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Kate Spade, Zara, J. Crew & Anthropologie Party

vbjreese22Can I see a pic with this on pls?
chicandfrugal@vbjreese22 - sorry for the delay. Just got a mannequin today. Modeling Picture is the first one on this listing.
chicandfrugal@brazx - sorry I can't reduce by half. I can do $6 off to cover shipping. Let me know if you are interested and I'll change the price 😊
chicandfrugal@510calirican - added a modeling pic. Just letting you know in case you're still interested!
amschelling@hill0514 I can't reserve so you might wanna grab it! Also all prices are back to normal at seven :)
hill0514Got it :)
hawaiigirl808Can you go any lower on these?
amschelling@hawaiigirl808 if you're interested in anything else I could throw these in for free
sassyhill1224@tricia220 when you are able, can you please "accept" the package under the "my purchases" tab. This releases funds and finalizes the sale. Thanks in advance:) have a great day.
sassyhill1224@tricia220 I must say that it's is very rude and inconsiderate of you to have received your skirt yesterday and not 'accept' it with posh bc the skirt is too long for your liking. Posh does not offer refunds, as it states in the FAQs and the About Posh section of the app. I wouldn't even know how to go about doing that since the option is not offered. However, when you made the purchase, I sent your item the very next morning. It would be who of you to proceed with your part and accept the purchase to release funds and complete the sale. Not good posh etiquette I must say.
crouse27Don't worry about returning at all. I'm sure after your party you have more than enough.
itslwlAny chance you have California in 14k? Love the ny version too. Thx!
jackiieeee@itslwl Unfortunately I don't have a 14k California, only New York for now :(
sassyhill1224@annamspan was your skirt delivered today? How do you like it? Hope you love and it fits well:)
sassyhill1224@annamspan you should have recieved your skirt yesterday! Please let me know...and complete the purchase. Thanks.
sassyhill1224@lgmorris2002 - Its on its way doll:) let me know when you recieve it :)
sassyhill1224@lgmorris2002 you should be getting your skirt today! Hope you love it. :)
steponmeeeee@honeypig14 no problem hun!! I'm so glad you love it!!! Honestly I didn't want to let it go but I never wore it & I probably won't have the opportunity to :(
honeypig14awww...that's too bad. I need to start letting go of my stuff too 😊
lavishlookHi Hunny. Noticed this listing for your J. crew item size small. I just listed 2 sweaters in excellent condition from J. Crew at an amazing price! If you are interested I can tag you. LMK! :)
charionerOk! You can still cancel the top purchase since it was a mistake. Go to your "My Purchases" section-Go to the top-Click Problems with the Order- there should be a prompt that indicates it was purchased by accident. @amwirth. Let me know if you need help!
charionerPerfect! I just got the prompt. @amwirth. Sorry for the confusion. I should have chosen more specific images for each. Thanks again!
refinnejs1@erkadrka I really don't know how to answer if its a small 8...I don't know. Sorry. I could lower to $65.
refinnejs1@amandamarie34 thanks for the like. Let me know if interested. Bundle for discounts. :)
jbrown13@jleebean11 Thank you so much for your purchase! Yes, I'll get the skirt packed up tonight and shipped out to you tomorrow! ;-)
jleebean11Wow thanks!!!
meggie064@refinnejs1 gorg shoes! Thank you :) I also have to share a funny... From the pics, I thought they were a darker sage green color and I loved them, but was unsure how to match with my wardrobe. When they arrived and saw they were grey, problem solved! :)
refinnejs1@meggie064 so glad you love them. That is to funny. I can't believe I didn't have the color in the description...so glad it all worked out for the better. ;). Enjoy!!!
sassyhill1224@jtwomey1 hi there. I was working with someone who wanted to bundle this with two other pieces. I am waiting to hear back from her before I respond to your offer. I hope that's ok. Thanks :)
sassyhill1224@jtwomey1 this has sold and no longer available. My apologies. Thanks so much for your offers.
jbrown13@girlgotglitter Thank you for your purchase. I'll get this swim top packed up and hopefully shipped out to you today! ;-)
girlgotglitterYay thanks! :)
tishacloset@primandproper Received yesterday. They a absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks so much!!!👏😊
primandproper@tishacloset I'm glad u love them! Enjoy! 😉
born2sh0p@kaymelia Oh yeah...I'd be swimming in a 9/9.5 - LOL! My "shopping soulmate" wears the same size shoe as you and she's supposed to give me a few items to list for her. If there are any shoes in that, then I will definitely let you know! =o)
lisa_saenz@safaalima thanks Hun! I actually have a few blazers listed in my closet! Let me know if your interested and please take a look, negotiable on all ;)
safaalimai will now :)
lian@modellej1 hey yes I think it will fit in the bust area. I'm a 34D/DD and I fit in it. the top is very forgiving because its elastic and adjustable with the tie. so most bust sizes can fit. let me know if you need more info :)
sunshineonme33adorable, love it. is there any way i could see what it looks like when on?
hannah1062@stormydolly hello~ if you received the package would you be so kind and accept the package on Poshmark so the fund can be released to me?
spryorIf this top is still available and you will take $20 I want it.
lian@spryor yes. I adjusted the price for you :)
mogaidi@shannonv Thanks for the like! Let me know if you have any questions :)
mogaidi@hirscl02 Thanks for your purchase will package tomorrow and ship first thing Monday! I will add a little treat too :)
emcellis@alvictoria sorry, but I don't have any intention of letting this beauty go!
itslwlEveryone is looking for this! I will pay a premium if the buyer decides to sell (please tag.) Write on everyone write on! :-)
sassypinkgirlI looked it up and made in china was printed until 2002 which I don't have any older bags so that explains it. Cute bag..
betty1946@sassypinkgirl yes All of my bags are authentic this one included. It has Kate Spade under that is has New York. the inside tag it says made in China which is on all of her bags that are made out of this wicker. I also have many of her leather bags that says made in Italy.I just posted another one of her bags to show u what I am talking about. Most of mine I have gotten from Nordstrom.
rachelcaseyOne more question..no stains on it, right?
jzancaneThis is brand new with tags. I will change the price right now. @rachelcasey
shariwcCan you model ? Want to know if this is fitted . Looking to wear with short a line black skirt . Need it more fitted . I am 5'7" 32 dd 140 lbs
morejunkny@shariwc ooh sorry just saw your message! I can measure this for you tomorrow, but it is kind of boxy. My fuchsia White and Warren sweater might be better for what you want.
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