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Downtown Chic Party

nkjciThat sounds good! Thank you!
dw_style@nkjci okay waist measures 13" laying flat and 22" length
nessasaurus@stacie24 hi there! Pull on, no zip. Let me know if you have any other questions :)
stacie24Thnx and i will
lula44@schuylerbynight I see that the item was delivered yesterday, so I wanted to follow up with you and make sure it arrived❤️
schuylerbynightHi! Sorry I'm currently traveling so I haven't been able to verify that it's delivered, but thank you so much for being so timely
lindseytodd@krissyhelf Hi there!! I am so sorry for the delay in getting back with you. I just got home last night from an impromptu trip out of the country and am still trying to get organized/catch up on messages. I will put your bundle together right now, thank you so much! :)
cinbad42I dont mean to sound rude but she clearly stated she is out of MED & LARGE yet the question is being asked numerous times ladies read the whole description! Again just a friendly note :)
phaagDo you have a size chart or measurements S fits?
candyapples09@highondiamonds - Love the shoes. They are perfect. So adorable! Thanks for sending them so fast 💐
highondiamonds@candyapples09 I'm glad you love them! If you need anything else or have any questions let me know :)
susan_nah@monicawei yes I remember u. Hun I only have this one size. It's not right at all so I think maybe it could fit a small medium but I don't have a way to confirm for sure sry ;)
monicaweiThanks dear. I think i will pass. But can i get some items from you please? I will comment now which ones i want.
eotoba@sghabbour so glad you love it and are pleased! Enjoy it!☺️☺️☺️☺️
sghabbour@eotoba more than pleased! I am going to a wedding in two weeks and it will match perfectly with my dress and shoes! You are awesome! Thanks again 😁
tdkbkt6Congratulations Wenda, On Your Fabulous Casual Friday Host Pick! 💕👏👏👏💕💐💐💐💕🎈🎈🎈💕🌷🌷🌷💕🌺🌺🌺💕
kimjacoby13Pls bundle for Kim?
seikaz79@auntiecherri thanks for your purchase girl 😉 will ship tomorrow- Monday the latest 💗
seikaz79@auntiecherri hi dear! Did you get your package yet? Let me know, please 😊
jaqronAww... 😟 i was getting ready to purchase... Thanks anyway. 😌
ahedgeDo you have anymore? I would like to purchase!
rheadcsellerPls let me know if you consider trading!! :) I am very interested and have good feedback for reference !!!
graycornbread@britnic23 Sure that will be helpful! Have a nice vacay!
britnic23@graycornbread Haven't forgotten about you, I just got called into work as soon as I got back and had to work a couple 12 hour shifts in a row, I will post the pic for you tonight tho!
carrwhitdo you have other colors in this? I LOVE this top
bentleyclothing@carrwhit Yes I have white & sky blue, navy & jade, and blue & red! Let me keno if I can answer anymore questions for you☺️💋❤️
kristyblocker@scarlettstained thank you! Went by so fast! Sadly, I didn't get to list all my host picks
scarlettstainedI know it goes too fast! I missed about 20 of my picks when i hosted for the fact that my app slowed on me. You still did great!@kristyblocker
mrs_flaharty2u@nicolatta3 a Thanks so much for you purchase Sweets! I will try to ship tomorrow!! 😘
nicolatta3No worries. Im in no rush even though im excited to get it! Ur welcome n thank you :)
sassyhill1224@jessicakossuth hi! I see your necklace was delivered today. Please let me know how you like your first posh purchase 😉
dariel_michelleHi 😊 Please check my closet for a possible Host Pick for tonight's party. I have Authentic Handbags, shoes, dresses, etc, and follow all posh rules. Your consideration would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!!
n3ssa_vIs this a shirt or a dress?
miaxoxo105@n3ssa_v it's more of a top I'm 5'3 and it covers like half way down my backside
popnrox@rubyrz - if they run big, that's cool. I own a pair of heels from C. Santana that are 6.5
rubyrz@popnrox ok I'll have them wrapped up and on their way by today. 😊
babyishpinkyjust got this in today, thank u Karen! totally love it, super cute ;)
gabrielle1030I'm so glad to hear that @babyishpinky 😊 You're very welcome and Thank you for your feedback!! 😚😚😚
xonikki19@leannboerckel Hey can you let me know when you ship this out please and thank you!
leannboerckel@xonikki19 yes I did today !
annananaLove this! What are the measurements? Thanks!
simlpydressedWhat is the inseam on these? Thank you...
renarose2Can i see a pic of bottom soles? Any defects/scuffs on the leather or suede?
brinda@renarose2 - I'll send them out to you tomorrow :)
barnette@blancascloser Hi Blanca, just got the boots right now from the mailman. I LOVE them! Thank you!
blancascloser@barnette I'm so glad you are happy with your purchase! Happy Holidays! 🎉🎉🎉
muudu@travelgrl great! Thank you I would like a Medium
travelgrl@muudu Perfect! I will pack it up now!! 😊💝. Have a great evening!!
tamarismom🎉🎉Congratulation on your Winter Wonderland Host Pick. Well deserved🎉🎉 🎄Happy Holidays!🎁
jessy_12555Love it !
kateatkissonHi has this been shipped yet? I'd like it for a party I'm attending next weekend. Thanks
briana_avila@kateatkisson hey I dropped it of this morning
mstaradawn@slambswife would $85 work? That's like free shipping lol and you can still pick a free gift
slambswife$85 will be ok with me. If you will piece this bundle together I will purchase in the morning!! If my check has been posted to my acct after midnight in a few mins, I'll purchase then though!!! That's all I'm waiting on is my direct deposit to show up. May not be until 6am though. Either way, these are all mine lol!! Lmk if in the morning is good if I dnt snatch up in 30 mins ✨💋✨
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