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Total Trendsetter Party

claireswann95@yonkers10 Oh okay! And probably on the tighter side since they're skinny jeans, but they won't squeeze your guts out or anything ☺
yonkers10Ohhhhhhh ok... Umm my size is 5. But, thanks.
twopugsnmeHi, I saw your interested in my bag. My📧is on the top of my closet page if you want to talk about price. Thanks😊
joolaynguyening@twopugsnme i will message you after work :) I'm in love with the bag _ 😍💜
gigimariebecHi-I'm good with the price of 69 for these so let me know when you are ready for mr to send the payment.
chicandfrugal@gigimariebec - hi! I changed for you. If you buy within the next few hours I can ship in the morning 😄
sdhooker5256Would be willing to purchase today if you could do 60.00?
chicandfrugal@sdhooker5256 $65 and it's yours 😄 changed for you
joeybearsmomOk paid used visa instead just to b sure thanks
tinadrd@joeybearsmom yay..u r gonna love that bracelet!!!
meganchild2AWE ok thank you ;) LOVE YOUR CLOSET!!! Ill be back when I get POSH CREDIT, I WILL BE BACK :) thanks so much for the heads up love !!!
tinadrd@meganchild2 I look forward to hearing from you:)
bunkieThat's fine! I'll write on the items I like;)
tinadrd@bunkie the other items will be discounted for sure
atouchofpeace@isonmommy Thanks so much! I really appreciate it <3 I can ship this out first thing tomorrow for you. I was also holding the Ed hardy shirt for you but I will just go ahead and throw it in for free :D
isonmommyOops!!! Thank you!!!
atouchofpeace@crystalbrannon Happy new year! Thanks for your likes! Would you be interested in a 10% off bundle?
atouchofpeace@2poosmom Thanks for your likes! If you are ever interested in a 10% off bundle just let me know :)
msfighterThanks all sent! I sent you my address too! Blessings!
msfighterLove my shirt!! Thanks Hannah!!
carolggDo u still have these available??
missaisha555@carolgg hi. Yes please let me know what size you need and I can make a listing for you thanks
atouchofpeace@gockyle this is the lowest I can go babe! Unless you want to bundle; then I take 10% off everything :)
tinadrd@breeney 1 of the earrings from your necklace (they are just kind of a bonus ended up on my table somehow...anyway I stuck it in the mail to you today:)
breeney@tinadrd okay thanks!
rsp@anushka_petrova Hey. I am really sorry... When I was packing this up I notice two small spot on the back side by one snap. I have no idea how they got there bc I've never worn this. But if you feel this is some thing you don't want...please let me know! Ok. Sorry again. If its no big deal just go on as normal.
barbie24Thank you! I got the skirt! :-) very cute!
mskarau@hleigh2011 Yay!!!! I'm glad!!! 😄❤ thanks again for your purchase, and pls accept under receipt under 'my purchases'. enjoy! ☺
hleigh2011@mskarau I did!! Thank you!
abbirezz@tinadrd got my bag and bracelet!! Absolutely love them, they are so adorable and amazingly perfect condition!! Ill deff be buying from you again!
tinadrd@abbirezz awesome!! Love good feedback
talistoreI appreciate all likes, shares and love! Please only comment if you're interested in purchasing - thanks!
talistorePrice reduced.
jennedgeOk small and tag me when ready thanks
jennedgeCan I order a small please?
posh_girl5Order placed! Thx so much for the giveaway!!
nicejewelry@posh_girl5 Thanks for following my closet hun! 😉 Your gonna love them! 😘
agarcia2352Wow well good to know but they should have gave u a warning. It should be 5 lbs. boots and shoes can weigh a lot. Well thanks again!
roadtoveganTotally! Boots, handbags, leather jackets and coats...
mschas@jessrousse Sorry for the delay, I've been a little under to weather.
jessrousse@mschas that's fine. Thanks so much, and get well soon. 😊😊
thanhie@hannahlindy Thank you so much for choosing this as a Host Pick for the "Preppy Glam" party! 😊
thanhie@vacat @ex_globetrotter Thanks for letting me know ladies!
klm312@lillybutterfly8 has stretch✨ 70% cotton 30% polyester
klm312Well hello @bemenheiser ! Thanks for the purchase! It is already in the mail!!! 📩 Please leave any requests or feedback in the dedicated closet post 👍
hot_mama_shawna@sierra09 Hi! Thanks for the like! 20% off if u are interested in bundling! All prices negotiable!
jroc33141Ok I'm all set. I think I narrowed my likes down. Can u tell which ones or Do u need me to list them out?
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