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Cute Clutches & Wallets Party


Brand-spankin' new. Shop a great selection of listings with tags attached.

snwhiterose@joanneher Thanks for the like! Just wanted to let you know that I discount on bundles. Feel free to give me an offer if interested as well. 😊 Take advantage of PM's $1 shipping ending very soon!
daniellecyan@elizabeths0825 all the individual colors all listed in my closet. Would you like for me to tag you in any colors? Or all of them :)?
daniellecyan@fsavarino these colors and also black. Let me know if you need me to tag you in the individual color listings
minacb@danceramanda1 interested?💕 I would love to lower the price for you!
isabella41811I love green please check out my closet
glitterkitty@khi98 Sorry for the delay! See last photo. I took this under my dining room table light. The color on the tag is "burnt orange". Hope this helps!
glitterkitty@dahyana thanks for your purchase! I had already left for work this morning when you bought this, so I will mail it first thing tomorrow morning.
ladybug2169Love it...Thank you!
chelly9874@ladybug2169 I love it too! It has so much room lol. I own one 😃 if it's acceptable could you please accept it through Poshmark? Thanks so much for a pleasant transaction! ❤️
urbankidd82Hey was this a one time deal or can you get this again? I do love it.
smjh@urbankidd82 Thank you for visiting my closet & for the likes! 💗 This was the only wallet I had in my stock, but I definitely should be able to get another one if you'd like. Please just let me know. 😊
jadrch@buana3104 Thank you so much😘 it's for my mom💙💖
buana3104@jadrch no problem. Ill ship it tomorrow! 🌹
janeanmyers@kadiemarie17 🎅thank you! Will ship this out tomorrow morning for you!
kadiemarie17Your welcome thanks for working w/ me on this... Merry Christmas Hun!
hrhjenniIt more gorgeous than I anticipated!!!! Thank you!!!
smjh@hrhjenni Yay!! I'm so glad you are happy with it! 💗 Thank you for the feedback!
poppyfI got it today! Thank you so much! I love the gift I'm wearing them as well!!
closetbymaris@poppyf oh goody! Im glad. Hope to see you back!
binalK but u don't have any pocket to put the card . Just Saim in the pic
gabrielle1030No slots for cards @binal But there's a zipped pocket that u can put it in there. The clutch is overall pretty spacious. :)
splendeurYou're too sweet!!! Many congrats to you and many more HPs to come in the near future!! 👏🎊🎉🎈🎉👏🎊💁💁💁💁
hydrogirlRenate, thank you for the sweet, sweet compliment😊 This clutch is beyond glamorous in my opinion, and I think other Poshers will agree😍 I don't know preppy, but I know glamorous and gorgeous..,and this was both of those❤️
gabrielle1030No, @lizzie513 it's more on the navy blue side.
lizzie513Definitely looks black. I have nothing that matches dark blue so this isn't nearly as appealing anymore. Ill buy it right now for 75 but I don't you will accept that. Otherwise I can't do anything with a blue clutch unless you have a close negotiation price.
snwhiterose@bcbarrett13 Sorry no trades. I can bundled both at a discount for you if you're interested. Both are nwt, great as gifts!
lmflisa@tdads I know right :) it would have been a great trade
lmflisa@stephs_closet thanks for the like 😃if you have questions let me know.
biancaparedesOh and thank you so much for the free gift! Love it!!
closetbymaris@biancaparedes hi bianca! wow that was fast shipping! I love that wristlet too. Great to hear you're happy w/ your purchase! I look forward to the next one! 😜 Happy holidays hun!
bamaprincess12Cute!! U like!
daniellelara@anda can you please trade this! I really need this for my ipad 3!
southernqt54Hey I received this item today and it looks great but I didn't see the dust bag? Is this a mistake?
buana3104@southernqt54 oh sorry. It doesnt come withnthe dustbag. ☺
closetbymaris@flawlessfelicia feel free to click buy dear!
closetbymaris@flawlessfelicia yay! thanks for the purchase hun! It will be shipped tomorrow w/ a coach gift box and a free gift! I hope you consider getting the black satchel as well? I know you had ur eye on that for some time now.😃
mrsjcarrierOk I will purchase it right now, thank u!!!!
mrsjcarrierHello again, have you shipped this yet? Jw
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