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Statement Pieces Party


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thesexyknitter@selena627 Oops I wasn't finished! If you decide it's not for you I might pull the listing. :)
selena627@thesexyknitter I am a sucker for dresses with 3/4 sleeves AND pockets! I'll take her!!
favhndz@cotasmom44 so glad you were not disappointed. Sorry I missed the hole. You sure you can mend? Lmk. Hope you come back soon, I pamper my return customers. :)
cotasmom44It's fine, I may have even done it myself when I was trying it on. I noticed it while I was wearing it. I will certainly be coming back to check out your closet again. ;)
jeffinur@favhndz ...hey luv I'm on the hunt for other rompers/jumpsuits if u get anymore!! Thx xo!
favhndz@jeffinur sure thing
susanyhyang@edhen hi, price is firm for now but if I reduce more in the future I'll let u know. Thank you!
edhenAlright NP.,
beanerbabe72Really like
elchulo@beanerbabe72 this one is sold but there is one left. There is a listing near the top of my closet for it.
djtemptationz@shaysay01 thank you that is very sweet (: how did the tops work for you? (:
shaysay01@djtemptationz I love them both! Thank you so much! :))
marithel@stewarthebe do u have an email. I'll send you a pic what it looks like at the back.
marithel@stewarthebe nvm, I just posted the pic here.
susanyhyang@maurya92 hi let me know if youre interested! :)
susanyhyang@treedweller101 hi let me know if youre interested!
nykiIf u run across more of these please let me know😊thanks
atouchofpeace@nyki Will do girl 😃
desicoutreTrade??!!! :))))
amschelling@desicoutre Sorry I only do transactions covered by PM. Cute closet though!
veronicadoll@bradijo yes ! Just hit like on all you want and ill make a bundle for you , u can click on and buy and pay shipping once !
bradijoOkay awesome! Thanks!
veronicadoll@@heleeeene_c no ;( but I'm uploading new owl necklaces today !! I'll tag u !
veronicadoll@dannicakes118 these sold doll !
dannicakes118Aww dang it lol okay I really liked these. Do you here I can get some like these? @veronicadoll
mmhThis is pretty
gockyleDo you have more silver/gold earrings?
mbohlfsI forgot to ask u. I'm a small person, depending on the brand I can where a small or an xs, I just have never heard of an xxs. Please in ur honest opinion do u think this top will actually fit me. Was this something bought for u and it didn't fit, or u just never got around to wearing it. I love it so much, I want to wear it now! 😄
amschelling@mbohlfs hi! So it's an XS but I think it's a petite so I listed it as an XXS. I'm normally an XS/S in shirts as well, but I'm like a 4 in the chest area and also quite tall so this is just not a good fit for me and generally way too tight. I can't say for certain whether it should fit you, but if you're more petite than I am you should definitely have a shot :/ worse comes to worse it's $5 and you could probably resell it for much more :)
amschelling@luvthelight Thank you! Don't like to self-promote but having big sale starting today - 50 percent off all vintage clothing. Would be willing to extend it to most vintage jewelry/accessories if you're interested in any of your likes!
sweetpea45Thank you for sharing my closet hon. I will do the same in return. If you need anything please let me know. 👙☀️
tigress@djhouchin Let me know if I can help you with anything!
tribalsisterGreat closet & awesome, unique pics!! 😘
laurensalvatoriCould you Post more pictures please :)
roxygirl1@mikayla13 Thank you for responding to that Posher Who attempted to promote her closet in your closet! That is a pet Peeve...
neelyWhat's the length of dress?
olivia_michele3I need to order a prom dress like literally right now and get overnight shipping.. Can you do that?
princessrobertCan u please model it ? Thanks
sfagirl2012i wanted her to aswell, bbought it then cancelled it because she never shipped it. i wouldnt bother with this one
ladyj72@veronicadoll You, my dear, are funny,. I already consider you one of my most special friends
veronicadoll@ladyj72 your so cute 💋💋💋I'm telling you girl ;)
tigressI answered Marie's question in another listing, but for those that are curious - this dress is very stretchy & will certainly fit a 6. @danellypc This dress doesn't have built-in cups, it's a one-size-fits-all type bust. As said above, the fabric is very stretchy. This works equally well with the mannequin versus me, so will work with all bust sizes! 😊
leviolonI love that red shrug in the second picture!
atouchofpeace@samantha36 Yes they are in :) I thought I tagged you before when I got them in but I might have accidentally tagged someone else. I have right many available so if you still need more than one that will not be a problem. I can do $8 a piece. Just let me know and I will create you a special listing. Thanks!
samantha36Yes please. 2 if u have them.
lpruitt3Thank you!
atouchofpeace@lpruitt3 Your welcome and a big thank you to you as well! I will be shipping it tomorrow for you. Enjoy :)
suzib@divagirll76 thank you again an I'm sorry bout your mom hope she is doing better
divagirll76@suzib You are most welcome:)) And Thank You, that's sweet!
harley1960Hi, do you still have this in silver? Can you have a big neck to wear this? Depending on size i would like 5
veronicadoll@harley1960 these run small but I do have 8 in another style that's bigger and sits well on a bigger neck
amschelling@purpleswirly I will update the price - gimme one sec
amschelling@purpleswirly okay it should show up as 45 now
tammy157That would be great, if you would not mind doing that. Do I then repurchase them?
veronicadoll@tammy157 yes, you will need to repurchase the new listing/bundle and after I email poshmark to cancel the other two orders, your credit card will be refunded for the initial two orders u made.
aleahvIf u chg the price, I'll buy. Thx.
amschelling@aleahv sorry for the delay. Price changed.
atouchofpeace@mbresn3 Thanks for liking! Interested?
atouchofpeace@sugarbear4u Thanks so much for your purchase! Just wanted to let you know that I will be shipping out first thing tomorrow :)
enza72@amschelling Thanks for sharing. ☺
blanquijoshuathank you for follow me if there are something that like you let me know I can negotiated prices
stylish1@Ichada 347-927-0042
stylish1@Ichada Hey hun! Can u leave some feed back pretty please, when u get a minute? I would really appreciate it! 😊
sexymomofadogThank you SO much! It is perfect!!! I can wit to wear it to my performance :)))) thank you thank you!!
atouchofpeace@sexymomofadog Yay!!! I'm so happy that you love it! I know you will look fabulous in it 😃 Thanks again girl!
yadii@daisycdixon it will be shipped tomorrow so usually around 3 days I believe
daisycdixonThank you so Much yadii good night
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