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Simply Classic Party


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smclondonIs this more of a white taupe than brown?? Just making sure before I purchase!
jojokaka@smclondon it's more of a white taupe :)
jojokaka@freaknik4444 hi hun, im so sorry about it. You don't have to send it back to me. How about I send you a new one, but not in this color because I found out this color have too many problems. Please let me know :) We'll figure out a way to solve this.
freaknik4444Sure that sounds great. Any color will be fine
twiggypop3@heatherrrspecht hi hun. Sorry I just saw your comment! I can do $10 if interested still thanks :)
twiggypop3@heatherrrspecht Hi hun ..had a sale this weekend and lowered to $7 if still interested in these!
melishoward@katemorris3 hi there! Lmk if you're interested 😊
melishoward@grammy4 hi there! Lmk if you have any question 😊
billie52Well hon thanks,but if u do in future please let me know good luck and merry Xmas to u and yours god bless u
jojokaka@justwanttoshop hi thank you for letting me know. 😊I just ask her to remove the picture and hopefully she will do it, otherwise I will have to report to poshmark.
ohkittybabyyWill you have this one again?
natashacombsThanx it will be around 1 pm Cali time I will purchase Hun 😄
natashacombsHi I am trying to purchase my sweater but it says sold, will I plz fix it so I can buy it now! Thank you Hun!
khey@tayzdee only medium on that color. Gray is in stock for small though
tayzdeeAwwww..ok thx!
xkristinx824Hello! I'm a size 6 sometimes 6.5, do these run pretty true to size or do you think I would be good with sizing?
xkristinx824What brand is this??? I wanna try and find them in my size! Hehe
nishb@jojokaka no other pockets/compartments inside?
jojokaka@nishb this one only has two cell phone pockets inside. However, I have the other one with zip pocket inside and outside the bag 😊
lmbohananCongrats on your Fabulous HP! 👏👏👏👏🎉🎊😘 ox. Lola
lmbohananSorry error^^^😔
sunnysty@candace_25 no, I did dropped off at the post office on Saturday noon
candace_25Oh ok. Well hopefully it will ship out this week.
bentleyclothing@jezebella72 Okay sounds good!😘❤️
jezebella72I am stuck how do I change my credit card info I am have a posh blank??? I can't find it🙆🆘
jojokaka@lapu thank you for your purchase. I will have your bag shipped tomorrow 😊😊😘
aimietranYou wouldn't happen to have any more of this bag, would you?
jojokaka@bunkie thank you!!! I have ship your order out on Monday 😘😘
jferr114Congrats on your classic & casual host pick! Great choice! 🎉
jcrilly🎉🎉🎉Congratulations on host pick during tonight's classic & casual party ! ! ! ! ! 💌💚
jojokaka@donna45 thank you for your purchase. Will have it shipped tomorrow 😊😊
donna45Awesome :) Cant wait to get it :) Thank you again
jojokaka@marma thank you for your purchase. I will have it shipped today 😊😊😘
lovezDo you have anymore of this bag
fancykoleJust Received My Bag ☺️ , I'm In Love w/ It !
jojokaka@fancykole great!!! I'm glad that you love it 😃
bsdeen05Only interested in the gold set, thx
susan_nah@bsdeen05 yes this is the gold listing ;) thank u
jojokaka@sagranville are you talking about the one I have in my closet? I have all cream, blue, black and mint available :)
sagranvilleOkay.. Funds are limited right now.. I have my eye on the creme and blue .. I will be in touch soon.. Thx
jojokaka@thakoconubian sure hun.. The shipping usually takes 3 business days. You should be getting your package on Wednesday or Thursday 😊😊
thakoconubianOhk thank u
berniiebooWhat's the lowest?
susan_nah@berniieboo I can do 37 and bundle gives more discount ;)
marianstefanskiJust received it's not true to size runs small!
mnmmiraniWould u be able to get ahold of another small?🙏😊
carrwhitI just ordered! Is this a true bubblegum pink. I'm trying to coordinate my family's Easter attire.
bentleyclothing@carrwhit Thanks for purchasing! And yes :) What size did you need?😘❤️
tajjohnsonAre the narrow or medium? How high us the heel (inches)
aaaalicia5@tajjohnson I think narrow. And about 2-3 inches
starbaby83@pattilabella Just received the watch! Im so happy with the purchase!! Thank you I will definitely be back to shop again!!!
pattilabella@starbaby83 I'm so glad you liked it 😊💕💕💕 enjoy 💙
zoedandreaCan yu 90? I'll take it at 90
lluna0227🎉🎉 It’s a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It’s all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end, low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together. -Alexander McQueen Congrats! 🎨🎨🎨🎉🎉🎉
beth6856@fabicase I absolutely live this! 💜💜
fabicase@beth6856 YAYEE!! You received it!! Yes I agree with you I had purchase one for myself and found it so useful!! Thank you again for your purchase!! 💝😊
molatronica@dallaskenna of course! Your closet is so cute too! Good luck with the competition, happy poshing :)
katigaddisHey, thanks for the follow :) just wanted to let you know everything in my closet is 20% off . Check it out!
lalalilzThanks! Cant wait to get it!!
feliciak1995What are so good about these hand bags?
cuccdn👏🎉Congrats on your HP💕👏🎉
prelovenyc💙🐥🐥🐥 🙋💬Starstruck on this dress 👗👗❗⭐✨✨⭐✨ 👚 What a lovely closet and stunning photos❗👗👙👜👠 👛💄👖👢👡 👖 I Lurve to share 🌳🌻🐝🌻🐝🌻🐝🌳 👠👠
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