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Glamour Girl Party


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jaynness@zoe_bella very good thing you didn't.(: Okay, thanks so much for all your interest!(:
jaynness@rae0004 thanks, I'll be shipping either tomorrow evening or Friday afternoon.(:
opalsunsetHi! Think you will get any more of these in? 😍
amysxcloset@opalsunset hi dear, I'll try looking for them around the boutiques again but it'll be hard :( I bought them a few years ago.
khey@laniballer yes available in small. could you please provide the name of the blazer.
laniballerI put a comment on the gray blazer
sexymomofadogThank you SO much! It is perfect!!! I can wit to wear it to my performance :)))) thank you thank you!!
atouchofpeace@sexymomofadog Yay!!! I'm so happy that you love it! I know you will look fabulous in it 😃 Thanks again girl!
jblacombeI know! Thinking about it when posh funds clear. 🐾🐾
jonijac@jblacombe Nice!!! Lmk 💖
mpesser23@amandalewis1978 received your payment Hun & will ship out tomorrow once i get ur address. Thanx so much for ur purchase!
amandalewis1978Do u need me to email u my address ?
lore559Hi I just wanted to know how long it takes for poshmark to give your $ back if you made a accidental purchase?
sarahmichelle@lore559 I would not know. I have not made an accidental purchase.
sittinbythefire@lisayed Sweet!! Have fun on vacation!!!
sittinbythefireReceived items today!!! Love everyone of them! Thank you so much! Hope your vacation is awesome!
dani52885Thanks so much! I got my bracelet today, it's adorable!!! It's a little big but luckily I make jewelry as a hobby so I can fix it. :-)
bluroz16@dani52885 awesome! Thank you again hun.
blester123Trade? I have a fabulous faux leather vest!
diablitasorry but its not the same as nikkins
laurarush89This is the first time buying items so I don't know how this works.. Is it via PayPal?
clutchesnstuds@laurarush89 you can pay on posh mark below where it says buy now. Posh mark usually charges a $7 shipping rate for items under $25. You can also pay with Paypal and I will give you free shipping.
jillyann0622Any stains?
jillyann0622What size are the shorts? I would like to bundle.
kldooleyI tried it on it fits perfect :)
coco1cupcake@kldooley yay! I'm so happy for you...and also pretty jealous 😆
kddid50@sarahbaracudah see previous comment. LOL
sarahbaracudah@kddid50 the pics are good but no comparison to in person! Super flattering too. Oh I just couldn't be happier! Can't wait to wear it :-)
charionerDon't feel bad...totally not your fault! In fact, thank you so much for being so understanding and patient, @francesca0518.
charionerGreat news, @francesca0518! I received the glasses in the mail today. I guess there was an issue with the address. A stamp in the box says "insufficient address." I am assuming it was a weight issue and not an address issue since you said you got more packages. Again, so sorry about the whole confusion!
thecute1@kristyblocker Yay!! You're so silly, try it on...you're going to ❤❤it!!
thecute1@kristyblocker to be honest, I wash EVERYTHING in the washer and either hang dry or throw it in the dryer😁 I think you'd be safe to wash in cold water and hang dry(keeps the fabric in better condition for longer)...the dryer seems to be what ruins a lot of my clothes😜
kwistenmFinally!!!! Lol! Congrats!
brittanyroyal@fallingwater I would love some feedback as well if you have a minute. 😊 My feedback page is the 1st listing in my closet, thanks again! 💋
roseellina@kviktoriya thanks for your purchase dear, I'll ship tomorrow hope you like them! 😘
kviktoriyaThank you. I hope I 'll like it.
kaiiileee@zoe_bella hey you have received the dress, please don't forget to click the accept button :)
kaiiileee@maria it is this item that mentioned in your listing. Thanks for your time !
mjaime3@mythreads thank you for purchasing, I will ship tomorrow! Have a good night😊
hipchickOooooh. I am so bummed. I wanted this so bad!💔
carlinha1988Okay sounds good... I'm so excited can't wait to get it... Thank you 😀
jaynness@carlinha1988 just dropped off at the after -hours box! 😊📦
sbrezaI just received the shoes...omg, they are so cute...now I have to get a pedicure so I can wear them and hope for warm weather. Thanks!
tattoosandtea@sbreza Good! I am glad to hear that! Haha oh I know! It is snowing here as I type, no hope for me wearing heels anytime soon!
megan8777Yep that is perfect! Thanks so much!! If you want to lower the price I will buy 😊
ibubnova@megan8777 ok price is lowered 😊
agillman@coley111 ok :) all we do is set our prices to zero and then we each purchase each other's listing so we still pay the shipping cost and then it will just mail us a label and we ship it like normal.
agillman@coley111 I went ahead and changed the price on mine so you can buy whenever and then when you change the price on yours ill buy too 😊
chiccaSo pretty! Why r u selling?
kla1231@chicca I got them as a gift. Never wore them, there not really my style
fcrambler@prbaby2g Hey girl! I'll go down to 45 which will make it an even 50 w shipping for you. Lmk if you're interested and I'll lower it for ya ASAP :)
fcramblerHi @allykatt1988! Thanks for the like. Let me know if you're interested or have any questions :)
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