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Flirty & Feminine Party

katdesign5@tokenblaqgirl , Monique I apologize I had an emergency and had to go out of town. I will get in mail ASAP tomorrow. Thanks for your patience! :)
tokenblaqgirlThank you! I was beginning to worry😁
heatherkatelyn@bombona are you interested?
bombonaHi!!thank you but my friend is the one who is looking for a dress I am just helping to find options :)
kirby0626@susanyhyang they are super cute but I am not sure they will fit. I am between a 26/27 depending on the brand. Where are they from?
pristinela@kirby0626 hi I believe they're from forever 21!
aye_ali@baybuhdee how would i purchase it?
baybuhdee@aye_ali Whenever you click on buy now button and enter your information, I will get a notification from Posh with all of your info and ship today ☺.
potsHi! check out my closet. I have many shoes with your size that u might like. Thx
studdedlaceGreat closet! I am giving away a bracelet in my closet if you're interested, just visit my closet and it's the latest marked GIVE AWAY if you're interested :) have a wonderful day!! 💞💖💗
girlrandi@khey would you still have black/white! Any if that. I'm a small about how loose? And dose it shrink? Thk's BTW I just shared on FB
girlrandi@khey after reading dialog I might need M. You look small. I wear a 27 jean
rnjulz@kristifiorexoxo if you have a moment would you kindly leave feedback for me 💌☺thank you ❤
rnjulz@kristifiorexoxo there's a listing where you can leave thanx again 💥🎁
nmnutt@jermin-- She for sure wants the CHI. So, if you want the dress and purse, just let me know! I will do both for $10.
izawiz15@brie591 hi! Thanks for offer I'm just not looking for anything specific right now thanks!
shopjackieoGreat idea!!
erikameWhen you're ready to get rid of your Wildfox happiness is expensive tee, please let me know😊
angelinlaOh darn! Guess it wasn't meant to be!! Sure, I'll keep checking back, love your closet!!
nycstyle13@angelinla thanks Hun! I'm always adding new items so keep checking! :)
pelecita💙@gustinis22 thanx for the like dear💙let me know if interested on this gorgeous dress💚💜
pelecita@kallison1127 are you interested dear?💜💚💙
vbjreese22Can I see a pic with this on pls?
chicandfrugal@vbjreese22 - sorry for the delay. Just got a mannequin today. Modeling Picture is the first one on this listing.
leahisloyal@sophy3 hey girl saw your package was delivered today please go to "my purchases" and accept it so it'll transfer the funds to me! Thanks so much hope you enjoy!
reynas_fashion@sophy3 hello doll by any chance u are not looking to sell this palette lmk please :(
praise626@sommer83 Thanks!!! I can't wait to get it!
sommer83@praise626 You are welcome! Thank you😊💗. Im already at work so i will mail this first thing in the morning! 💕
yogachick79Really appreciate your honesty! I'm looking for something for a wedding so it's important that I get it right on the first try.
ibubnova@yogachick79 no problem, hope you find something :)
sweetmarie51Ok I am interested in the black studded purse, the dress and the top. What price can you give me for the three items?
tigress@sweetmarie51 Hectic weekend, sorry for the slow replies! 😋 For this top + the dress + the purse I can do $135, with the thermal I can do $155. Let me know, I'll update and link my website here asap. And FYI, if you want to buy tonight I'll ship this out tomorrow with my other sales from this weekend. 👍
charioner@lenarhae, thanks so much for your purchase! These will go out tomorrow.
lenarhae@charioner Thanks I can't wait to wear them they r soo adorable!!
urwish@nickbrea awesome. I'll ship out for you by Friday. Thank you
urwish@nickbrea I saw your review and apologize for not providing you excellent service. If you do ever want anything from my closet. I'll give you $10 credit. Sorry again and I hope for another chance. You can even buy something for $10, only pay for shipping.
dottymckissick@roz_thor have anything with this cut ? I don't really like the cuffs 😣
roz_thor@dottymckissick not at the moment! Those were my last size 2! I could have cut them like this, but someone just bought both!
nlioness91@crystalng thanks for the like are you interested?
nlioness91@joellori thanks for the like, interested in purchasing?
misscamillaHey girly got it today thanks so much I love it, I love the packaging by the way : ] I should start doing that
brittmarie28@misscamilla glad you love it !!!!!💙💜💚
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