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hollyforevWould these be good length for 5"8/5"9
azmomto3girls@hollyforev do you normally but vs pants? They are a little long on me but not much I'm 5'4
shannancarolinaBeautiful family and congrats to your success in Posh.
gumbob@azmomto3girls Hi Jodi, nice to emeet you, browse, like, shop &/or share your closet. Happy Poshing 😊
carlysmommmaYour prices are incredibly low! Wish I was your size, but I can appreciate. We're all the same size in jewelry and purses, right?
azmomto3girls@carlysmommma don't know how I missed your comment! Thanks! I try to price items as a reasonable or even less than reasonable cost because I like good deals and want people to feel like they got a great deal on something they want or need! So I appreciate your comment and checking out my closet! Spot on-were all the same size in jewelry, bags, etc
cynthiaasalas@azmomto3girls so glad to follow here. It has been so much fun not only meeting NEW Posh members but also gaining some lifelong friendships. God is good all the time and always leading us to beautiful and wonderful people.
ramatin@azmomto3girls I have a clean posh closet ☺️ id appreciate a follow! I love your closet & congrats on your new baby boy 👶💗
javamama2Hi there, I'm from Az and have lived here all my life!☀️🌵. 👍😃
gabby1984gHi I'm Gabrielle! Been here since 1999 when I met my husband & I only moved back home (Memphis, TN) for 5-6 months & high-tailed it back to the valley of the sun. 😉
jaaayneeywhat an adorable cover photo!!! congratulations hosting. im pretty sure it'll be a blast. i will be there cheering and sharing of course. if you still have time, please take a peek at my closet for a possible host pick? i would greatly appreciate it. thank you :) xx -Posh Princess
dgibbs88@azmomto3girls how do you host a party? Does posh pick you? I've always been curious how that works. Congrats!
jhandelHey no worries! I have two kids and totally understand.. If you want to look for it a little longer that's fine! Or the refund? It's really a ok either way! Lol! I just found out I'm Prego w my 3rd soo I'm just trying to get comfty stuff for the winter! Thanks for the quick message! And again no worries either way! 😊💗👍
azmomto3girls@jhandel I'll refund you! So you don't have to keep waiting! I'm dumbfounded! I'm sooo sorry! And congrats in baby #3!!!! We just had baby number 4 end of August! 😍
erastyleI purchased and just wondering if you have shipped?
azmomto3girlsSorry I've been out of town! I'll ship today! Sorry about that!!
azmomto3girls@shannonsclothes hey Hun wanted to apologize my husband and daughter got into a little accident today and I didn't get a change to ship but promise it will go out tomorrow ❤️😍
shannonsclothesNo problem at all! I hope everyones okay.. Family first!
jazminandiCan you do $6?
azmomto3girls@jazminandi I can bundle for that price. Alone it's not even worth me driving to post office! I'll make less than zero 😭😭
shylah1So sad I missed out on these!!! Your closet is fab, and your family is beautiful!! Xoxo. Sending some <3
sparkal@azmomto3girls would you consider trading? I have a bunch of lulu items in my closet
azmomto3girls@sparkal I don't trade! Feel free to place an offer
kwatanabe1Would be willing to go a little lower on the price? I just bought a brand new one at the outlet for $40 and some change. If not it's ok.
azmomto3girls@kwatanabe1 no price is firm, sorry. It's been tried on and then hung back up, so basically never worn. Thank you!
azmomto3girls@arianniduncan sorry for the miscommunication. If it doesn't get scanned by this evening I'll call my post office tomorrow first thing but it should!
arianniduncanOkay. :) no problem. Thanks again!
jadexiHello! May you pretty please bundle these with the Joe's denim shorts for 17? Thank you for your time :)
azmomto3girls@jadexi sorry I can't do that.
rbillings2How old is this top? How does it fit?
azmomto3girls@rbillings2 maybe a year or two, not worn a whole lot. It's stretchy like all splendid clothing, this top though I would say for a shorter person because I'm 5'4 and it hits at a little lower than waist line
mprodriguezThat looks tiny. No problem, but if you wanted to throw in your cute VS tribal pants for the "inconvenience" I wouldnt be disappointed! lol either way its fine :)
mprodriguezLOVE everything! Thx so much!!
azmomto3girls@hayleyy_ox pictures make things look worse!
hayleyy_oxWell i appreciate it very much! The price was very fair and I'm very satisfied. Plus you're so nice!
jettlaggingI have this same top but bigger size and it's so comfy and cute! U have it listed at a great price!
azmomto3girls@jettlagging they are comfy! I just live in arizona and don't get a lot of use out of warm clothes!
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