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PoshFest 2014 Kickoff Party

erincauseyWould you take $150?
angela_rose@erincausey I'm pretty firm on price since I've already lowered it quite a bit. You can make an offer though!
jovanaongTime to celebrate!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉Congratulations on your Host Pick tonight. Wishing you many more!!!!❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉
valorieann🎉🎉🎉Congratulations on your fabulous Host Pick🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏👏👏💃💃💃💃
brittneylaubbb_hey :) if you can do 12 I can buy this and the cali shirt right now
shoptillidrop23@brittneylaubbb_ I can do 12, ill make your bundle tonight when im home from work (:
faribao@morganrachel Thanks for the like, happy to answer any question you might have.
faribao@wood0643 thank you for purchasing, it will be ship tomorrow ❤️
finelife@bobbi50 here is pic for you. 💗
finelife@chuchi1 Hi, thanks for the like! let me know if you see anything else in my closet, I love to bundle & will give 20% discount. HAPPY POSHING! 😃💗
showme2themall🎶🎤💖They say we're young and we don't know..BABE, I got you Babe🎶🎤💋 Congrats on your groovy "BOHO Babe"host pick😱💋😱
mizzpinay1980Yeay!! Congrats on you FAB HP!!!
icandyintimates@verito5 what is wrong with the material are the holes...I know that the material isn't thin please explain thx
verito5The material of The dress is super cheap. Bottom part of it. Not holes part. It's not a $40 worth dress.
michelleoco@ava8182 @aamenna Thanks for the like girls! $5 off today if interested 😊😎🌺
patluvs2cuddleThank you very much for the offer. How about instead of the nine west wedges I get the white Guess heels which are $3 more?
mademoiselleani@patluvs2cuddle Hey there I've been so busy at work & haven't had time to ship the package out. We'll leave the order as is, since you paid $20 + shipping. But I'm going to include all 3 heels. These 2 & the guess ones. I marked them as not for sale. Make sure they're the right ones (I'll tag you, you confirm). I'll ship them out tomorrow after work. I start at 6:45am so the post office won't be open.
boba_teeHi! I hope you like the shoes! Sorry i didn't have a nice box to put these beautiful shoes in :/ @wagnertazia
wagnertaziaIt's okay! I love them! They're so much fun!
kleioSorry for the delay.. Family emergency. No I never go a refund and have never heard back from postmark. Do not know what to do! Thy do not respond to anything. Never did. It does show as being taken out my account on the 28th if August without any ever put back. Help!!
mollydolly@kleio ill send them a message for u :) and so sorry to hear about ur family emergency! Hope everything turns out alright!
innerbeautIt'll be coming as is w/ box shown? Yes :)
darkmere@innerbeaut Sorry for the delay I am at work. Yes it comes with the box. I will ship it out in the morning.
thanhmaitrang@odyakov I think it runs a little small. I can still fit into it if I don't wear a bra. I'm a 34B.
odyakovAh, I see. Then I definitely won't fit into it either 😁
maluisachuaHi! Would you be able to discount a bundle of my likes?
sdinitto@maluisachua yes I can bundle your likes for $22. Let me know, and I'll bundle for you 😊
sdbengal03Hi did you already ship? I need to change my address
aguilera_fan18@sdbengal03 hi there, I did ship. Did you move and have it forwarded or are you out of town? The label provided to me is the only one posh will allow me to use for tracking purposes, but if you had your mail forwarded from a previous address, don't worry, they will get it to you.
starflower@vtviolet I don't think so, I only put them on for a second when I took the pic but I can let you know when I'm back home tomorrow evening :)
starflower@vtviolet the earrings have some weight to them, they aren't flimsy but they aren't too heavy they don't pull my ears or feel uncomfortable.
vdiez105There was @mkmanabe ? I haven't gotten it. I'll check first thing Sat Morning, I work no where near the post office lol
mkmanabe@vdiez105 Hi! Were you able to check your post office? The tracking number is 9405510899359025797742.
slevans007@girlinspace thanks for the like! Welcome to my closet! Just wanted to let you know I do offer bundle discounts! I don't trade ever. but let me know if u have any questions! I'm also open to offers! Happy Poshing!!!
slevans007@vv99 thanks for the like! Let me know if you have any questions! I don't trade but I offer bundle discounts and open to offers! Hope to hear from you & happy Poshing!!!
andreacast94Hello! Could you model this dress, please?
sw33tt@mk518 thanks for your purchase. I'll ship it out on Monday
smellsogood19@lynchacon 15% off your likes if interested! Have a good weekend :-)
smellsogood19@geli2809 hey there and thank you for visiting my closet!!! I discount bundles by 15%, ship the same (or next day) and offer free shipping! Let me know if I can help u with anything ;-}
nikongirlrocks@alyssamarieee13 ~ Oh cool!! Thank you so much! 😁
alyssamarieee13@nikongirlrocks yeah no problem! It might help you sell it so figure is share my knowledge usually takes a few minutes to do, they also do fossil watch battery changes for $10 just in case you may need one haah
ananj@shar333 thanks for your purchase! I hope you enjoy the bag!
ananj@shar333 thanks for the 5 star rating & so glad u live the bag!! Enjoy!
jnettelucky@grissy430 hi sorry for late response .. I only have the black pair left . Can't locate the other pair . I might of sold them in a bundle . I can do $6 for the black pair .. Lmk thanks
jnettelucky@grissy430 actually the description says they were sold .. Sorry :(
linznelson@jenniferf76 --- just waiting to ship until you let me know your freebie😘
linznelson@jenniferf76 --- Jen!!! Want to get your stuff sent off but waiting for your new freebie pick---- let me know ASAP!!!!
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