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Premium Denim & More Party

sassyhill1224@nikid888 just wanted to let you know I mailed out the package this morning:) you should receive an email from PM letting you know the tracking number sometime today. Please let me know when you receive it. Thanks again:)
sassyhill1224@nikid888 looks like your received the jeans! Let me know how you like them. Also, if you could just 'accept' the package under the 'my purchases' tab to release the funds. Hope you enjoy them. :) thanks again.
sassyhill1224@shelley19 oh yeah I'm sorry. I posted the inseam of 32 in the description. I'm glad you'll be able to fix them and that you like them. Thanks again and enjoy. :)
shelley19Welcome! And thank you:)
chulamoni@kristyv Awesome! Have a nice and safe trip... And make sure to ck back in my closet for the jeans :D
kristyvThank u and I def will ck back
melodycalla@fashiongyrl thanks for the purchase! I will ship tomorrow. 😉
melodycalla@fashiongyrl hey girly. I shipped yesterday. Hopefully you got the email from posh. ☺ From Hawaii so about 4-5 business days.
4sq@alise28 yes, God is my strength and it is what has carried me through such a difficult time . literally losing someone i was madly in love with for 26 years was THE hardest thing ever ..l but , i'm on my feet now and moving forward because thats what my hubby would want , he would want me to enjoy life and finally i see that happening .. no more tears , well maybe on anniversary or birthday ..
wenrella@dnmp This is another great Poshett with tons of great deals and cool items to buy.
xzuckertThank you! I got the shipping confirmation today:)
sherenem@xzuckert Yay! I noticed these arrived today! Could you please accept? If there's any problems please let me know. Hope you love them!
photogirl10@crissy64 they have very flattering pockets. I never buy jeans that don't ;) you'll love them!! They were mailed this morning!
photogirl10@crissy64 would you mind leaving feedback for this sale on my feedback pic in my closet? :) I'm finding how valuable it is to build trust on here as a good seller 👙👜👠💐
amschelling@rkgeyer Glad to hear :)
oceanjewelersYou have a great closet and cute items!! Hope you get a chance to browse my closet too!
alyssampotterSadly they didn't fit me :( but thank you so much anyways! I'm gonna diet until they fit!
petite_shopgirl@alyssampotter worthy goal 😊 work to fit in your new skinny jeans!!
poohsarangThanks very much for your detailed reply! Unfortunately, I'm looking for a specific model (no.69), so I will have to pass...
melodycalla@poohsarang no problem! I figured you were looking specifically for that :) I hope you find some!
rblythe@fancy514 thx sweetie received my package today as always ❤ the packing & fast shipping 👍 pants both fit perfect & perfect condition as always Ty 😘👏
fancy514@rblythe Oh, thank you so much Rachael. I am so happy they fit. Thank you again.
melodycalla@abeck13 thanks for looking! Lmk if you have any questions. ☺💕
melodycalla@tabatha1267 Thanks for looking! Lmk if you have any questions. ☺💕
ooofah1@punkdiva I will send it out today. Thank u so much
ooofah1@punkdiva all set package has been sent
steponmeeeee@alliroh Hi Alli! Thank you for your purchase! Your package was dropped off at the post office today. I hope it gets to you soon! :)
allirohThank you!!!
sbutterfield@stukes just got my items! Love them! Sorry about not bundling... It was an unplanned purchase the second time. I was browsing your closet after the first one and couldn't resist the second one! 😁
stukes@sbutterfield Don't worry, now you know for next time, just trying to save you some $$ 😉. Hope you like everything and it fits you well!
melodycalla@hrmock okay if you wanted 2, the total would actually be $22 plus shipping. I can cancel your order and make a new listing for A and D for $22. or I can go ahead and ship just *1* pair of jeans for the $10. Either A or C were $10. Sorry for the confusion. 💙
melodycalla@jeanskirtgirl @dalisnicole @malihe @apullins @jessiehill1993 Hi ladies. Idk if you're still interested in this. Fyi - This says "sold," but B and C are still available. I've created a new listing for those and will tag you. Thanks! 😊
tracybruce1@jlr62767 sorry I can hold them up to the other jeans never mind...different brands run different though. I will unpack ur purchase and check. Can take PayPal for the other pair and ship together.
jlr62767I just read this message after I already bought the lucky jeans! If you can ship them both together that would be great!
cmesko@mlkidd thanks for your purchase! Will try to send out tomorrow or by Thursday at the latest
mlkiddThank you!
suelynna; ( I just can't wear low rise. Even though when I was a teenager I wore hip huggers! Lol!
cmesko@nevaehmassage packaged and ready to ship tomorrow! I'm including a pair of gap distressed boyfriend jeans that I decided not to list on here. :)
nevaehmassageOmg thank you!!!!!! You're awesome!!!!
tracybruce1@michellecole686 thank you for being so understanding. This bundle happened awhile ago and this was just over looked. I have so many jeans. Gonna refund that now. Please check back always adding new listings.
michellecole686Okay cool, thanks
valscloset@ajralston1 I appreciate the offer, but I don't plan on going any lower than where they're priced now.
ajralston1Ok. Let me think about it!
tigress@preal1 There you go 😊
preal1Hello, I received the jeans, they are really nice. Thank you for the nice wrapping and note, I will definitely buy more items from your closet. I love your good taste on fashion🌹
terry712@jguest17 please do. Thank you!
jguest17@tishlamothe thanks for your purchase! I will send them out tomorrow. You'll love them!
ooofah1@alabamagal hi I have it as shipped on my end
alabamagal@ooofah1 ughhhh it says in process on my end....I will hace to contact PM....
jbebeI received shorts today however they are not these ... The are the other jean shorts you have in you closet. They were paired up with a pair of red shorts not the A&F shirt.
nicolekcomer@jbebe oh no I must have mixed up 2 orders! 😣 Im at work now when I get home I will check my closet. So sorry- I've never done that before :(
jumpyjellybeanThank you for following. Feel free to check out my closet. Everything is low price. I ship the same day if before 2pm Pacific time. I offer bundling deals & free shipping if you pay with PayPal. Feel free to ask me any questions. @brittyislovely
blueeyes75Ok buying right now. Just got home :)
warilife@thriftygirl I just inspected them again, most if these were only worn once and some are brand new. But if you don't feel too comfortable you can still cancel the order they will not be shipped out till Tuesday.😘
thriftygirl@warilife no sweetie I really want them, just must be a flaw in the pic! ;)
alynne@jguest17 hun it's ok my daughter is goin to hold off lmk when it's 0 out and I will pay thank u again
jguest17@alynne ok! I've changed it to 0. My post office has already closed today but I will package it up today and drop it off on Monday! Thanks!
staci_allanHey there... Can you tell me when this will ship? Thanks!
nicolekcomer@staci_allan hey girl sorry things have been super busy at work and school, I'm sending at lunch today!
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