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Nell's Closet


tdkbkt6Congratulations On Your Wonderful "Work Week Chic" Party Host Pick! 👏🎈🎉👏🎈🎉💐🌺🌻💐🌺🌻
eileennkCould you provide waist and front rise measurements please? Thanks 😊
nljorda1@heidi_danger hi lady. thanks for the like I am currently using the same case but with an octopus... I bought this one thinking it was for an iPhone 5 and it wasn't I paid 85 for it it's such a great case. Lmk if you have questions xo
nljorda1@kiri16 hi love. I'd be happy to work something out for a bundle but you're asking me to take almost 50% off all 3 items. I can't do that bc of the additional 20%. I'm offering buy one at full price get the second at 1/2 off or I could do buy one get the second half off and the third for 20% off if you wanted a bundle. Lmk ASAP and I can get it ready and ship out in the morning. Xo
soakbatesAre these still available?
nljorda1@soakbates hi Sara. They are. Worn once. Just made available. Xo
emgee31Hi. What is the inseam? Is this your final price?
nljorda1@emgee31 * Approx. Inseam: 30". * Approx. Front Rise: 6", Back Rise: 11". * Leg Opening: 11". * Zipper Fly. * 98% Cotton , 2% Spandex. * Machine Wash Cold. * Hi love. I copied this from the website. Hope it helps. Yes, I'm FIRM. They are priced to sell xoxo
diordivaI would feel terrible, this isn't even and wouldn't be fair to you!!!
nljorda1I honk I'm ok with it, if ours up for it... Or you could add the superga black sneaks... Up to you. I've been dying to find that top...
teefowThey're on saks off 5th for $109
nljorda1Yeah, I didn't know that. I buy directly from Vince. For less I'll just keep them. Thank you so much for the offer though. Xo
nljorda1@karwarren it should work. My sister in law is a 6 and it fit her. She had tried it on when I first bought it. She's 3 hrs away so any model but I remember her wanting it hahaha
karwarren@nljorda1 thank you !!
nljorda1@ads0727 thanks babes!!!! They are a steal! I'm shocked no one has bought them yet!!!
ads0727I know right! C'mon ladies! 😊😊
gypsyjes84I just have to say I <3 your closet :) Lol I am sure you get that all of the time but couldn't help myself lol. Happy Poshing ;-)
nljorda1@ajjones0404 @voguewaydesigns @mana2002 @kmorrella @diamond761 @drmlnlvrtori hi ladies... hope you dont mind the tag. saw you liked these in a size 8. they do run a half size big. My sister n law is an 8 and they fit her... I asked her to try them on. these were worn once... the pair you liked was priced $100+ more. xox
sashazoe7@nljorda1 would you do a return if they don't fit me?
nljorda1@sashazoe7 I don't return... I saw that most of you're shoes are a 6.5... if thats the case, they should work... I can measure for you... also, are the celine's small for a 7? if so, i'd have to pass... I'm a true 7 (or 7.5 in jimmy chop flats) thanks
karwarren@nljorda1 These are so cute 👠👡🎀
nljorda1Thanks! @karwarren I'm selling for my mom. They are one of the most pop flats out there. Super hard to find. She bought them and they just sit.
cjtangBoth sad and a little relieved we're not the same shoe size ;) You have the most GORGEOUS shoe collection! Thanks for the shares too :)
nljorda1@cjtang thanks carol. You're so sweet. 💕
nljorda1@karwarren we are! I am so sick of this snow!!! 50 degree days are such a tease. Hunker down lady. Hope you love your tops. Should get today. Xoxo
karwarren@nljorda1 you too ! Thanks
bona81hotHow tall are the heels?? I can't stop thinking about these boots but I just noticed it might be too tall for me... I can barely walk pretty on kitten heels... LOL
nljorda1@bona81hot hahah. they're 4"
nljorda1@carolcoletta33 I'm sorry carol. I'm just trying to purge right now so no trades. They are a great pair to start a collection w. I have new pair listed too
carolcoletta33That's okay! Thank you for answering so quickly
dblingOh sorry, I never sold anything - I have only made purchases.
nljorda1@dbling no prob. I would consider alternative payment for these in which I'd accept $550 with a $3 listing here and shipping. Lmk xo
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