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*suhan*'s Closet


charming_mhelDon't feel guilty just share bomb once you are settled😘
splendeur@charming_mhel - oh for sure, it'll be a 24 hour share blast!!!! 💓💓💓😄💓💖🌺
kyliebriennAnd an IT GIRL you are! A huge congratulations on earning a beautiful Host Pick at last night's Posh Party! I hope you are blessed with continued success in this business :)
elizmulLOVE!!! Congrats on your "It-Girl" party Host Pick!
redcat12202007I cancelled it already because its been like more than 1.5 weeks, and I keep on eyeing with it and it's still on the status of process..which made me think that you never did anything. I supposed to see a tracking by this time. And one more thing, i twice press the INFORM THE SELLER but never heard from you. You only replied when i cancelled it. Sorry about that too. If you shipped it already I'll gonna return it to you.
splendeur@redcat12202007 - no worries about returning. I wouldn't want you to go through that trouble. 😊 I'll just give them as freebies with other purchases. 😊☺️💗 not a worry at all.
splendeur@lovemygirlz - still packing!!! I have way too much clothes.. 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈
lovemygirlzLol I wish I had that problem!! Good luck lacking!! I don't envy that! I've moved so many times too, I feel ur pain!!
ajceraso✨ congrats ✨ on your 👠🌼💖sleek 🌼 style 👠🌼💖
maira2190🎉Wooo!👏👏👏 CONGRATS on your Fabulous 💃SLEEK AND SIMPLE HOST PICK💃 I Love it💕💕
splendeur@nami001 - awee, lol, don't you just argggg when that happens? I see shoes on here and I'm like why can't my feet be smaller / bigger!!! Lol!!! 😂😂😂😊💓💋😃😆
jmariedirectFunny! I have a clutch that matches the heel of your shoes. Your shoes look like Jimmy Choos I saw. Wish I could attach a pic📷
flashnfashnistaAarrggghhh! U n ur tiny feet😩, u have THE BEST SHOES!!!..includn these n the iron fist ones(congrats on host pick, btw!!!), but not a chance my tors would fit in em😩 Shard tho, some1 will lve soon, Im sure!
splendeur@flashnfashnista - 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️
cuccdn@splendeur - Suhan, congrats on the online store! I tried to write to you on the contact option, to no avail due to all fields required, it doesn't explain once I started. Anyway, it's awesome and what a fabulous idea! I've noticed a few of my buyers have an online store too! I was wondering if it's for only NWT, I may want to do this. Can you fill me in on the basics or point me in the right direction? I just love the idea❤️I wish much success! xoxo
splendeur@cuccdn - hey lovely! Email me Suhan.shae at gmail
appletini1Yeah all her outfits are great in that show. Post a pic of that episode. Everyone wants to be a celebrity or just look like one 😉 lol. But this dress is gorgeous. I knew I saw it somewhere 😘🌸😍
splendeur@appletini1 - you sure know your celeb fashion!!! 💓💃😄🌼🌺 I'll need to find a pic of that episode!!! Thanks beauty!!! 💋💋💋💋
splendeur@jennstout - ok, I'm not crazy I promise, lol, just have a lot of ppl wanting to purchase and depending on the buyer (the ones that understand my situation) I'm holding for.. 🌺💓💖Which two items did you want so I can bundle them?
splendeur@jennstout - lol, ok, I remembered!!! Korean items!! 😃😄🌷💖💓🌻 I'll mark your bundle for hold. 😄💓🌺
redcat12202007Just leave me a msg dear. I'll get back to u 2morrw. I'll be sleeping now. It's 3am now here in Los Angeles thnx
splendeur@redcat12202007 - laying flat this measures 16" underarm to underarm (I'm 32/34D), 13" waist, 24" from top of bust to front hem, and 36" from top of bust to back bottom hem. Straps are adjustable. 😊💕🌸
yellowdawn_25Hi! I love your closet. if you are the person modeling these items , you are so adorable! Best of luck with your sales and thanks for all your shares! ♡
splendeur@yellowdawn_25 - hi Stephanie!! Thank you!! 💕💓 I do model all my clothes ☺️ thank you so much for your support!!! 😘💋💋
splendeur@allyb1212 - Thank you so much!!!! You're too kind and sweet with such complement! ☺️☺️ ☺️ I doubt I can sell a garbage bag, lol! I think you should!! I saw a pic or two and they look great!!! 💓💓💓
splendeur@luckymommy3 - Happy Presidents' Day!!! My sis in law can't ship today.. 🙈 Def tomorrow!! 🌺💓🌸
splendeur@amzoet - wait, the measurements are in the description. 🌸😊✨ yay!!!
