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Cozy Knits & Outerwear Party

blondiekk@teesa Sorry, got busy at work for a sec!
blondiekk@teesa Yes, I'll bundle the other jacket and sandals for $25. 😃thank u!! I'll message u when it's ready.
diva71I received the jacket yesterday, and it was very much as I expected! Love it! Thanks
susan12345@diva71, Thank you so much for your patience! I'm so glad to hear you like it! :)
cw_closet@silver711 hi, I can take off a couple dollars. It's brand new and I'm losing with the 20%. So $23 would be best. I had it at $25 also so the shipping would only be $4.99, under $25 shipping is $6.99 so it would be the same price. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!
cw_closet@silver711 hi. I lowered the price to $20 for today only. Are you still interested?
khey@sgetchius please see first bundle created for ur purchase. Tnx
anhthu1982@khey do u still have the white shirt?
amira4meWell to answer ur three questions as they are stated: bcuz u can ask for additional pic, not sure I'd have to get back to u on that - approximately the size of the recliner, bcuz I don't have it on a hanger
loriana@amira4me Thanks doll. I'm new to this ap
emoran@jkjkj 😄I will mail today. Thank you! You will love it😃
jkjkjI love the jacket. Thank you for sharing.
audreyrossThe back looks like a chap stick stain thru the dryer :/
amschelling@audreyross Haha I take it you have experience. It was never washed and only worn once or twice briefly - it's been hanging safely in a closet and I never noticed it until I had the light on it for pictures so I think it might be a coloring error. I'm at a loss.
sassyhill1224@annrey26 I didnt see anything I needed at the moment. Thanks for your interest though.
sassyhill1224@bianca06 @bsantiago @mshawkins thanks ladies. Let me know if you have questions or if your interested:)
leahisloyal@33monique7 thanks so much for purchasing girl! I will try and ship out today! 😊❤️
33monique7@leahisloyal you're welcome! Thx!
valsclosetSide note: if you wear XS this may also work for you as it does for me. I may put an actual picture of me modeling this up!
jegakore@jburley04 it's changed! 😊
jegakore@jburley04 Thank you very much for your purchase! I hope you enjoy! Not posh related but do you kayak Lake Dillon? It's so beautiful up there!
beckyb0416Just received my sweater...it's absolutely perfect!! Thank you so much...I can't wait to what else you post once your settled in.
ritadawn@beckyb0416 YAY!!!!!! I'm so happy you love it!! I should be posting more items in August. Keep checking :) and thanks again!
324lap@deanns12 - thanks for the like! I'd say closer to a medium cause I'm a medium but this fits in the small side of medium. Hope that helps!
324lap@deanns12 - thanks for purchasing! I will shop the item tomorrow!
shooff👍@number1clogger thanks! I have the sweater packaged and will drop by post office first thing in the morning!
shooff@number1clogger hi. I did take this to the post office this morning! It's on the way. 👍
vcharlestonBe glad to once I get home from work. I've gotten a few messages today regarding receiving items so I'm sure there's boxes lined up to got through! Thx!!
caseeeyfitz@vcharleston okay just wanted to double check with you since USPS said you had received it! 😊
sherbs3This is too cute! If only I was your size :( Same shoe size tho! :)
kimchu9@sherbs3 thanks girl :)
loni85@pearl683 thanks for all the shares!!! Love your crochet stuff
pearl683@loni85 Thank you :) & likewise :)
mikahscloset@starscream sorry for the slight delay. Been ill this week so was a little slow on the shipping. My bf sent out the package at closing today. So should be to you Tues or Wed. Just wanted to give ya an update
starscreamThanks! No worries! I can't wait to get it. I hope you feel better!
sassyhill1224@jlgonzo1 thanks doll for checking out my closet. Let me know if your interested in bundling your likes:)
rrose2190Can you maybe take a pic of it on? I like it a lot!
debafa@rrose2190 sorry was at the show with the hubby just got out I will take a pic but I've put on 40 lbs since I use to wear it. Always hoped I could fit it again some day. Not going to happen lol. Okay more pics when I get home
juansbride@cindisharon thanks for the like! Interested? I can go lower.
juansbride@emmysbaby1 buy this listing for $12 get any second listing $12 or less for free ;)
amschelling@luvthelight Thank you! Don't like to self-promote but having big sale starting today - 50 percent off all vintage clothing. Would be willing to extend it to most vintage jewelry/accessories if you're interested in any of your likes!
sweetpea45Thank you for sharing my closet hon. I will do the same in return. If you need anything please let me know. 👙☀️
benectar@bona81hot I fit into this again 😁. Been wearing it!
bona81hotThat's great! I'm so happy for you! This is the cutest jacket... And my secret wishing it never gets sold worked! Now it's back on the right person! 😁👍
ohmelisapHi hun so sorry been suffering w/ morning sickness and exhaustion yes I will release your funds thanks for letting me know 👏
savvycl4@ohmelisap oh no so sorry! Hope you feel better!
csanchez2@megrt1024 Thank you for the like. Deals on bundles📚 I hope you browsed my closet. I negotiate. If you have any questions, just let me know😘
csanchez2@rmrodriguez05 Thank you for the like. Deals on bundles📚 I hope you browsed my closet. I negotiate. If you have any questions, just let me know😘
sammygirl1007awwww they are hottt let me know if u can get more in the future
angelcouture@sammygirl1007 I have only red sole, but not CL! The design very close! U can email me for detail if u interested
catergurl@shop2heal hi, thanks for the like, but I would prefer not to trade at this time.
mikahscloset@kbcya will ship out ASAP. Sorry for the delay in response, was out of town.
kbcya@mikahscloset Great. Thank you.
benectarBtw - you should check out my friend @samantha_pm 's closet! She's practically giving away her Zara coats & blazers!!! 😱💝🎁@walkinmyshoes
samantha_pm@benectar thanks for the referral. @walkinmyshoes I almost brought the Zara jacket that u wanted too... I also regret not getting it....
noseyinnocentI would like to purchase this, but I might want some other products too. How do I bundle so I don't have to pay shipping separate?
amschelling@noseyinnocent Hi! Just let me know what items you are interested in. Once you are certain, I can create a new listing just for you that's the total price. That way you can pay for everything in one purchase and you only get charged for one shipping label.
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