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!...... amommy's Closet


millieholWhat are these shoes made out of?
azmomto3girls@milliehol I have no idea. Sorry! 😰They aren't like the soft movable flats they are stiff flats.
mrsdiva703WOW! This is HOT! City Chic all the way! Congrats on this FAB host pick! (Round of Applause) to you!
azmomto3girls@justprincessj possible host pick?!
kcerutiTotally understand. I'm going to keep them in mind. I don't NEED another pair of black boots, but these are cute and love the way my other Aldo boots fit.
azmomto3girls@kceruti awesome! Yes they are super comfy and I'm only getting rid of them because of the brass buckle. I like silver. Is there a price you had in mind!? I'm definitely not the "get offended" type ❤️
azmomto3girls@crazyposh thank you thank you! What an honor! Thanks for the congrats ladies! ❤️💛💙💜💚
crazyposhYou are so welcome ;)
rociochapagomezHi, I know it was late last night... so let's continue the shopping! !!!
azmomto3girls@rociochapagomez let me know if you wanted me to bundle! I was on a camping trip so my phone was in and out of service! I'm home now!
shannb2003@azmomto3girls Great!! Thank you. I am waiting on funds to be released. I will let you know when ready to purchase. Should be no later than tomorrow evening! :)
azmomto3girls@shannb2003 sounds great! ❤️❤️
kelly9090Is this a reg tank or does it show stomach?
azmomto3girls@kelly9090 right at waistline, if you raise arms though stomach would show!
liznlincolncould i see these on? trying to see how they fit... thanks
azmomto3girls@liznlincoln I am 5 months pregnant! I could not get into them right now :(( im sorry i couldn't help
carlysmommmaYour prices are incredibly low! Wish I was your size, but I can appreciate. We're all the same size in jewelry and purses, right?
azmomto3girls@carlysmommma don't know how I missed your comment! Thanks! I try to price items as a reasonable or even less than reasonable cost because I like good deals and want people to feel like they got a great deal on something they want or need! So I appreciate your comment and checking out my closet! Spot on-were all the same size in jewelry, bags, etc
tebonnerAhwatukee 😘
justmeevamarieI'm in AZ too!! 😊 nice to meet you!! I wasn't born here, but have lived here for 20 years! I feel like a native LOL! Love AZ! I spent 5 years over in Laguna Beach....miss the ocean!! But AZ is home. 🌵☀️
marlanap@azmomto3girls Yes! I definitely follow all of the Posh Rules now! 😍
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