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Designer Denim & More Party

alecia@chicandfrugal are you open to trades? If so, I have some great items listed. Take a look at my closet and let me know if you see anything you'd like to trade for
chicandfrugal@alecia - sorry not looking to trade but I'd be happy to give you 15% off a bundle
sassyhill1224@shelley19 oh yeah I'm sorry. I posted the inseam of 32 in the description. I'm glad you'll be able to fix them and that you like them. Thanks again and enjoy. :)
shelley19Welcome! And thank you:)
harmybugTrade?! I have lots of Free People clothing in my closet and a few size 27 Free People pants!
sassyhill1224@harmybug I don't trade.
tokenblaqgirl@cherie_candice are you getting anymore size 8's? Please tag me if you do. Thanks
cherie_candice@tokenblaqgirl I will keep my eyes open for more and will definitely tag you if I find anymore :)
bgdolge3What size are you usually? What's your lowest?
amschelling@bgdolge3 I'm a 25/26. Not super flexible but def open to offers.
apingaWould love to buy this but I'm petite 5'2". This might be too long for me. Ggrrr
amschelling@apinga They're the standard Urban Outfitters length and I know people of all heights who wear them. If you're familiar with the style then these are the same cut :) No pressure though
steponmeeeee@samottman no sorry hun not for this
steponmeeeee@samottman Hi Sam Thank you for your purchase! Your package was dropped off at the post office today. I hope it gets to you soon! :)
nancy80Still available Hun??
steponmeeeee@nancy80 no this one sold already. But the black ones are still available :)
danimerfPerfect. Thanks!!
edgyxoxhi saw that you got these!!! I hope you love them ❤
kirstietuCan you please let me know if you come across another pair. I went to Bloomingdales and no luck unfortunately. :-(
babycakesAre these available?
hooochietacoHey Girly, I just posted up some new items, can you check them out for me and lmk if you're interested? 😍 Thanks!
anielsen8190@kmsibayan LMK if you're interested :)!
jjhunter78Got these today. Really cute jeans TY. Payments released.
jjhunter78Love the forever 21 pendant as well thank you
jjhunter78Could you post a few more pics? Any idea the length?
veronicadoll@catercares what's was the problem ? Did the jeans not fit ? Can you tell me why you returned them ??
kgreenatenThanks for the quick delivery! They fit great!
steponmeeeee@kgreenaten no problem hun! I'm so glad they fit! Enjoy & shop again :)
kaec221@steponmeeeee hi! Will you be more than willing to sell this for 10? Thanks!
steponmeeeee@kaec221 hi hun sorry the lowest I can do is $13 :)
born2sh0p@tbarbee1962 Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I shipped your bag yesterday! Please let me know if you did not receive your tracking number from Poshmark and I'll send it to you. Thanks again for your purchase!
tbarbee1962Awesome thank you!
jbrown13@mrsjanzou Thanks for liking this A&F denim skirt. Please let me know if you have any questions! :-)
jbrown13@tarasautner Thanks for 'liking' this Abercrombie denim skirt too! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask or if you're interested in a discounted bundle, just let me know! 😃
jbrown13@lorelay2000 Thanks for 'liking' this skirt! ☺ If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 😊
jbrown13@ckilgore Thank you for your purchase. 😃 I will get this skirt packed up tonight and shipped out to you tomorrow. :-)
seikaz79Thanks for the like, sweetie @iimia 💗👍😊
timmytreyWhat is the waist measurement laying flat?
modrefinementIm sorry if this bothers you but I saw you were interested in a high waist bikini listing -- I'm selling one with a B&W design size sm/med on my shop modrefinement.storenvy.com for only $35 + $6 shipping! It's only avail til Friday so please LMK 😊 Thank you!
xenaprezeauOh you're not a bother ^.^ I do really want a high waisted bikini, but I cannot buy anything right now :( Thank you so much for the offer!😊
kbakshiI see size 26 then a size 29 long.. What size do these run? They're very unique I am a size 5 to 6 let me know how they run
bubbles1975Very sweet seller shipped right away and nice surprise inside thank u
topnalexThanks for trying... I'm still thinking
steponmeeeee@topnalex okay no problem hun let me know :)
snakecrazy10@speightg94 Thanks! If you are interested or have questions about anything in my closet just let me know. Prices are negotiable! 🌻
alexkellymeowSorry if it seemed as though I was trying to take shoppers from your closet, I was just looking to help out another tall girl because I know how much of a struggle it is to find long pants haha. I would have never posted that if the item was still available. I apologize if I offended you, it was not my intention.
timmytreyWhat is waist measurement laying flat
seikaz79@timmytrey thanks for the like, dear. Sorry about the delay. Hmmm... I'm not very good at measuring but I did it and it's approximately 15in. at the waist and it has a good stretch to it. I hope this helps 😊
gggina169@onebouzin Ok. It figures. They are great, but I wear size 8. Your closet is amazing!! And thanks for sharing mine! Will return the favor.
onebouzin@gggina169 aww sorry love.. If I find one size 8 I will let u know.. Thx
lucinha@danielagto thank you for being a customer! Glad that you received and like it! Good feedback like that makes me happy;)! Your next purchase will have 15% off
danielagtoThank you ^_^ !
eileenmt1@rebeccalee I'm so glad! Thank you:)
rebeccalee@eileenmt1 pls tag me if you have more anthropologie stuff. Ty💐
ricekeWhere about do the come up on your waist?
fran_pdx@riceke theyre not high waisted but theyre not like low rise- id say they come up to like below my belly button
lucinha@berniceloves read the comment above.
lucinha@berniceloves I can't do any lower than the last price offered but 30% bundle of 3 or more
eileenmt1@karisokolosky okay I'll change the price now.
eileenmt1@karisokolosky I'll put them in the mail tomorrow. Thank you!
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