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Nell's Closet


tiffanyj88What year were these purchased in? I'm trying to resist but they're soooo me!
nljorda1@tiffanyj88 2 yrs ago. In excellent condition. Need a home. 😘
jconrad87Oh ok I'm going to pass then using 🅿🅿 makes me nervous and they are just a little out of my price range.
nljorda1@jconrad87 no problem. I never offer 🅿️🅿️ because Posh doesn't like it but these arent mine to sell Being my sister-in-law's... BTW they are totally covered if anything should be wrong using the other method on for future. Xo
shoplvlyfe@nljorda1 hi. Sorry. It's been crazy. I'm also leaving for a week. I'll touch bases when I return.
nljorda1Sounds great! Have a safe trip @shoplvlyfe
nljorda1@silvia_1000 yes. Price is firm. Thanks for the interest.
nljorda1@babycakes83 @currentfashion hi ladies. Hope you don't mind the tag. I saw you liked the same on in patent for $140!!
cindycommEveryone should have a pair of 'duck shoes'....this red color is fantastic! :)
nljorda1@cindycomm thank you! These are the best!!!!
nljorda1@lanlande83 @junkr hope you dont mind the tag. saw you liked the same one listed for $20 more... xo
nljorda1@nrios89 @annienoooowin @ewazer @jenpao @kayle0605 @bice @snbarnes @stylzoo @bellatess @ham11 @trudis hi ladies. hope you dont mind the tag... saw you liked on that sold for more and there is one other listed on posh for $20 more... just reduced xoxo
nljorda1@minilisa you sure you want to cancel? Happy to counter. I'd bundle both the top and dress for $180...
minilisa@nljorda1 thank you but I will wait for now😊
nljorda1@lindsaydemo ok :) xo. Just needed so done to talk sense I to me. Hahaha
lindsaydemoHaha!! Yes!! It's absolutely gorgeous this one is a keeper!!! At least for now!!
nljorda1@kendallbrandt27 hi. It is available. The cut is a loose style as all Elsa's are. Wod def work for a med/large. Not fitted at all. I appreciate the interest but I firm. Lmk and I can ship in the morning. Thanks.
kendallbrandt27okay! I'll probably order tomorrow, I don't need it urgently, just saw this and she's been wanting new Lilly for awhile so I decided to go ahead and get it :)
darrahbrewster@nljorda1 put them in the mail tonight, should get to you by Wednesday or Thursday 😘
nljorda1@darrahbrewster thank you. Are they authentic?
nljorda1@savvycheri sorry $128. Typo
debjo001I'm back. lol! I love everything in your closet! Do you know the measurements of the chest area? I love this dress but not too sure if it will be tight in the chest area. Thanks for your time again.
nljorda1@niviab thanks Niv. Just listed. Feel free to make a reasonable offer xo
niviabSure thing! I'll keep my eye on this bad baby . Thanks
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