 31Reply
chrissyrx @pm_editor I am just curious about the average time to ship. Does it include business days in the calculation or is it the true time to ship?
Feb 20Reply
barneysbargains @pm_editor Hi there! For some reason when tomorrow's parties were posted, it only posted the first 2 of the day but not the last 2! Would someone kindly post the second 2 parties for tomorrow Saturday, April 22? TIA! Much Posh ❤️
Apr 21Reply
dvicker How do you get the "not for sale " tool accessed?
Apr 26Reply
only1chelc @pm_editor Hi there, I was wondering if there is a weekly event where there is a party for kids clothing only. I got in on it last Sunday, 07/23 but too late in the evening. If I knew a schedule, I could be ready for them to come around again. Thanks! Chelsea Coker
Jul 25Reply
ladyfrye1 This Seller tool is great aid🤗
Nov 18Reply
vmp123123 I which we can delete the items that got return.
Nov 25Reply
lmdc62 ♥️♥️ LOVE this!!♥️♥️
Jan 26Reply
hopedendy @tiffanyyang me too,if anyone figures it out please let me know,thanks.
Apr 30Reply
hopedendy @theamandaweiss can you tell me how to do the bundle sale and posh stats,please!
Apr 30Reply
sharhondajackso #sharhondajackso
Jan 02Reply
zakmart Why is the blue buy now tab not appearing on my listing any help appreciated
Jan 28Reply
fashsun65 Hi 😊, Thank you for the new tools💟❣. Wonderful new addition to Poshmark. Looking forward to many more 😀. Getting better everyday😍. Happy Poshing 👜💄👡🤗🤗🕶📿💍👖👝
Jun 17Reply
jangada It would help me a lot to be able to see how many views each of my items has received.
Oct 15Reply
sandydallison @swp365 did you get a list or help yet?
Feb 08Reply

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