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Downtown Chic Party


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bnb220Would you bundle this skirt and the other "liked" dress for $45?
dw_style@bnb220 all of prices are marked to the lowest, therefore prices are firm even if bundled, I'm sorry
kyliebriennGorgeous!! Congratulations to your fabulous host pick from last night's "Downtown Chic" PoshParty! Cheers to even MORE sales!! Whoo hoo! Xo.
lula44@schuylerbynight I see that the item was delivered yesterday, so I wanted to follow up with you and make sure it arrived❤️
schuylerbynightHi! Sorry I'm currently traveling so I haven't been able to verify that it's delivered, but thank you so much for being so timely
fameprincess17I think I might buy these...I want them...
rosieposie15@fameprincess17 feel free to ask any questions
candyapples09@highondiamonds - Love the shoes. They are perfect. So adorable! Thanks for sending them so fast 💐
highondiamonds@candyapples09 I'm glad you love them! If you need anything else or have any questions let me know :)
kristen6973@ananj I had to like both listings just because it is so fabulous!
ananj@kristen6973 Ha ha, yes, totally unique
kryszu@leelee0407 hi there :) interested? Pls let me know
kryszu@stylzoo hi there :) thanks for your likes, will you bee interested on a bundle? Pls let me know if you have any questions :)
susan_nah@mrsstorer oh really didn't know that. But strips are always a celebrity love ;)
nickybrattinaThose shoes!!! Love.
eotoba@sghabbour so glad you love it and are pleased! Enjoy it!☺️☺️☺️☺️
sghabbour@eotoba more than pleased! I am going to a wedding in two weeks and it will match perfectly with my dress and shoes! You are awesome! Thanks again 😁
seikaz79@auntiecherri thanks for your purchase girl 😉 will ship tomorrow- Monday the latest 💗
seikaz79@auntiecherri hi dear! Did you get your package yet? Let me know, please 😊
susan_nah@jaqron sry Hun these two bags are out for now ;)
jaqronAww... 😟 i was getting ready to purchase... Thanks anyway. 😌
carrwhitI just ordered! Is this a true bubblegum pink. I'm trying to coordinate my family's Easter attire.
bentleyclothing@carrwhit Thanks for purchasing! And yes :) What size did you need?😘❤️
kristyblocker@scarlettstained thank you! Went by so fast! Sadly, I didn't get to list all my host picks
scarlettstainedI know it goes too fast! I missed about 20 of my picks when i hosted for the fact that my app slowed on me. You still did great!@kristyblocker
mrs_flaharty2u@nicolatta3 a Thanks so much for you purchase Sweets! I will try to ship tomorrow!! 😘
nicolatta3No worries. Im in no rush even though im excited to get it! Ur welcome n thank you :)
bearypotter@girlalu oh I meant the other bracelets you said you have 😁
girlalu@bearypotter oh 😄 ok, ill tag u in some of my other bracelet listings😊
sassyhill1224@jessicakossuth oh well yay you!!! Ha welcome to Posh!!! You will love it here. Like I said I'll send in the morning. Usually takes two days to arrive. If you have any questions about posh please feel free to ask me. Thanks again.
sassyhill1224@jessicakossuth hi! I see your necklace was delivered today. Please let me know how you like your first posh purchase 😉
n3ssa_vIs this a shirt or a dress?
miaxoxo105@n3ssa_v it's more of a top I'm 5'3 and it covers like half way down my backside
itsheathereAre you selling that yellow sweater so?!
ajcham@itsheathere no doll, sorry im not:(
gabrielle1030I can bring it down to 120 if you're still interested @kaitlyon Since they do take out an additional 20% fee on top of the price. Just let me know okay Sweetie.
aaaalicia5@samanthajo3 see anything else besides the shoes you'd be interested in?
samanthajo3Sorry not at the moment LMK if u add more
tfoster01Whats the lowest you'll take for these?
boneca8182@tfoster01 I can do the lowest 20$ Hun
kyliebriennSpring is in the air!! Flowers are blooming and the sunshine is shining! Congratulations on your FABULOUS HostPick at last night’s PoshParty! Thank you for being a leader in this community and sharing your treasures with us! Cheers! Xo.
bthereasap@designertimes Hey there! So happy your doing ok. I know you will be just fine. Stay strong, He will care for all of us. I'm hanging in there and so is my loved one. She is home for a short while before having to prep to be back. You both have the best care in the world. Everything will she just fine. The pendant is available and the vegan cuff is available (I have multiples of this item and It is relisted once it sells, which is why you still notice it here) also. I can bundle discount the pendant watch 10% to help with cost, however the cuff as you know is already on clearance pricing. Let me know when your ready. Rest Bellagirl 🌸 it's critical in recovery. Feel good. It's going to be a great day for you! Best to you💕
bthereasap@lillyroseland Hoping the shares help💕🌸
kyliebriennCongratulations on your Host Pick at last night’s Fresh Fashion Posh Party! The co-hosts did such a wonderful job selecting beautiful items to share with all of us! Cheers to many more sales!! Xo
renarose2Can i see a pic of bottom soles? Any defects/scuffs on the leather or suede?
brinda@renarose2 - I'll send them out to you tomorrow :)
muudu@travelgrl great! Thank you I would like a Medium
travelgrl@muudu Perfect! I will pack it up now!! 😊💝. Have a great evening!!
lglowka@karmastee Let me know if you're interested in a bundle. Thanks for looking!
mlj42Thanks for sharing doll♥
tamarismom🎉🎉Congratulation on your Winter Wonderland Host Pick. Well deserved🎉🎉 🎄Happy Holidays!🎁
jessy_12555Love it !
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