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Community Guidelines


The Poshmark team works extra hard to build a community based on trust and respect. We think this makes our community special and hopefully you think so too! Please help us continue this tradition by following a few simple guidelines:

Be Friendly and Kind

Poshmark is a friendly community where everyone should feel safe and comfortable. We ask our users to be respectful in their interactions with others so that we can maintain a healthy and happy environment for everyone to enjoy. We are all individuals with our own thoughts and opinions - and we get that. We expect for everyone to be respectful of that as well.

Be Yourself, Be Real

Please be yourself when engaging with other community members. Spam and self-promotion are never received well by others, so please refrain from partaking in such behavior.

Be a Trustworthy Seller

One of the best things about Poshmark is that listing is completely free. When creating a listing, please be honest in describing your item and disclose as much information as possible. This way, buyers know exactly what it is that they are getting. For more information on how to be a trustworthy seller, please check out our seller guidelines in our FAQ section.

Be a Responsible Posh Partier

Posh Parties are a fun way to discover and shop new closets. It’s also the perfect time for you to promote your own listings to people within the community. We encourage our users to join in on the Posh Party fun, but please stick to the theme of the parties. This creates a much better shopping experience for everyone! There’s nothing worse than attending a "Handbags and Shoes Party" and being bombarded with jewelry and tops.

Take the Time to Create a Beautiful Listing

Creating a listing is quick and easy. That’s why we encourage you to take those extra steps to showcase your style and get creative with your Covershot. We find that creating a listing where you’re wearing the item you’re listing for sale is much quicker to sell than when it’s just on a hanger. Click here to see more of our tips and a few examples of how you can jazz up your closet on Poshmark.

Talk to Us

We want you to know that we are always here for you. Customer support is extremely important to us and we strive to go above and beyond for each of our community members. If you ever run into an issue, whether it's with an item that you purchased, or with another community member, please do not try to resolve the situation on your own. Reach out to us at support@poshmark.com and we can help resolve the issue on your behalf. After all, that’s what we’re here for. :)