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Just Jeans Party

pristinela@em_joco hi I'm really sorry I never got a notification that you purchased this item until it got cancelled because I didn't ship it. I'm not sure if there was a glitch in the app but I apologize about that! If you would still like this item I can create a new listing for you to purchase and I'll ship out right away
em_jocoThat's okay, I understand! I've since found a couple other pairs, but I really do thank you for letting me know:)
katiek25Hey hun I actually haven't gotten them yet. As soon as I do ill let you know :)
katiek25Just got them today, they look cute but are too small. I have a big butt with a size 1 waist but I can't even pull them up past my thighs lol. Thank you tho. :)
sassyhill1224@shelley19 oh yeah I'm sorry. I posted the inseam of 32 in the description. I'm glad you'll be able to fix them and that you like them. Thanks again and enjoy. :)
shelley19Welcome! And thank you:)
hithereitsjillOh thanks! I'll like them. Need some new jeans but also need to sell the others I have first lol. I LOVE the jeans you sent me!
mary_reid@awood79 thanks for the likes! let me know if i can answer any questions or quote a discounted bundle :)
thecute1@jho17green ok, I will measure them tonight & tag you😉
thecute1@jho17green ok, so from the seam in between the legs to the top front it is 11.5" & middle up the back to the top is 15.5" & the waist is about 17.5" across the top...any other measurements? 😉
saphyre1Well u sell for $15 if I get it today?
vip_posher@saphyre1 thanks for the offer doll but this has already sold. Anything else you'd might like?
mollyrkok no rush :)
kbaker0521@mollyrk 28" waist,31" inseam. I no longer have the cropped denim capris
lauraolson95Dang!! I was just about to buy this!! Snooze you lose!!
kimmyg@lauraolson95 I hear ya girl. I have lots of Guess. Let me know if you see anything you like😊
petite_shopgirl@mintedvintage I got your last msg. Thinking about it and will get back with u soon. Thx!
mintedvintageGreat thanks! Remember theres no risk to you! Plenty items sold! Xoxo
rdesigns85@meekaaaa thanks for your like. LMK if you would like to bundle for a discount. 😊
rdesigns85@acbasoga12 thanks for the love! Have a great weekend.
lovedana@ritamckaughan okay just making sure this mail is taking a long time to be delivered must be bad weather idk
ritamckaughanI know sugar. It'll be along.
kwistenmOh I'm so happy to hear that!!! Yay! We are like the same exact size! Woo hoo!! I love it. 👏👏
kwistenmSorry this is a billion years later but I finally tried the jeans on and they fit me like a glove! I love them! Thanks, girl! 😘
devinclayton@kjpark3 oh I just remembered you told me the shipping would be delayed till today :)
kjpark3@devinclayton yep mail lady picked up this morning
mountainclimberYour welcome and thank you!! I hope they fit too :)
tmmyclmnI wore the levi's yesterday. They're a little snug but I love them. The wurls fit very well but I think the other pair is a bit big around the waist. I will tell everyone what a great seller you are!!!
rblythe@fancy514 thx sweetie received my package today as always ❤ the packing & fast shipping 👍 pants both fit perfect & perfect condition as always Ty 😘👏
fancy514@rblythe Oh, thank you so much Rachael. I am so happy they fit. Thank you again.
mpre81Let me see your closet see bout a bundle give me a second and I will
mpre81U sold
rubyjewells@allie289 I hon I see you purchased these I will send them out Monday !! Thanks so much your going to love them :)
rubyjewells@allie289 hi did you see the joes jeans I Had listed i measured them wrong i winged it but I just tried them on and the length fits me so there most likely a 33 !! Just thought I'd let ya know !! There adorable !!
lillyponderThank you..
lillyponderHi.. I received my jeans.. and they fit perfectly.. However , Pm seems to be having a glitch in the payment release. There is no option to " accept" because the status does not read " delivered"on my page.. This has happened with all my orders.. so I have contacted them by email and I can take a screen shot of what actually comes up if you want me to email it to you. . Just to let you know that the delay is not on my end... so sorry but maybe if you contact them as well ,, might expedite things..
dawnsavoie@mibanez I got the jeans this afternoon. Thank you so much for shipping so fast! I love the jeans! I released the funds/ accepted, so your money should be available to you.... Still not sure how all of this works, but I followed the directions they gave. Thanks again!
mibanez@dawnsavoie I'm happy u liked them. I hope they fit u just right. If there are any other jeans or any other item u like feel free to throw out a number I will definitely give u a big discount. And yes I received the funds. Thank u again. :)
steponmeeeee@alliroh Hi Alli! Thank you for your purchase! Your package was dropped off at the post office today. I hope it gets to you soon! :)
allirohThank you!!!
twinmamax4@sophiaaac received my package yesterday and loved everything!! However I think the blazer is going to be to small 😞
sophiaaac@twinmamax4 - Aww I'm sorry the blazer didn't fit. 😞 I should have checked and listed all the sizes for you. I hope everything else worked out! ;)
carliecalhounI made my first about two weeks ago! It's so easy and when you get them! Your gonna go crazy! ;) it's so easy simple and fun! & defiantly going to be addicted there already wrapped and I'm gonna drop them off on the way to work! Let them know when you get them' :) @ckilgore
lucky2me2Wish I had seen these. I've been looking for ones with crosses...lol. I wasn't even on PM then but it's taking over my eBay addiction...lol
janearakThanks you are so fast. But I just realized I was specific to what Friday... I won't be able to pick it up till the 22nd. :( so if you can't wait that long, I'll understand. So sorry for the mix up
hautebunz@janearak if u can't "receive" it till the 22nd that's ok girl. By the time it gets to u it should be around that time...
poshstarfishI will gladly bundle and offer a discount on each and every item !! To save you 💰💰💰
poshstarfishThank you for your purchase. Enjoy your jeans!
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