gemsbyjoanSo cute! Looks great on you Suhan! 😃 wish I were 4 sizes smaller. 😜💗💕Val
jml2255@centerfoldvault yeah, suhan has always been one of my faves. Gorgeous closet, gorgeous lady!
splendeur@jml2255 - you're always such a doll Jessica!!! 😘💋💋💋💋💋💋
musical915Thanks, you've been great, what time is it where you are? Goodnight :)
verocasadoHi @splendeur! I am not exactly new, but I wanted to consult you in your quality of savvy international posher. I am spending a big deal of time in Europe, more than originally expected, and cannot posh from here (more than once I have set an alarm clock to participate in the parties with not much success.) I would love to keep selling and poshing, but from Spain I cannot do it. Only when my partner goes back to the US I can reopen the closet. I was wondering if you could share how you deal with long distance and taking care of your customers. Thanks a lot in advance!
nami001💃🎉 Congratulations on your fabulous It-Girl Style host pick 💃🎉 I'm cheering with you and sharing your 😍 gorgeous 😍 listing 💃🎉
kyliebriennAnd an IT GIRL you are! A huge congratulations on earning a beautiful Host Pick at last night's Posh Party! I hope you are blessed with continued success in this business :)
splendeur@ashleykaylin - indeed! 🌺 I wish I'm more careful with this beauty though. 😆
biba44you are a great example for Poshmark, your closet is beautiful and your presentation is even more beautiful!
splendeur@cuccdn - hi Denise! Yes, I'm in Perth, it's gorgeous here!! I'm loving it. However, we are still in a hotel so not so homey but we move into our house on Thursday!! 💋💓💖🌺🎊🎊🎊 I can't wait! Thanks for asking 😘💋💋
cuccdn@splendeur - I'm so glad your there and loving it! Well, at least it's all down hill now...before you know it Thursday will here!😀 have fun putting together your new home❤️💋xoxo Oh! I have not had to the opportunity yet to check out what we spoke about, still don't know if it will fit into my lifestyle, but will keep you posted😘
splendeur@aliciahaney - whoohoo!!! Thank you for this wonderful host pick Alicia!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎈🎈🎉🎉🎊✨✨✨🎈🎈🎈 it's always such an honor 💓
read247Be kind. Rewind. 👒👜👡Congratulations on your Fashion Flashback Host Pick! 👡👜👒
kewpiedoll@splendeur Congrats on your blogger inspired host pick ❤️💃❤️💃❤️
whatsleft@splendeur Congratulations to you for your amazing HP💞🎉🌹🎊👏
luvmyqh6@splenduer WOO! HOO!!🎉💥💃🎉 Congrats on your Host Picks in tonights "Shimmer and Shine Party" 🎉💥🙆💃🎉😃❤️🐴
projectrunway        。 / 。/ /  / (  + \  。 \   ) / 。 /  /   (  +  \/  | |   Congratulations on your Lovely Host Pick
splendeur@lildubz003 - however, if you are generally a M and looking at the measurements.. I think this will be a tight fit.. 😞 I wouldn't want you to chance it. 😣
lildubz003@splendeur I, unfortunately, am around a medium (size 4-6) right now. I plan on returning back to my "usual" size of 2-4 but I am trying to stick around the size 4 range for my clothing now since that's where I tend to end up with my clothing. And, I also worry about it being too snug. I want the arms to be comfortable and not look like I forced myself into an outfit. I think it's great you purchase your items elsewhere - where no one can generally find the same thing as you. I think it helps with not only your personal closet, but with selling more items here! Plus, they're all so pretty! Question for you - do you have a general policy that you stick to when pricing the bundles that you put together/sell? What I'm trying to figure out is do you tend to give a certain percentage off when people purchase multiple items from you? What I would like to do is go back thru the items I "liked" from your selection, and determine which ones I would like to purchase. However, I would like to bundle multiple items rather than having several individual purchases of select items. Thank you for your time and responses to all of my questions!
ans1012What are the measurements for this please?
splendeur@ans1012 - hi Ashlie, the measurements are in the description. 💕🌷🌸
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