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Chic Travel Style Party


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smailebaby@lisailda31 hi, I am sorry I only have smalls left ;(
lisailda31No problem! Thanks for the prompt reply.
ambuurrrj@smailebaby, medium please! Thank you. I love it. Can't wait to receive it! :)
smailebaby@ambuurrrj thanks ;) ill be sending it out soon!!
kimmommyExactly what I needed!! Thanks much!❤
smailebaby@kimmommy hi, thanks for the update I am glad you like it ;) ENJOY!!
leahreneeCan you bundle this and the purple flower top? Size medium? Would you take 15.00 for both?
smailebaby@leahrenee hi, thanks ;) I don't have a medium in the purple flower top :(
smailebaby@dianelyons hi, thanks for liking 😃 are you interested?? LMK!!
dc1577Please reserve & include in bundle! I could buy it today if price works :) thanks luv!
smailebaby@smacon hi, thanks for liking ;) are you interested?? LMK!!
smailebaby@esalajean hi, thanks for liking ;) are you interested?? LMK!!
calygirlYou've been shared🎈Be sure to pay it forward💖Sharing is Caring💖
dymzzi wanted to know if they were the same strength as mine, i wear contacts most the time but would like to have a pair of glasses on the side.
susanyhyang@dymzz oh I see. Unfortunately I don't know the exact prescription of these lenses because they are not the same as my current prescription. I think they are close to -1.5 though.
susanyhyang@maurya92 hi let me know if youre interested! :)
susanyhyang@treedweller101 hi let me know if youre interested!
veronicadoll@gilliegirl no , this is the last one , u still want ?
gilliegirlI want it! What the lowest price you would take for it?
veronicadoll@fithealthymama aww thank you ! That's awesome ! I really appreciate it ! I try to keep all my prices low so that it's affordable , I get so much in so I do my best ! Thank you ! Your the best ! Too 💋💋💋
fithealthymama@veronicadoll I GOT IT! I LOVE IT!! So YOU are thebomb.com! THANK YOU for SUPER FAST SHIPPING, QUALITY PRODUCTS at AMAZING prices!! Feel free to use this for a happy customer testimony! I will DEFINITELY be buying from you again! In fact I'll be shopping your closet this weekend! THANK YOU! This cross is big and beautiful and the charcoal stones really sparkle. The double choker chain is sturdy with a larger lobster clasp which makes putting it in myself very easy! This looks like a $50 & upwards necklace I can NOT believe your prices!!
jkeongThanks for the shares love ! Please let me know if you're interested in anything :)
oceanjewelersYou have a great closet and cute items!! Hope you get a chance to browse my closet too!
dianehumeStill waiting for the shirt!!!! Thanks!
susanyhyang@dianehume hi, I have shipped it. You won't get a tracking update until USPS actually updates it. Priority mail does not have efficient tracking so it might even be updated when it's delivered (this has happened to one of my buyers before). But rest assured your item has been shipped. Your payment also is not released to me until your item is delivered and you accept it, so don't worry. Thank you
susanyhyang@ajm144 yes I can definitely bundle! So the jewelmint bracelet ($20) + gold plate bracelet ($8) + Chanel hair pin ($12)= $40. But I'll give you the Chanel pin for $8 since you are bundling. So the total will be $36. Let me know if you want me to create the bundled listing for you to buy!
ajm144Yes bundle please.
brittanyroyal@knicol87 you're welcome hun, thank YOU. ☺💕
brittanyroyal@knicol87 if you have a minute, would you mind leaving a comment on my feedback page telling what kind of seller I am? I'd really appreciate it! 💋
brittanyroyal@mycutecrew shipped earlier today. Hope you enjoy it hun! 😘
brittanyroyal@mycutecrew yay! I'm glad you received your top. I hope you love it & thanks again for shopping my closet. 😄 If you have a minute, would you mind leaving a comment on my feedback page? I'd really appreciate it! 💋
brittanyroyal@mbohlfs okay hun, I'll actually be listing a few things tomorrow, I'll let you know when they're up. 😊❤
brittanyroyal@mbohlfs lots of new items listed. :)
haleyramirez@lucinha omg I am so so sorry!! Good to know for future thanks!
lucinha@haleyramirez no prob I don't freakout too easily lol! Is gone and I am hoping for rain so I can wear it lol...doing the rain dance before hubby and I leave to Houston!
jgbravoThat is so AWESOME!!! I'm so happy😄😃to hear that.
jgbravo@jcade 😄I'm do happy to hear that. AWESOME, u go girl!
susanyhyang@anastasiabella hi I can do 20, 15 is too low at the moment
susanyhyang@maryramsell thank you for the purchase will ship within the next few days!
favhndz@stephdemps thanks I will take to post office tomorrow. Night
islandlux@favhndz please tag if you resell. Thanks!
fuzzynavel@elchulo @veronicadoll I think this is great that it is a family business! I wish my hubby would get more involved! He must think I have someone else named first name Mark, last name Posh!!! :) LOL. I wish the both of you all the luck and lots of sales!! And my upmost respect for military! My 3 brothers, grandfather, father, and uncle are all Marines!! I'll share your closets often!! Can I ask you guys something? Is there a camera for starters you recommend? I want to take better pictures for my posts so I'm just learning. Do I need to get a special light, etc? I'm always trying to improve my posts! :) Any suggestions would be great!
redurb@elchulo Nice to meet you fellow photographer. Cool little trinkets you've have! 😁
kweendgaf@elchulo hey did you get a chance to send this out?
elchulo@kweendgaf all packages are in the mail today. Yesterday, Monday, was a holiday and the post office was closed.
thancockprnThank you so much!!! Love it!!! Just wanted to make sure!!!
elchulo@thancockprn your welcome! Feel free to add a review to my FEEDBACK listing at the top of my closet. :)
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