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Kate Spade, Zara, J. Crew & Madewell Party

patgI'm on vacation so haven't seen the bag yet.but my friend tells me it's great..can I comment next week when I return?.
brittanyroyal@patg of course! No problem. Enjoy your vacation. 😊
doodaa1070It's great. Thanks :)
sassyhill1224@elkie1115 I didn't have a problem with her. She purchase something from me and then wanted to cancel bc she doesn't wear a size 10 shoe. I don't mind someone canceling the sale at all, that's what it's there for but she demanded that she was not going to cancel and that I should. I explained how to cancel and she refused. Told me to "don't send them and that's it". I was actually appalled. I wouldn't have sent them if she wanted to cancel but all she needed to do was cancel on her end. That's not my job. She has yet to cancel. And the jewelry on her page, well I never and would never purchase from her. If you read what the buyer said about the jewelry, you can make your own conclusion about her. I would contact the buyer of the ring on her page and ask her ya know. I don't really have much information to provide you. Sorry.
radomdsWas wondering when you were going to ship these out?
amschelling@radomds They shipped! Might take a while for the system to update.
ginabj@mdmeg welcome and I hope you browse my Closet as there are a lot of varied items you may be interested in. In the meantime I will "View & Share your Closet. If you have questions please let me know! Happy Poshing!
happyjulesjwPlz look at my closet!
sassyhill1224@lgmorris2002 - Its on its way doll:) let me know when you recieve it :)
sassyhill1224@lgmorris2002 you should be getting your skirt today! Hope you love it. :)
kmg225Absolutely LOVE these! Thanks for negotiating with me. I new I'd love them the first time I saw them.
jbrown13@kmg225 Yay!!! 🎉 I'm so glad you love them. 😃 It was a pleasure!
lyndee8This is so cute!! Do you happen to know its measurements?
petite_shopgirl@lyndee8 thx it really is cute!! Not sure of the measurements but I'm 5' tall and it hits mid thigh for me so maybe you can gauge from that. The rest fits like a true xs from jcrew. Lmk if u have more q's. It really is a great versatile piece for fall!!
lovely48@kawaiilover thank you for clearing that up. I ordered the ones that says "medium flat rate" boxes (oops) and I've seen a few poshers using that box so it had me confused. I will reorder and make sure to get the right ones. Thank you so much for the help! 😘💕
vettek13@miamieyes132 I will think about it I really want trendy but don't have a ton of money to spend! Those Gucci ones with the rhinestones on the side? How low will u go with them?
miamieyes132@vettek13 I can't go lower than $100. They are practical new and I bought them for almost $400.
sassyhill1224@tricia220 when you are able, can you please "accept" the package under the "my purchases" tab. This releases funds and finalizes the sale. Thanks in advance:) have a great day.
sassyhill1224@tricia220 I must say that it's is very rude and inconsiderate of you to have received your skirt yesterday and not 'accept' it with posh bc the skirt is too long for your liking. Posh does not offer refunds, as it states in the FAQs and the About Posh section of the app. I wouldn't even know how to go about doing that since the option is not offered. However, when you made the purchase, I sent your item the very next morning. It would be who of you to proceed with your part and accept the purchase to release funds and complete the sale. Not good posh etiquette I must say.
noseyinnocentI would like to purchase this, but I might want some other products too. How do I bundle so I don't have to pay shipping separate?
amschelling@noseyinnocent Hi! Just let me know what items you are interested in. Once you are certain, I can create a new listing just for you that's the total price. That way you can pay for everything in one purchase and you only get charged for one shipping label.
crouse27Don't worry about returning at all. I'm sure after your party you have more than enough.
jbrown13@jleebean11 Thank you so much for your purchase! Yes, I'll get the skirt packed up tonight and shipped out to you tomorrow! ;-)
jleebean11Wow thanks!!!
kerbrdhrst@karolphan I just got these and I love everything! havent got a chance to try yet. i cant wait to wear!
karolphanYay!!! I'm very happy!!! All are clean from a smoke free/pet free closet! Ready to be worn! Thanks again!!! <3<3<3
sassyhill1224@brandyldmoore oh YAY!!! This makes me so very happy. So glad you love it!!!! Thanks for shipping with me!!!!!:)
sassyhill1224@sdshopper I'm surprised to see you are following me yet I'm blocked from your closet. Hmmmm
tammy70oI received it. I love this bag . Thx :)
iciclesster@tammy70o you're welcome. Check out my closet and I'll sure give you good deals like this all the time :-)
mrs_errington@benectar do you have any more like this glitterball style? :)
isoleanI have this bag it is amazing I get nothing but compliments!
annanana@crmnrcks *below* stupid autocorrect. Haha
crmnrcksThx. If u get the chance 2 measure it, lemme know. I already noticed it was stretchy, thx...
jbrown13@girlgotglitter Thank you for your purchase. I'll get this swim top packed up and hopefully shipped out to you today! ;-)
girlgotglitterYay thanks! :)
gordomom@annsc I didn't count them but I assume there may only b enough for each person to choose from what's there. I'm dozing off here but will check back in the am if u have more questions. 🌻
annscNo worries! Thanks!
cwinters09@petite_shopgirl also, I am 5 ' 1" and about 110...do you think this will fit? I want it to fit but not be too snug if I wear a sweater underneath the coat
petite_shopgirl@cwinters09 added pic of the back for you. We are the same height and weight so it'll fit u perfectly. Big and roomy enough to wear layers underneath. Lmk if you're interested. Thx!
celestebenson@dovelove I will ship it to you Monday! I'm out of town this weekend. Thank you so much!
dovelovePerfect!! Thanks! :)
ashlee12Just got the purse.. Looks great! Thanks so much :)
iciclesster@ashlee12 glad to hear you love it:-) I have added a lot more things to my closet. Please check them out:-)
scarlet_formosaThank you! Can't wait :)
nycanjwHi @scarlet_formosa ! Your package should arrive today in a special pink box. Once received, don't forget to update the status of your purchase. I hope u like it. Thanks! 😄
petite_shopgirl@kimjacoby13 sent u an email with the info u requested and some bundle prices. Lmk your thoughts. Thx!!
skajosborn@petite_shopgirl Can you tell me your measurements as well? Or your normal size in clothes? Would you be a 0/1/xs?
dawnpeerCan you give me the length please. 😘
petite_shopgirl@dawnpeer the dress is 30" long and about 22.5" from the waist. Thx!!
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