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Total Trendsetter Party

eeevaaa09@madrich21 im offering $5 off on all my fashion necklaces until the end of the month. please let me know if you have any questions? (:
eeevaaa09@dams FYI. I'm offering $5 off on all of my fashion necklaces until the end of this month if your interested. Thanks!
mariaelIf these are on sale I would like the yellow pair.
mariaelI want the yellow mustard pair of earrings to be added to the bundle.
kegibbs92Love love love them!!! Are they being held still for someone?
carol1967Send me the order.... So I csn pay
megsbs@theclothesline Do you know what the Latin patch reads? I can't quite make it out to look it up haha
theclothesline@megsbs it says "Royal Engineers" lol i have no idea who they are. :)
buffalosweetieSo cute!! Thanks for the share of my HP tonight
lola4752Followed you on IG! Followback @lola4752.
jbear@kris10law 🎉🎉🎉CONGRATS🎉🎉🎉 You will have a BLAST!!! Thanks for the tag @elisehunter
therealmartaThanks for the host pick last night!!
vanityfairer@anoliver Thank you! Lol I love to shop til' I drop if you couldn't tell! 💁💁💁
anoliverWell I'm thinking your very good at it;)
tily@sassysuzzy right, so I would say the other pictures, not the first, depict the true color of the bag
sassysuzzyThanks. Putting it on my Xmas list
glitterkitty@triciay Thank you so much! I'll keep my eye out for one and let you know if I see it. :)
triciay@glitterkitty thanks a lot!
kristyblocker@jennyboucher hi Jennifer! I know you said you wanted these. I have another pair, NWT. Do you still want these? I'll create another listing
vanillamelon@surgtech2009 no problem, Let me know if you have any other questions!
vanillamelon@lorianna hi! You can purchase this listing :)
agrullon911Hey, What's your final price????
eeevaaa09@agrullon911 for this entire month I'm offering to take off $5 on all of my fashion necklaces. I do free shipping through Paypal and I can possibly take a little bit more off on bundles (:
cuca_81@gabi_tremens Thanks for your purchase! Will ship it out in the morning
gabi_tremensOki.. Thanks!
pinkyellowpink*is. I can't spell today!
ujammadesign@pinkyellowpink The tag doesn't list the brand and it was a gift so I'm not sure where it was purchased. Super cute though!
maddiexx19@_katiehui13 I'm sorry but I don't trade! I do offer discounts on bundles though. Let me know if you have any more questions ☺️
jewelrylove@loulou4 thank you for your purchase :) I will mail it out ASAP on Monday :)
loulou4Sounds great!
earth_2_glamor@domsmommom HAHAHA!! ...actually, I meant $42, but just lmk, tomorrow is fine, and $42 is good with me!!
earth_2_glamor@enit4fun Hi Misty, thanks for the like! Lmk if I can answer any questions for you!! :)
christimWhat size bust does the small and medium fit ideally?
jackiieeee@christim It's hard to say because the elastic allows for a lot of stretch. I'm a 34/36B-C and I wear the small. The medium also fits me, but the small fits more comfortable. The medium is probably ideal for a C cup.
maidmarianCONGRATS ON YOUR HP👏👏👏👏
swissmistressCongratulations on your Girly Girl Party HP!!🎀❤️🎉🎀❤️🎉🎀❤️🎉🎀❤️🎉🎀
daisesx13@amesis2013 @svlove22 @kimrose2007 thank you for the like ladies :) if you have any questions I'm open to help ❤️
simply_valeriedo you trade?
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