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Girly Girl Party

sassyhill1224@annamspan was your skirt delivered today? How do you like it? Hope you love and it fits well:)
sassyhill1224@annamspan you should have recieved your skirt yesterday! Please let me know...and complete the purchase. Thanks.
sassyhill1224@jlgonzo1 thanks doll for checking out my closet. Let me know if your interested in bundling your likes:)
karenaccount@ahlamjerai , I meant fund should be released to u now. Meanwhile, can u ask Kawther to return my fund? Thx!
karenaccount@ahlamjerai , Ahlam, thanks for contacting your relative Kawther to return my purchase, which was not as described. After waiting for her patiently over weeks, she denied the refund. Can u pls talk with her to make sure she refunds me? I'm interested in some of ur stuff, but I'm honestly concerned due to her behavior.... Thanks!
ahlamjerai@karenht thank u so much check the closet I reduce almost all the items💐💐
ahlamjerai@karenht thank u sooo much 🎉💐
cristina88yes they should be
cristina88I havent gotten tracking so just go to your sales and hut ship Im on line now so they will be sent today your tracking should appear in your email by tonight
trisha79Ok you can change the price let me know when you did I will purchase
ahlamjerai@trisha79 Hun I did good luck
divaterryThe wear on handles and bottom you mentioned.
ahlamjerai@divaterry ok hon np thank have great weekend
ahlamjerai@sadies101 interested Hun I can do $25 if u like✂✂😍
ahlamjerai@sealcheeks interested hon if u like to purchase I give u discount lmk hon
ahlamjerai@msmart2007 sure no problem :) take a look at some of my other listings and let me know if you're interested
jbird121This would be a perfect "Cozy Fall Evenings" HP! If I were a co-host I would choose it ;) Good luck selling! :) :)
ahlamjerai@jbird121 thank u so much interested $17 😍💐🎉👍
ahlamjerai@mariekai I will ship out to you ASAP. Out of town this week but ill have it to you first thing next week
ahlamjerai@mariekai hey hun I'm back and will be shipping tomorrow
ahlamjerai@muneca1976 hey Hun this is actually a bracelet not a ring. Before I send it out I wanted to make sure you knew and still wanted it. If not I can refund the order for you. Don't know why I had ring there lol.
muneca1976Yes that's fine
ramirv22@ahlamjerai have you shipped yet?
ahlamjerai@ramirv22 yes sweetheart tonight u going receive e mail from pm thank u for asking 💐🌹
ahlamjerai@hyojiu that great u did it doll enjoy them 🎉🎉🎉😍👯
ahlamjerai@hyojiu first thing in the morning thank u 🙏🎉🌹😍
ringleaderThank you! 🌸😊🌸💛🌸
ahlamjerai@ringleader thank u so much I will ship it Monday morning good luck 🎉🌹💐
sayrahIf you'll do $20 I'll buy now.
ahlamjerai@sayrah okay $20 works. Ill change the price for you
ahlamjerai@amandamarie34 hey I totally understand. Let me know when you can or if you're interested in anything else at some point :) happy holidays!
ahlamjerai@amandamarie34 hey still interested in this? Price is negotiable :)
ahlamjerai@pheob great ill get them out to you this week. Interested in any of your other likes?
ahlamjerai@emilykingxoxo thanks these are actually sold if you're interested in any of my other listings let me me know :)
bridget3210Yay! Shipping out tomorrow if I have enough ink in my printer to print the label. Otherwise ill have to print it at work and ship Saturday! Woohoo! Thx:)
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