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Total Trendsetter Party


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eeevaaa09@madrich21 im offering $5 off on all my fashion necklaces until the end of the month. please let me know if you have any questions? (:
eeevaaa09@dams FYI. I'm offering $5 off on all of my fashion necklaces until the end of this month if your interested. Thanks!
darlethestarletOhhh boo that sucks cause I really wanted it. :,(it's ok hopefully when I can buy it's still here I really hope it is
pattilabella@darlethestarlet ok 😊 I always say if it's still available when you're ready then it's totally meant to be 💕💕💕
shayarmelinThe hot pink ones
mariaelIf these are on sale I would like the yellow pair.
kegibbs92Love love love them!!! Are they being held still for someone?
carol1967Send me the order.... So I csn pay
theclothesline@ffkristen thanks for the love! I'm offering 30% off until Thursday! Happy poshing!
theclothesline@sybilch if you're interested price is negotiable!
buffalosweetieSo cute!! Thanks for the share of my HP tonight
lola4752Followed you on IG! Followback @lola4752.
christinac0893@maitai87 if I do purchase is it going to smell lol I'm sorry to be so blunt about it but I purchased this dress off posh and she said she wore it once and it was disgusting the way it smelt. n the damage forget it. she def wore it more than once or twice n I disputed it n won with posh. it was jus gross. I'm kinda afraid to purchase on posh now lol jus wanna make sure it's still in good condition
maitai87@christinac0893 lmao... umm I dont know what would make it smell but It has no odor. I dont smoke or have pets. My room is uber clean and organized. Ive had no complaints from all my previous buyers. Im a top seller on here as well. So, hope that helps ease your mind
jbear@kris10law 🎉🎉🎉CONGRATS🎉🎉🎉 You will have a BLAST!!! Thanks for the tag @elisehunter
therealmartaThanks for the host pick last night!!
vanityfairer@anoliver Thank you! Lol I love to shop til' I drop if you couldn't tell! 💁💁💁
anoliverWell I'm thinking your very good at it;)
tily@sassysuzzy right, so I would say the other pictures, not the first, depict the true color of the bag
sassysuzzyThanks. Putting it on my Xmas list
glitterkitty@triciay Thank you so much! I'll keep my eye out for one and let you know if I see it. :)
triciay@glitterkitty thanks a lot!
kristyblocker@jennyboucher hi Jennifer! I know you said you wanted these. I have another pair, NWT. Do you still want these? I'll create another listing
vanillamelon@surgtech2009 no problem, Let me know if you have any other questions!
vanillamelon@lorianna hi! You can purchase this listing :)
agrullon911Hey, What's your final price????
eeevaaa09@agrullon911 for this entire month I'm offering to take off $5 on all of my fashion necklaces. I do free shipping through Paypal and I can possibly take a little bit more off on bundles (:
cuca_81@gabi_tremens Thanks for your purchase! Will ship it out in the morning
gabi_tremensOki.. Thanks!
pinkyellowpink*is. I can't spell today!
ujammadesign@pinkyellowpink The tag doesn't list the brand and it was a gift so I'm not sure where it was purchased. Super cute though!
maddiexx19@_katiehui13 I'm sorry but I don't trade! I do offer discounts on bundles though. Let me know if you have any more questions ☺️
sidneydannThanks for the shares! Let me know if interested! Thanks!
lovelyrain05New to PM. Thanks for following!!
jewelrylove@loulou4 thank you for your purchase :) I will mail it out ASAP on Monday :)
loulou4Sounds great!
domsmommomThat's a great price I can do 44 I think can u. Just give me till tomm morn thanks sweetie. 44 good price
earth_2_glamor@domsmommom HAHAHA!! ...actually, I meant $42, but just lmk, tomorrow is fine, and $42 is good with me!!
christimWhat size bust does the small and medium fit ideally?
jackiieeee@christim It's hard to say because the elastic allows for a lot of stretch. I'm a 34/36B-C and I wear the small. The medium also fits me, but the small fits more comfortable. The medium is probably ideal for a C cup.
maidmarianCONGRATS ON YOUR HP👏👏👏👏
swissmistressCongratulations on your Girly Girl Party HP!!🎀❤️🎉🎀❤️🎉🎀❤️🎉🎀❤️🎉🎀
daisesx13@amesis2013 @svlove22 @kimrose2007 thank you for the like ladies :) if you have any questions I'm open to help ❤️
simply_valeriedo you trade?
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